Prod Deployment – Day In Life Of A Developer

A Production day is no less than a festival. The preparation starts 3-4 weeks before the actual date. Invitations are sent to so many people. Everyone seems to be busy preparing their dishes (applications) to be served on that day.

It is a very auspicious day. This is the day when all the year-long hard work finally pays off.

And sometimes don’t. But today I will talk about a successful production day because I’ve 100% success rate. It never goes south when I’m in the team :p

A Day Before Production

This day is entirely spent in the preparation.

You find people collecting all the resources and keeping it at a single place so that when the time comes they don’t have to go looking for it.

Some spend time creating utility scripts for automating the time consuming error-prone work.

I created a log-monitoring script as I had to monitor multiple logs. I think I can share that script with you.

I created an Apple Script for the same. If you’ve not used Apple Script before than please do. It can be really helpful if you own a Mac Laptop.

Here’s the script…

Not only that, some people even spend time searching for other people’s repository to find something useful that can make their work easy.

But yeah… the day before production is all about preparation.

A Few Hours Before, During And After Production

I woke up early. By mistake, I woke up very early that day (4:49 A.M) and I couldn’t go back to sleep 🙁

If you find yourself in a similar situation then please, please, please go back to sleep. It only gets difficult.

This is my sleep chart for that day.

My sleep stats of that day

Okay, so I woke up early and started my day early.

Did some exercise, took a cold bath, read a book, ate nothing :p

It was 8 AM when I opened my laptop and wrote an article on QuickSort.

We were supposed to start at 9:00 AM. It was a pretty easy start. Joined the team call at 9:30 A.M and the process started. One-by-one every team worked on their assigned task. It was around 1:00 afternoon when our turn came to deploy all the applications.

This is where all the chaos started.

The applications were deployed successfully, but then issues started coming in. Not specifically related to the applications.

It was all over the place. The database team going haywire, the monitoring teams raising alerts. Everyone was silent on the call but every second I was hearing the sound of the notification.

Then someone reported that service A is down, the system is raising alerts. I looked at the logs and it was a legit issue. Spent some time fixing it. During this time, we got alerts for Service B and C. Then simultaneous we had to communicate with the different teams at least 4 people at any given time while fixing the issue. All at the same time.

It was the craziest hour for me.

I’ve never multi-tasked at that level before. I still don’t know how I was able to cope up for so long. I’m not a multi-tasker by nature. I prefer to take one task at a time, finish it and then take another. But this was next level multi-tasking even for a multi-tasker.

Somehow everything got resolved and the pressure eased. I took a deep breath and noticed that my head was hot.

Literally hot. I immediately took the ice and put it on the head.

It was already 4:00 in the afternoon. And I was going on non-stop. I didn’t even have lunch. And then mom forcefully kept the food on the table asking me to eat.

Now, on the one stand, I was monitoring all the application and on the other hand, I was eating food. In between, I had to talk as well.

Slowly everything smoothened but we were still seeing some errors in the log. We knew it was not affecting the functionality in any way because if it did, someone from some team might have told us. But because of this error, the alerts were getting raised in the system. That needed to be fixed. So we started looking into that error.

That was one weird error.

After putting 2 hours on that error, we finally gave up. The 2 hours were not completely targetted to that issue as well. We were serving some other request in between. It was in and out effort.

The reason it took so much time because we had no way to test it. In local it was working fine, in the stage it was working fine but in production there was the issue. The issue was only present in the production environment. And deployment to production is something that takes some thought (because live traffic is on).

So, we kept looking at the issue from all the angles but couldn’t figure out the cause.

Finally, we were so tired that we had to call it a day. It was close to 11 at night when we finally left it and closed our day.

Everyone was cheering for a successful deploy, congratulating each other. But we had this one issue to be fixed tomorrow.

The Next Day (Saturday)

Since we left the issue unresolved, we had to work the next day. We planned on starting early but we were so damn tired and had to push it to 11.

So we started at 11 from where we left off last night. And trust me it took only 30 minutes. The solution was just about removing 2 lines of code. Yes, we removed 2 lines and everything worked. But the cause of that error was crazy. The debugging was one hell of a job that we did.

And we did a really awesome job. The issue was not at all easy to find and even test. It was just occurring on the production servers. And the logs that we were getting was not at all descriptive. We had to dig deep and explore all the possibilities to finally fix that one.

And I’m telling you – We Are Awesome!!!

Well, I would like to end with two things that I learned and it might help you too –

  1. Sleep well and long.
  2. Do not skip your meals.

The combination of these two things will make you really tired and miserable so make sure you get enough sleep and good food.

Let me know your experience in the comments below.

Daughter’s Equal Right to Ancestral Property will Break Many Families

A wrong decision by the Supreme court of Justice.

