Minimalism – The Way Of Life

Minimalism is doing something in just the right amount. This simple statement is very hard to live by, especially in today’s world. Today the world is more superficial and likes to show off in every way possible. I’m not talking about the people who do live a life of a minimalist but the rest of majority. In this article, I will talk about living a minimalist life and its benefits. Nature itself teaches us so many things and the fact that Minimalism is The Way of Life.

What is Minimalism?

It is very easy to understand the concept of minimalism. Minimalism is doing, having, giving something only when it is needed and in the right amount. It is applied in everything that we do every second. Every person has different needs, therefore, minimalist lifestyle is not common to all. It depends on and varies in accordance with the person. Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things so we can make room for life’s most important things—which actually aren’t things at all. It is not about how much you have a materialistic possession of things but the things that actually matters the most. Minimalism is more of a tool rather than a concept which has the power to change your life completely. It can free you from fear, overwhelm, guilt, depression… more like you will experience a state of a real freedom.

Minimalism is not that you should own nothing

Do not confuse it with the concept that material possession is bad. It has more to do with the deeply related meaning that people attach to the materialistic goods nowadays. People tends to give a lot more importance to the material things in their lives, that they sometimes compromise with their relationships, health, passion and forget the fact that they are here for much more instead of being confined to themselves. If you want to own a big bungalow, GREAT! Go for it. Do you want a car? Superb! Make it happen. As long as you are sure that these things are what you want then there is nothing wrong with it. Minimalism approach helps you in better decision making.

How can Minimalism help us?

  • Eliminate our discontent

    it can help you understand yourself better. If you know yourself better, then you will know your needs. Minimalism can help to in getting rid of the access so that you can focus and channelize your energy into the most useful thing in your life. It can help you to eliminate discontent.

  • Reclaim our time

    if you have understood the concept of minimalism, then this tool can work for you and bring you wonders. You will not be bound to your excessive desires and needs and life a more meaningful life. You will find ways to give yourself more time and isolating yourself from the noises outside.

  • Live in the moment

    you will become more aware of the present. You will start looking at things with the purpose to understand it rather than letting your senses and desires drive you. This way you will learn to live each and every moment of life. Live in the moment simply means to stop worrying about the future and remembering the past, it means to make decisions on the basis of your current situation and needs. It is a continuous source of happiness.

  • Pursue our passions

    in this fast growing world full of competition, people often overlook themselves. They spend less to no time with themselves and thus, creates a state of loneliness. In the process, they tend to loose themselves. They forget the most basic need of their life, i.e., PASSION. Always pursue your passion. It is the voice of your inner-self, the purpose for which you are sent to this world.

  • Discover our missions

    once to learn to hear your inner voice, you start to see more clearly. You discover your life goals and start proceeding towards achieving them. You discover your missions. You elevate yourself from the unwanted trash and attractive substances which can hinder your path, rather you start to see your life goals more clearly and finds a path to reach there.

  • Experience real freedom

    to have a real freedom according to Van Parjis, an individual must:
    not be prevented from acting on their will (i.e. they must have traditional negative freedom); and,
    2. Possess the resources or capacities actually to carry out their will.

  • Grow as individuals and Contribute beyond ourselves

    Contribute towards Society
    if you have found a way to stay content with what you have then you will find more time for yourself. You will have more time for your health and personal relationships. You will start to grow as an individual. Seeing you happy, more and more people will try to come in your network, thus, you will help others to realise the same. You will start to contribute towards the society rather than becoming a part of the never-ending After all, we are Homo sapiens, and contributing towards our society is our greatest purpose.

    Life is What You Make Of It


By incorporating minimalism into our lives, we can experience the everlasting happiness- and that is what we are looking for isn’t it? We all want to be happy. Minimalist search for happiness not through things, but through life itself. It is up to each one of you to decide the meaning for your life. Whether to choose what is necessary over the superfluous is up to you. Share your minimalist story with us in the comments below. What is your take on life?

cheers 🙂

5 Things to Learn from 3 Idiots

I know I’m very late to post something on 3 Idiots but I watched it today and couldn’t resist the urge to put my thoughts out. I think every Indian across the world has seen this movie. This is one of the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood. This movie is at the top of my favourite movies list. It is based on Chetan Bhagat’s famous best seller book 5 points someone. There are so many things to bag home from this movie.

