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Always Keep Things Simple

Let me tell you a well-known secret:

You cannot always make the right decisions in your life.


This little secret is the truth of life. You cannot always make the right decisions. Even if you have thought a million times before making a decision, there is a probability that your decision will be wrong.

I really do not like this idea. No matter how true it seems to me but I always have a hard time believing it.

In fact, this very idea demotivates me because it makes the world probabilistic. Uncertain. Not defined.

And I’m sure all the scientists hate it too.

No matter how hard you try there is always a scope of getting it wrong.

But wait!!!

There is one more secret, this is also well-known.

Always trust your instincts they are always right.


And the reality is: both of these stand true.

It may seem contradictory but they are not.

A Situation

I’m sure many of you might have been in a similar situation where you made a certain decision against your instinct and it turned out wrong.

That is the moment you feel sorry for not listening to your instinct.

That is the moment when you feel betrayed because you didn’t listen to yourself.

You didn’t trust yourself enough to make a decision.

I also faced a similar situation recently. I made a mistake of trusting a wrong person in spite my spidey sense was tingling.

I knew that it is not the way to move forward but I did anyway because it was the easy option.

The Lesson Learned

Third secret:

You cannot always make the right decisions in your life but your instincts can.

~ Derived

If you ever face an above-mentioned situation in your life where you are not one with your inner soul. Then always go with the soul. It knows the best of you.

Scientists are still trying to figure out all the instincts related shit that happens inside your head. But if you pay enough attention, you can pretty much experience it by yourself.

All the neurons firing inside your head without your control trying to simulate the best possible future for you based on your current course of actions. In short Karma.

Sometimes our subconscious mind reaches at the conclusions so fast that it takes time for our conscious mind to reach there.

Keeping all the explanation aside, just take one thing from this experience

Always Trust Your Instincts.

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