The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, was amended in 2005 to give daughters an equal share in parental property. In case of ancestral property, a daughter now has a share in it by virtue of birth, while the self-acquired property is distributed as per the provisions of the will. If the father passes away without a will, she has the same rights as the son in both ancestral and self-acquired property. The marital status of the daughter is immaterial, and a married daughter has the same rights as an unmarried one.

You can read more on it here.

I don’t know how they came up with this idea thinking that it’s for the equality of the women.

Let’s look at it in reality.

Girl marries and goes to Husband’s house

Now, the husband’s house is her place too. She spends eternity with her husband in that house. Right?

Cool, if you agree with me on the above statement then answer me this, if a girl owns the husband’s house and her father’s house than what does her brother have?


Her brother is screwed for life.

And I have literally seen the cases where the sisters ripped off their own brother for the piece of that house. This law is not encouraging equality but supporting in-equality at a national level.

Once the case is filed, Brother’s life is over

Once the sisters file a case for owning the piece of the brother’s house (happens more than often) then the brother is left with nothing. He either has to fight a case which goes on for years and during all that time the house cannot be used for anything.

And after years of fight, the brother dies owning nothing.

So, if this sounds like equality to you, then I seriously don’t want to live in such a biased nation.

Life Is Cruel

There are numerous cases where you hear brother suicides because the sisters ripped him off the only thing he thought was his own.

First, he spends money on the sister’s marriage and then same sisters tear off their brother just for a piece of land.

Second, he spends half of his life savings on his father’s house thinking that it will be his. But little that he knew that the court will change the law and take everything away from him just like that. Talking about it feels shitty.

One such case is taking place currently in Jabalpur where a brother is being ripped off by her 5 sisters. All his sisters own their own land, some even own multiple lands and apartments but still, they are ripping off their one and only brother. If you want the details I can share it with you personally.

The same brother who grew up with them; helped them in every course of their life selflessly; put all his money on their marriages and in the end, this was the reward he gets.

This shitty law is going to break a lot more families.

It is really sad but I hate my nation’s sense of justice.

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Save The Planet Is Just an Expression Of Arrogance

I never liked the idea of saving the planet. I mean we are puny humans.

Our earth is like a grain of sand in this vast cosmos where there are billions of galaxies that has quadrillions stars out of which trillions of stars have a solar system and among that solar system, our earth is a small piece of rock, and on that rock, we talk about saving the planet.

The thing that we should talk about is saving ourselves.

The planet was here way before we arrived and it will kick us out if we don’t respect it.

As we have already seen the curse of nature on us recently. A microscopic non-living virus has the potential to disrupt our entire breed. And then we talk about saving the planet.

The best way to save ourselves is to live in harmony with the planet. Just take enough to make your life peaceful and comfortable. Our greed has done enough damage to our planet. And this pandemic is an eye-opener for us.

It has shown that taking us (humans) out of the equation the planet starts to heal itself at an exponential rate. Which means if we are gone for a year. The planet will be restored by more than 70% in itself.

But we talk about saving the planet.

Social Distancing Will Become The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic is a weapon from nature for its biggest enemy (humans).

We all have seen its repercussions so far and where it is taking us. People are already afraid of stepping outside of their houses. And even when they do step outside, they make sure they hide their faces behind the masks and keep an alcohol agent in their pockets. And still, they don’t know whether they are going to come alone or a Virus will come along with them.

Who would have thought that the world with so many factories and cars and people running 24×7 will come to a halt in less than a month?

Who would have thought that people would close their doors for everyone for good?

These are such hard times. It makes me think in the direction where the world is heading to.

All the major IT companies have already declared that they would be following the default WFH model. In recent news, I saw TCS talking about moving their 75% workforce to default work from home model. And in my opinion, they are doing the correct thing. Likewise, Other companies are also taking steps in a similar direction.

The world in 2021 would not be the same. It won’t be the one we are used to seeing. The world will make a transit with a totally different version of human beings. The version that hopefully respects nature and cherishes every life. In that version, Social Distancing would become the common norm.

Families would come together and strangers will become more strange.

People would be keeping a safe distance from each other because that is the way to stay safe. More medicines will come into the market. More hospitals will be built and more people will die. Because let’s face the truth, COVID-19 is not going anywhere soon. It is here to stay for a long-long time. And I’m being optimistic here. We will have to find a way to live with the Virus. The adaptive nature of human beings won’t take much time to dive into this new way of life. And sooner or later, Social Distancing will become a new normal.

I’m hoping for the best.

Take care, stay home, stay safe.

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Towards A New World

The Lockdown has now been extended till May 03, and it will be a complete 40 days lockdown in India. Many people are frustrated because of this. Many are showing their anger. And many like me are just sitting at home in front of their computers and doing their office work. Oh, we have a term for that… WFH.

But in the midst of all this. I’m getting a lot of free time that I never had before. I’m getting time to chat with my father, play with my brother and sister and eat food cooked by my Mother. Sometimes this makes me wonder, all that is happening is taking us towards a better tomorrow. A Whole New World!!!

