Towards A New World

The Lockdown has now been extended till May 03, and it will be a complete 40 days lockdown in India. Many people are frustrated because of this. Many are showing their anger. And many like me are just sitting at home in front of their computers and doing their office work. Oh, we have a term for that… WFH.

But in the midst of all this. I’m getting a lot of free time that I never had before. I’m getting time to chat with my father, play with my brother and sister and eat food cooked by my Mother. Sometimes this makes me wonder, all that is happening is taking us towards a better tomorrow. A Whole New World!!!

You all will agree with me when I say that we (Homosapien) has made this world polluted.

Every hour we are out there, we are leaving our carbon footprints without even thinking about our future generation.

Rich have cars, they fill in the gas and burn it while moving miles to reach their office and back home. They never think about the harmful pollutants they are putting out for someone travelling via bicycle or walking on the sideway. Rich never gives a fuck. But now the same rich is inside there house and doing the same fucking work for which they use to travel a few miles every day.

But after COVID-19 and lockdown, I’m seeing a totally different landscape. The streets are empty. The air is clean. Animals seem to be happier and free. The birds… OMG, you should see the birds, they seem to be the happiest creatures. They are coming out from the deep forests because we are not out there to spoil their habitats. The place is much cleaner than ever before because we all are in our homes. And we keep our house clean. Proper management of waste is done. Water is clean. Did you saw the images of river Ganga before and after? Well, the changes are visible. Just because we are not there to pollute her.

I ask… and I ask strongly If this (WFH) was possible then why do they call us in?

Why do they want such big offices and buildings? Why?

In reality, all they need to worry about is a good internet connection and a powerful laptop. People are doing their jobs. They are working more efficiently because now they don’t have to make that tedious travel. They can simply sit at the comfort of their couch and work. Isn’t this lovely?

They can stay with their family. They can eat good food, sleep a good night. Play with children, spend more time with them. Then why do we travel thousands of miles away from home to work in the buildings that don’t even feel like home?

I think this lockdown has shown us that the world is better without us in it. Just by removing us from the equation, the nature starts to find its balance. Why can’t we go back to the old ways? Respecting the mother nature and all her children. I sincerely hope that after the lockdown, people will remember that the world was a better place when they were locked in. And maybe, just maybe this time they will realize the harm they are causing to this planet and change their ways to survive with nature, not at the cost of nature.

I’m looking forward to a brighter future where people will no longer travel to reach their offices. Rather they will work from a remote location, enjoying the nature with their families.

I’m looking forward to a brighter future where people will no longer pollute the planet and say no to carbon emissions. Adopt sustainable living with the minimalism approach.

I’m looking forward to a future where I no longer looking for a vacation rather each day should feel like a vacation.

Just a thought.

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