What do 3 Idiots showcase?


This movie revolves around 3 friends, so does the name came “3 Idiots”. The story line goes like this- Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them “idiots”. The very thing that inspired these 2 idiots has inspired everyone. Let’s see how this movie has inspired many.

1. Do What You Love the Most

You might have heard this a million times before, but this movie actually showcases it. If you are doing the work you love the most then workplace becomes a playground. Your efficiency increases by many folds and quickly you start to progress in life at such a pace that there’s nothing which can stop you from reaching your goals. If you remember this scene from the movie :p

2. Believe In Yourself (Al Izz Well… )

This is very important to live a life full of fun and excitement. If you believe in yourself, you open many doors for opportunities to strike. You force yourself to be the best version of you. Sometimes believing in yourself is the only thing you need, and so does 3 idiots teaches you. The heart is very coward just tell him to relax – Al Izzzz Well…

3. Learning is everywhere

This is best shown in this movie depicting Chatur as the exact opposite of Rancho. While Rancho believed in that learning is everywhere, on the other hand, Chatur strictly follows the traditional rules of mugging up everything simply to gain higher marks. Finally, when life comes to take the test he finds himself chasing Rancho.

4. Chase Excellence and Success will Follow

It is a very important factor, a deciding factor in this long run of life. It is a known fact that the history is made by those who were extraordinary in what they did. Be it Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Ford…. you name it, they all were the masters of their field and if you will read more about them you will know one thing that they didn’t chase success, they craved for the best and finally success started chasing them in their endeavours.

5. Always Have few Idiots friends with you

Idiots don’t mean fools, here idiots mean people who can think out-of-box and are an equal partner in everything you do. In fact, history has it, every successful person had an idiot friend with him and together they did wonders. Steve Jobs had Wozniak, Bill Gates had Paul Allen, Mark Zuckerberg had Eduardo Saverin and there are endless such examples. So, always keep your idiots close.

If you have not seen 3 idiots movie then grab a copy from Amazon
and watch it. If there are any more inspirational movies then recommend us?

cheers 🙂

Best Way-Port Codeigniter to WordPress

Porting a website to a different platform is not a piece of cake and I’m sure many of you will agree on this with me. Things become more curled up when you have to port your existing website to another platform. To port Codeignitor to WordPress is one of the same problems. In this article, I will walk you through all the problems that I faced when I ported my website to WordPress.

Let me start by giving you a brief explanation why I needed to port my existing website to the WordPress platform. Just to let you know, I was pretty happy with my website, I’m a web-developer and I really like to write each piece of code by myself that way I can control the quality of the website and performance. The need started to build up when I needed to make changes to my website. I had to get to code the pieces and bits myself even for a tiny addition to the functionality of my website. I did create a solid backed for blogging and media management but soon I realised that I cannot always do everything on my own. It takes a time to learn a new skill and then it takes more time to perfect it. And especially when you have your client’s work left over. So, it was becoming a tedious and time-consuming time for me. Instead of writing articles, my time was elapsed in coding. After all, Codeignitor is not a CMS (Content Management System), it is used to build the application that will serve a particular need and perform a particular task for what it is built for. So, I decided to port my website to WordPress.

Best Way-Port Codeigniter to WordPress

Porting is something I had never done before. This was my very first time. I sure read a lot about porting and that things really did help me but you know, theoretical knowledge cannot beat practical experience. I was porting my existing CodeIgniter project to WordPress on the same domain and to a new server. Yeah, I saw it an opportunity and ported my website to a whole new server as I was not completely satisfied with the existing server.

Secure Your Existing Data

Secure Data From Server

Let me tell you one thing, if you are porting your website to the different server then the biggest problem that you will face is the need to secure your data. I have read stories about how people destroyed their websites in the process of porting. You will have to pay special attention to this. Just plan ahead and keep patience, I repeat keep patience. Do not let excitement get you. I know dopamine levels in your brain gets high and fills you with excitement but do not hurry in this process. Backup all your data containing your files, images, database and all the other things that are there. My advice is to use reliable software for this process. In my case, I only had to port the images, documents and database, rest all my project files were synced with the Github. If you are new to development then I strongly suggest to learn Git and add this one skill to your resume. Follow the link to read about it… Github. In my case, I had to download about 400 MB of data, which I did with the help of Git. I created a new repository and pushed everything into it from my server. This facility may not be available for you if you are on a shared hosting, therefore, use FTP client. I prefer Filezilla. This way I backed up all the folders, files and images from the server.

