Where Is Life Taking You

Where Is Life Taking You?

Do you know where are you headed?

Are you 100% clear what you want to be in life?

Do you know how are you going to become what you want to become?

From my personal experience, I do not think that anyone can answer the above questions with certainty. As Steve Jobs once said – You can only connect the dots backwards.

That is so true, so true.

At every stage of my life, I wanted to be someone, I wanted to achieve something, I wanted to excel at a certain skill so that I can use it to accomplish something. But that something keeps on changing with time. And then a point comes in life where you stop and ask yourself –

Where the heck am I going?

Most people do not even realize to ask this question. They are often too busy to even realize that they are getting trapped even deeper every day that they are spending without asking that question.

Again by reading the lives of Legends you understand that the biggest difference between them and you is that question.

Steve Jobs used to stand in front of the mirror every single morning and asked himself – Is is something that I want to do what I’m about to do today? And if the answer comes back as NO for 7 days in a row then he knew something is not right and needs to be changed.

That single question is like a Geo Positioning System in your life. That question helps you to stick with your inner calling. That question is the answer to your life’s biggest mysteries.

Are You a Sci-fi Fan?

If you love Science Fiction then I’m sure you know about the multi-verse theory.

A theory that suggests that every logical decision that you take every time, you give birth to a new universe. From the T-shirt that you pick up in the morning, the first leg you chose to put your shoes to the time you chose to close your eyes gives birth to all the possible universes.

So yes there are multiple Varun in multiple universes that took some other decision than what I did. And yes in one or the other universe I’m living a life that I once thought I would live.

I’m not really sure if this theory is true, but it does make me feel good about life.

I feel more alive and in the moment, more alive at decision making and kinda love multiple choices at every point in life. Multiple choices are so much better than a single deterministic route… Don’t you think the same?

It is the choices that make your life interesting.

Never be afraid of the choices in front of you. Because one of those choices will decide your faith in this universe. It is simply WOW.

Life Is Too Short

Average human life span is around 70 years in India. Out of which 21 years are lost in studies. Then an additional 3 years are spent in finding an okay 2bhk flat in some metro city (if you an IT engineer). So it is not wrong to say that 25 years of your life is gone just to cementing your survival in India.

Well, after you have secured your survival, you start thinking about making it better. I’m talking about buying fancy stuff and other expenses. Well, these are very subjective so I won’t delve into it here but I think you got the point.

After 60, your body doesn’t support you that well. And this number is very generous, looking at the average health of an individual, 37 years is the number when your body starts fading away. Most of us do not take care of our body. And it starts deteriorating after 37.

So, you just have 17 or 20 years remaining to find a lover, marry your lover, buy a house, buy a car, have kids, grow kids and whole loads of other things. Oh, I did not mention about travelling here which most of us desire

What amazing to notice here is that people are very ignorant about this fact. It is like they just do not care. It is like they think they are going to live forever. And I think that is the lamest way to live your life. If you know when you are going to die, don’t you wanna try and do everything that you can. Won’t you be interested in every single thing that you ever wanted at some point in your life?

You are not going to live forever, not in this century at least. So cherish every moment, every breath, every smile, every tear, every hug, every touch and all the things that there is in this life. Because life is short and you never know when it’s going to end.

As I always say –

Nothing Lasts Forever. So Live It Up, Drink It Down, Laugh It Off, Avoid The Bullshit/Drama, Take Chances, And Never Have Regrets Because At One Point Everything You Did Was Exactly What You Wanted.

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