Health Is The Most Important Asset

From the last 3 days, I’m feeling sick. And this has some major consequences on my concentration which has made me inefficient in work.

The sickness is not big, it’s just because I ate something the other day which led to an upset stomach. But this has led me to look into the things that actually matter.

Health is a gift of nature. We are really grateful that our minds and bodies are fit and healthy. Imagine a person who is suffering from Asthama or Diabetes. Life is so much different for them. They constantly have to think at every single point in their life before taking any decision.

After all, it is health that is real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver.

So, from this day, I’m going to make a promise to myself, a promise to wake up early every day and go for jogging. Doesn’t matter if I’m running on the hard roadside or on soft ground. I’m going to run at least 2km every day to the rest of my life.


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