Can you predict the future

Can You Predict The Future? (Where Will You Be After 5 Years)

How many times have you tried to predict the future?

And how many time were you accurate with your predictions?

If you are like most people then chances are you have been wrong more than 99% of the times. Because life never happens the way you want it to happen. Life simply happens. And your decisions to the situations decide what will come next.

Sometimes I feel that destiny is fixed. It’s like something that has to happen will happen, only the situations will be different. It would be hard for some people and easy for others. And the level of difficulty will depend on your decisions to the situations.

But somewhere inside I know that this is not the case.

Destiny is not fixed and you and I are creators of our own destinies. But again it boils down to the same thing – Your Choices.

Your Choices will decide your next situations. Out of all the complex mathematics that comes when you try to calculate the possibility of the event to take place in future. One thing is pretty easy to understand – Your choice in a given situation will decide the next event.

If it is so easy to understand then why can’t you and I predict the future events that are going to happen in our lives?

You Cannot Outwit The Universe, Or Can You?

Let’s try to understand the mystery here. The universe is very predictable. It allows us to predict the future with 99.99% certainty. And this is because it works on certain principles/rules. That is why humans were able to build huge ships that float on water and can carry tons of weight, fast cars, spaceships and all the sophisticated gadgets around you. All because universe made itself predictable.

But still you cannot predict your own future?

Well, the truth is you are very much capable of predicting your future. But the thing required for that is your awareness. How aware are you at any given instance of time. This is because your decisions to the given situation will decide the next course of events, so if you are aware while making the choice then you can predict the next course of event and in every event you have to predict your next event and follow the path until you reach the ultimate prediction that you made of yourself.

Woah, I wrote a lot of gibberish there. Let me explain to you in an easier way. Suppose, you predicted that after 30 minutes you will be at a certain place. This is your prediction. Now before making this prediction, you might have analyzed and looked into a lot of input variables and depending upon that you made a prediction.

A simple example would be of the Google Map. It makes a prediction on a minute basis. Every minute Google maps makes predictions on the approximate time it would take you to reach your destination. It does that with simple pattern recognition, traffic recognition retrieved from many devices from different locations and time calculation algorithm. And it has an accuracy greater than 95% in most of the cases.

You can do the same thing, you will have to think like Google. You just have to follow these simple steps:

Map Your Path (Source to Target)

The very first step in predicting your future is that you need to have your life map handy with you.

You must plot the Source location in that and Destination location without bringing the calculation into it yet. Simply, mark the source and destination. This is what you can refer to as your Dreams. In a non-technical term, I would say – You gotta dream first.

Your dreams are the way to understand what you actually want in life. I dream of a lot of things at different times in my life. But what I dream is exactly what I want at that point in my life. So, you gotta dream first.

As the GOD of Cricket said:

Never stop chasing your dreams because dreams do come true.

~ Sachin Tendulkar

So, the first thing in the equation is that you must know where you want to be in the future. And what you are at this instant.

Gather Information From Every Possible Sources

Just like how Google fetches traffic information from people on your given path to predict the overall delay in the route, you need to gather all sorts of information from your surroundings.

Gathering the required information is an art. A very few people in the world have masted this art of information gathering. And those people are the people who control the world.

In today’s world, each second you are bombarded with Terabytes of information. Obviously, you choose to ignore most of it but what you pay attention to will determine how well you navigate your path. But there’s a catch, and the biggest tragedy of this era is that you get all sorts of information that is of no significance to you at all. So the next question comes in – How do you know which information is useful and which should be discarded?

There are different solutions to this problem. I only know of two ways how you can gather the right information –

  1. You can never know which information will come in handy so you try to gather every bit of information that comes to you. Just like Sherlock Holmes. You develop your mind in a way that it can grasp small information and observation and process them to produce useful stuff.
  2. You can choose to stay in an environment where you get only the right information relating to the field you want to prosper in. However, this approach seems to risky because you are keeping yourself away from most of the information out there. You never know what you are missing out.

If you know any other way then comment below.

Process The Information That You Have Gathered

Information is retrieved after processing the raw data. Every living being in this world has a way of processing the information. Humans are the most sophisticated species when it comes to processing the information and taking out the useful information out of it.

So now you are gathering information in a tremendous amount but to take out the useful stuff you need to process it. And by processing I mean you need to find a way to reach your destination faster.

Just like how Google process all the information to decide the fastest route, you need to process the information to reach to your destination in a way you predicted it in the first place.

Here is a real life example to explain my views:

I had an early failure in my life. So I decided to pursue engineering. I had no plans or dream for engineering. I just pursued it because I had nothing else to do at that time and my Dad suggested me to opt for engineering.

The first decision I made was to choose my engineering field. I chose to pursue Computer Science. It was a random choice. But now when I connect the dots backwards, I see that the choice was not random but the outcome of information processing done unconsciously. Actually, I was exposed to computers very early in my life (thanks to my Dad). And because of that, I was good with computers and I chose Computer Science.

Then when I studied Computer Science I started dreaming. I started dreaming of working in an IT company. The destination was fixed in my mind that I want to work in an MNC (TCS specifically). I had the destination set but I never put my time and energy into gathering the information that I need to crack that company. And when the time came I failed miserably. I did not even clear the first Aptitude round. That night I cried for the second time in my life. This was my second failure.

It was not that I was a bad student, I cracked the second company in a pool campus (but it was not TCS).

Why I was able to crack this interview? Simple. I had the right information with me that was required to crack the interview in this company.

After a year of working in this company, I started dreaming again. And this time I dreamed of working into Thoughtworks. My dream company. This time again I have a destination. I have a starting point. But also I have the past experience that I learned after failures.

This time I was more organized. I started by gathering the information about the company and how can I get into it. I processed the information that gave me milestones to reach there. I prepared in a particular way that would help me to crack the interview.

Fast forward 2 years, I cracked the interview.

So this time my prediction became a reality.

Why I was able to predict this with accuracy?

Simple. I had the right information and a well designed system to reach there.


I failed the first time right after my school.

I failed the second time in the final year of my college.

I nailed it the third time with 100% accuracy.

All because, this time I followed simple rules and played accordingly. The simple rule of DGP.

  • Dream
  • Gather Information
  • Process Information to create right milestones

These steps are magical if followed correctly.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Can you predict the future?

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