You all will agree with me when I say that we (Homosapien) has made this world polluted.

Every hour we are out there, we are leaving our carbon footprints without even thinking about our future generation.

Rich have cars, they fill in the gas and burn it while moving miles to reach their office and back home. They never think about the harmful pollutants they are putting out for someone travelling via bicycle or walking on the sideway. Rich never gives a fuck. But now the same rich is inside there house and doing the same fucking work for which they use to travel a few miles every day.

But after COVID-19 and lockdown, I’m seeing a totally different landscape. The streets are empty. The air is clean. Animals seem to be happier and free. The birds… OMG, you should see the birds, they seem to be the happiest creatures. They are coming out from the deep forests because we are not out there to spoil their habitats. The place is much cleaner than ever before because we all are in our homes. And we keep our house clean. Proper management of waste is done. Water is clean. Did you saw the images of river Ganga before and after? Well, the changes are visible. Just because we are not there to pollute her.

I ask… and I ask strongly If this (WFH) was possible then why do they call us in?

Why do they want such big offices and buildings? Why?

In reality, all they need to worry about is a good internet connection and a powerful laptop. People are doing their jobs. They are working more efficiently because now they don’t have to make that tedious travel. They can simply sit at the comfort of their couch and work. Isn’t this lovely?

They can stay with their family. They can eat good food, sleep a good night. Play with children, spend more time with them. Then why do we travel thousands of miles away from home to work in the buildings that don’t even feel like home?

I think this lockdown has shown us that the world is better without us in it. Just by removing us from the equation, the nature starts to find its balance. Why can’t we go back to the old ways? Respecting the mother nature and all her children. I sincerely hope that after the lockdown, people will remember that the world was a better place when they were locked in. And maybe, just maybe this time they will realize the harm they are causing to this planet and change their ways to survive with nature, not at the cost of nature.

I’m looking forward to a brighter future where people will no longer travel to reach their offices. Rather they will work from a remote location, enjoying the nature with their families.

I’m looking forward to a brighter future where people will no longer pollute the planet and say no to carbon emissions. Adopt sustainable living with the minimalism approach.

I’m looking forward to a future where I no longer looking for a vacation rather each day should feel like a vacation.

Just a thought.

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The Effects of Tamasic Bhojan

From the past few days, I’ve been eating a lot of non-veg (only chicken). I just want to make it clear that I’m not eating it because I like eating it, but because I do not know how to cook tasty food apart from basic Egg recipes and bread. Also, the veg dishes that I get from outside only makes me sick (literally).

As an effect of eating so much non-veg, I’ve noticed a drastic slowness in my daily routine.

I’m experiencing a loss of inertia in my body and my sleep quota has increased by 30%. Earlier I used to sleep 6 hours and that was enough, but from last 3-4 days, my sleep quota has increased to 9-10 hours.

I’ve also experienced a dip in my interest and energy.

Now, I’m enjoying the TV series more. I’ve spent quite a lot of time watching Netflix these days. The change in mood is pretty frequent. All I wanted to do is lie down on my bed and watch movies. And trust me this is a complete opposite of ‘REAL’ me. I never use to sit idle and watch TV. I’ve always been working on something all the other. But the past few days has been lethargic.

I was really unhappy with my routine and wanted to change it. But I always felt a lack of energy and laziness in my body. All I did was to come from the office, lie down and watch movies. And when I thought of reading book instead I had so much trouble because I was so tired. My mind was just not willing to do it.

So what I did? I slept.

Then I was reading on the internet for the solution and I came across this article. I will just paste the lines from that article that took my attention; I was shocked;

Oh, inertia. You know that feeling – you want to run but can only shuffle along. Mentally, you are whizzing about, bursting with energy but physically, you are slouched on the couch. Tamasic state of mind is something like that. The Tamas guna, or characteristic, is epitomised by inertia. Naturally, foods that represent this characteristic lack prana (energy) and therefore, act as a sedative, making the body and mind sluggish. Baseline is, these foods hasten your descent into a less refined state of consciousness. Tamasic is not just about the guna and type of food, it also refers to how we eat our food, its preparation and the quantity consumed. Any food item which is overeaten turns Tamasic.

This is exactly what I was feeling and experiencing. I wanted to do so many things but my body was in a constant state of tiredness.

Now, I’ve made an effort to change my eating habits. For a start, I will try to cook food by myself. This will not only help me to eat better but also teach me a valuable life skill. At times when you have nothing to eat, cooking is one skill that makes the difference.

I always knew about Tamasic, Sattvic and Rajasic bhojan, but never experienced it in a way that I did today. And I just wanted to let you all know. If you are facing a similar situation then please do check your food habits. It will definitely help you in the long run.

And for me, well, I won’t be eating chicken for quite some time. I will try to make things better in life.

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