I was using PhpMyAdmin for managing the database on the server. It was quite easy to export complete database with few clicks. Now, I successfully backed up my data and secured it. It took me about 2 hours. Now, the next thing was to set up the website on the new server. I didn’t make any changes to my existing website. Didn’t stopped it until I set up my website onto my new server. The next big problem that arises is maintaining your Google Page Rank. You do not want to make a bad impression in eyes of Google. Let’s see what I did to cope up with it.

Maintaining Google Page Rank

Preserve Google Page Rank

One of the most important phase in porting your website successfully. You must now take it lightly. One wrong move and all your hard work go in vain. The concept for preserving Google Page Rank is fairly simple. You just need to redirect your old pages to their new address with a status code of 301. You might have heard it somewhere about “301 Redirect” and if you are hearing it for the first time, well let’s say you do not spend much time reading.

What is 301 Redirect and why would you need it?

“301 Redirect” simply tells the web crawlers that the page current page has been shifted to their new location and then you provide the new location for the same. A real world analogy to this will go something like this, let’s say you moved to someplace to the outskirts of your city. Later, one of your friends came knocking doors at your old address. Now, imagine what would happen if no one will be there to address him. He won’t have any choice but to go back with a thought that he will never find you again. That is bad, Right? But what if you attached a note on your front door with your new address. That way he will know your current address and will move to your new house to meet. Same goes with the web crawlers, you must provide the new address for all the pages that has been moved.

It requires logics work it out. In my case, this was a little trickier because I had to move the website on the same domain without interfering with the WordPress page URLs. There was a fewer choice in front of me.

  • Copy Paste each blog with the same slug
    it seems a more intuitive solution but what if you have more than 40 articles to port. You cannot just copy paste each of the blogs. Yes, you can make a resolution to port 5 articles every day which would take around 8 days to port all your articles, but what if you have more than 80 articles. Then what are you going to do? On the top of that what if you are lazy. This becomes a really tiring and time-consuming thing at this time.
  • Find a way out depending on your website’s architecture
    I opted for this solution. I had to find a way to port my database completely without wasting my precious time and I found a really simple solution. I took my whole project and integrated it with the existing WordPress application and created a separated database to serve the data. It is like I’m running two different websites under the same domain. The old links will be served from a different database and all the new links will be served by WordPress database.

Pros and cons I faced with my later approach.

Pros –

  1. I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting
  2. This was a time-saving approach, I saved about 8 days with this approach
  3. There was near to no downtime

Cons –

  1. Complex redirect logic formulation
  2. Knowledge of the core functioning modules of both the Application
  3. Sooner or later you will have to change the old website layout to match the new one for better UX

Now, it is up to you to choose which a better solution is for you.

Redirection Logic

301 Redirect

It all comes down to the structure of your website. My old websites permalinks were displayed in this format,, and the current version has permalinks in this format you can see the distinction here. So, all I had to do was to parse the incoming URLs, pass them to pattern match and if pattern matches then redirect the URLs safely to their new home. This redirection is pretty simple and does not require any advance knowledge on the developers’ part. You could write a Redirect Rule in .htaccess and put it in the root of your project. Here, is the redirect logic for the same,

RewriteEngine on
RedirectRule ^site/blog/([0-9]+)/([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)/?$ HTTP://$1/$2 [R=301,L]

This is it. It will match the incoming URLs pattern and redirect it their new home. Yeah, it’s simple but it did requires a redirect on the server part and though the performance affected is negligible, it is there. And too many redirects are not good. So, I didn’t opt for this solution. I simply changed the internal routeing pattern of the older website such that it will serve URLs in this fashion /blog/345/article-slug instead of /site/blog/345/article-slug. Then I simply changed the name of the project folder to site. So, automatically all the request will be mapped to their correct home. Plus there will be no redirection, therefore, saving the valuable server resource. If someone asks me about the performance lag in porting, I can say that there is no performance issue as everything is working the way it used to before. In fact, there are two different databases to serve different articles, which would instead improve the performance in times of heavy traffic. All that said, I recommend you to follow the redirection rule because it’s straightforward and less time consuming and you do not have to be an expert to do that. Copy paste the code and you are good to go J


Porting a website is really a few hours job given that you understand the architecture of your existing website and also the new platform that you are looking to port to. I know CodeIgniter and WordPress both very well, thus porting Codeignitor to WordPress was not that difficult. Hope you enjoyed the article and learned something from my experience. Just comment below if you face any problem or want to discuss more any phase of porting.

