Tamsic Bhojan

The Effects of Tamasic Bhojan

From the past few days, I’ve been eating a lot of non-veg (only chicken). I just want to make it clear that I’m not eating it because I like eating it, but because I do not know how to cook tasty food apart from basic Egg recipes and bread. Also, the veg dishes that I get from outside only makes me sick (literally).

As an effect of eating so much non-veg, I’ve noticed a drastic slowness in my daily routine.

I’m experiencing a loss of inertia in my body and my sleep quota has increased by 30%. Earlier I used to sleep 6 hours and that was enough, but from last 3-4 days, my sleep quota has increased to 9-10 hours.

I’ve also experienced a dip in my interest and energy.

Now, I’m enjoying the TV series more. I’ve spent quite a lot of time watching Netflix these days. The change in mood is pretty frequent. All I wanted to do is lie down on my bed and watch movies. And trust me this is a complete opposite of ‘REAL’ me. I never use to sit idle and watch TV. I’ve always been working on something all the other. But the past few days has been lethargic.

I was really unhappy with my routine and wanted to change it. But I always felt a lack of energy and laziness in my body. All I did was to come from the office, lie down and watch movies. And when I thought of reading book instead I had so much trouble because I was so tired. My mind was just not willing to do it.

So what I did? I slept.

Then I was reading on the internet for the solution and I came across this article. I will just paste the lines from that article that took my attention; I was shocked;

Oh, inertia. You know that feeling – you want to run but can only shuffle along. Mentally, you are whizzing about, bursting with energy but physically, you are slouched on the couch. Tamasic state of mind is something like that. The Tamas guna, or characteristic, is epitomised by inertia. Naturally, foods that represent this characteristic lack prana (energy) and therefore, act as a sedative, making the body and mind sluggish. Baseline is, these foods hasten your descent into a less refined state of consciousness. Tamasic is not just about the guna and type of food, it also refers to how we eat our food, its preparation and the quantity consumed. Any food item which is overeaten turns Tamasic.

This is exactly what I was feeling and experiencing. I wanted to do so many things but my body was in a constant state of tiredness.

Now, I’ve made an effort to change my eating habits. For a start, I will try to cook food by myself. This will not only help me to eat better but also teach me a valuable life skill. At times when you have nothing to eat, cooking is one skill that makes the difference.

I always knew about Tamasic, Sattvic and Rajasic bhojan, but never experienced it in a way that I did today. And I just wanted to let you all know. If you are facing a similar situation then please do check your food habits. It will definitely help you in the long run.

And for me, well, I won’t be eating chicken for quite some time. I will try to make things better in life.

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