Cheers 🙂

Port Existing Website to WordPress

First of all, I would like to apologise to all my reader for any inconvenience caused during all the porting process. It wasn’t easy for me as I was doing something like this for the first time. I sure knew the basics theoretically but missing out on the practical knowledge. It took me about a week’s time to get it all up and running. And finally, when it’s finished, I could finally write my blogs again :). It requires a-lot to port your existing website to wordpress or some different platform.

In this article, I would like to share my practical knowledge which would help you in the future. Here’s the list of problems that you might face while porting your website to some other domain or to some other platform altogether, (just like in my case).

Port Existing Website to WordPress Requires –

  • Preserving Google Page Rank
  • Thorough Understanding of different types of redirects
  • Logic Formulation
  • Porting Database (if you are porting to another platform)
  • Minimum Website Downtime
  • Maintain a Good User Experience

The very first problem that was in front of me was the Google Ranking. You wouldn’t want to make Google sad, it may badly affect your website’s visibility. Hopefully, Google provides solutions for this problem. All you need to do is provide the new address for the moved pages to Google. This is really simple to do, all you need is to give a “301 redirect” to the new page address. If you are porting your existing website to some other domain, i.e, from to then it becomes easier compared to the situation when you have to port your entire website to another platform or you may have to move your website to a new place inside your server. Both the situation have their pros and cons.

Porting to a different domain
The problems related to this situation are –

  • Page Redirects
  • Database Porting

Page Redirects

301 Redirect

You bought a new domain and hosted your new website there. Once your website is up and running, then you simply start redirecting your old website URLs to their new address without making any major changes to your website. You may have to come up with a redirection logic, which will solely depend on your project’s structure. Suppose, your old website blog URLs are shown in this format, and your new website’s URLs format is, then, in this case, you may use .htaccess file to redirect pages that match this particular pattern to their new home. You could simply write a redirect rule like the one below,

RewriteEngine on
RedirectRule ^blog/[0-9]+/([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)/?$ HTTP://$1 [R=301,L]

if you want to read more about redirection rules, you may follow this link, URL Rewriting for the fearful.

So, that was easy, Right? Now, you are left with the database porting part.

Database Porting

Port Database

Database porting is a tedious task, if you are porting the website to a similar platform like, from WordPress to WordPress then it may not cause you much trouble, but if you are porting to a whole different platform then you must look for some innovative ways to do that. You may search for some existing Softwares to make your job easy or you can walk the path I did. I’m running the old and new website together :D. I created a different database for my older website and simply imported the database there. I let my old website serve the way it was doing before and created a different database for WordPress. So, my website’s structure is pretty much the mixture of old and new.

One may ask about the performance factor for doing something like this, well, there’s not much difference in the performance because I haven’t tweaked with the core files. So basically, there are two different websites operating under the same domain. By-the-way you can take a look by yourself, here’s the link to my older website My Old Website, you may discuss more in the comments below.

Minimum Website Downtime

Another important thing to consider here is the downtime of your website. You may not want to make a bad impression for a new visitor. A returning visitor may know you and understand the downtime for a website but it will leave a bad impression on a new potential visitor. On top of this, it can also affect your Google Page Ranking. There are solutions to let google know that your website is under a temporary maintenance and that you can do with a “503 Status Code”. It simply states that the server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server. You can also tell the crawlers about the retry time. You may use the below code snippet to return a 503 status code on your page.

header(‘HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable’);
header(‘Status: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable’);
header(‘Retry-After: 300’);//300 seconds


By taking care of these simple steps, you can easily port your website to a new server or domain by keeping the integrity of your website intact. I learned these things by doing them practically and there will be lots of hidden traps that you might face, so my advice to you all is to plan ahead. This article was just an overview of all the problems that you might face, there are differents tastes to these problems as well. I will write another article about the problems I faced and what I did to solve them. I hope you had a great experience reading this article.

One Life, Rise and Shine

cheers 🙂