Why We Don’t Do What We Should Do?

For almost a month, I have a feeling that blocks me from doing things matters most to me, things that I like the most. And the funny part about all this is that I know what needs to be done, I have the power to do it but still, I feel helpless and my time is spent doing things that I don’t want.

I’m writing this article because I want someone to talk to about my situation and I don’t know who would be the right person for it, so just posting it on the web, hence putting it in front of the entire world to read. All your responses are highly appreciated.

The Exact Situation

The truth is I do not know the exact situation that I’m going through, but I would try to explain it to the best my knowledge. So just try to stay there and see if you can get out something useful.

Currently, I’m going through some major change, physically as well as emotionally.

Physically, I have moved to Hyderabad for a short term project (6 months), with new people, new language and new culture which by-the-way I enjoy a lot.

This movement is not a new event in my life. Before this, I moved to Pune and lived there for 3 years. Sure there were challenges that I faced that time as well, but the biggest difference between then and now is that now I’m not using my time optimally.

There is always a voice inside of me that tells me that I have to do this and that. But still, I end up doing nothing. You can clearly see the difference by looking at the frequency of blogs published on my website. There is a huge difference. I’m posting 3 times less nowadays. Not because I do not have a topic in mind, it is simply because watching Netflix has been high on the priority than publishing a blog post.

Usually, I’m strong when it comes to setting the priorities right, but this time I’ve failed myself. Another reason I could think of it is because of the increased workload and also the fact that I’m one pending task that always sits at the corner of my mind.

I’m the kind of guy who likes to finish things I’ve started and if that doesn’t happen for some reason, I feel restless. This is something that is going on with me for the last couple of month. There was one client’s project that I did complete 80% but till date, it is pending and has not moved forward from that point. The reason behind that is my laziness of course. But I don’t know what should I be doing at this point.

Probable Action Point For Me

  • I will try to be more enthusiastic about all the opportunities that lie around me.
  • I would buckle up and finish the client’s project.
  • I would find time to write more often. No matter what.

Let’s see where would it take me in the next couple of month.

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My First Three Days After Joining ThoughtWorks

There are so many things that I want to share with you all about my experience at ThoughtWorks. I literally do not know where to start. Let’s see… I’ll try to recall everything from day one and put it down in this blog post. Please feel free to ask me about anything that you want to know… be it about the ThoughtWorks or personal, doesn’t matter (:p).

Day 1 – Be On Time

I was late on my very first day. I know… I know… I’m tardy. But this was not because of my tardiness, it was because of the situation(s). To start with, I was struggling with a bad cold. I woke up late. The weather was bad, it was raining cats and dogs. And to top it all, the traffic was really bad. Okay so fighting with all that, finally I make it to the office at around 12:00 (2.5 hours late on my first day) and drenched.

VC (People Champion) came to receive me. I wasn’t very comfortable (what else you can expect from a drenched late person) but she very gracefully ignored all of that and took me inside the office (:D).

On stepping inside the office the first thing you will notice is that there are no cabins. It is just a big wide hall with tables and chairs. That is all. Individual teams share their own tables looking on the big wide HD monitors.

Then we moved inside the meeting room. Here comes the second noticeable thing. Auto rickshaw and a bus inside the Hall (:D). Take a look:

Then just before entering the meeting room, I noticed one more thing that was quite different from other workplaces I have been too. The meeting rooms were named after famous places of Pune (Since it a Pune office). Typically meetings rooms are named like 5A, 5B, 5C etc but here they are named like Shaniwar Wada, Pune Vidyapeeth etc…

I really loved the concept of naming the meeting rooms this way. It actually comes naturally in your conversation (hey meet me at Shaniwar Wada or we have a meeting at Pune Vidyapeeth (:D)). In my previous workplace, the meeting rooms are named as 5A, 5B, 5C and I’m still now sure which is where (:/).

Another thing that I liked is the meeting room setup. Every meeting room is well equipped. It is so quick to connect and at the same time energy-efficient. I don’t want to give away too much. You can visit and see for yourself. Everything works flawlessly. Now it evens works with your voice. Isn’t that cool?

MacBook Pro

The next thing you will need is your MacBook Pro. Mostly the people from the Asian countries are not well-versed with MacBook but trust me after a few hours, MacBook is the thing you would want to code in.

I was really surprised to get the MacBook on the very first hour of me joining the ThoughtWorks. This itself speaks so much about their culture. ThoughtWorks loves its employees. They provide them with the best tech in the world and encourages them to excel in whatever they want to do and not just coding. It makes you (as an employee) feel wonderful. And that is all that makes the difference.

Apple Macbook Pro 15 Inch

That is all for the showoff (:p).

On-Boarding Kit

Towards the end of my first-day induction, I got a book on Extreme Programming (XP) which people might have already read or known who are planning to join ThoughtWorks. Got a Tech Radar brochure (for more info, visit TechRadar) And lots of chocolates (:D).

Day 2 – The Day Of Exploration

If you know ThoughtWorks then you will also know that ThoughtWorks is all about its people. And I would like to quote the words of Martin Fowler which describes our culture.

Primarily it boils down to the people. They do a good job of hiring people who are both very smart, but also pleasant to work with. In particular there’s a lot of focus on people with integrity, and I’ve found I can trust my colleagues here much more than with most of the clients I worked with over the years. There’s also a real passion in doing good quality work and wanting to get better, which is excellent fodder for a writer like me.

Martin Fowler

The first thing that I wanted to do after getting into ThoughtWorks is to explore its people and culture as fast as I can. This is because I’ve been following ThoughtWorks for some time and I found that ThoughtWorks productivity is at least 10 times that of other companies of the same size. I was eager to explore the reason behind such high productivity.

And as you explore the culture and people here, you find that they are all very passionate about the work they do. Yes, this is it. No one forces them to do anything, everyone does it by themselves. The blogs that you read, the events you attend. All of it just a result of an individual initiative that grew fast.

There is no hierarchy. Everyone is a ThoughtWorker and works together to achieve the same goal. And that is the reason why ThoughtWorks has a reputation in the market for Technology Excellence.

On exploring a little more you will find that Open Source is at the heart of ThoughtWorks. Selenium is one of the many famous open-source tools that has been produced by ThoughtWorkers and adopted worldwide. If you are interested in reading the history of Selenium and how it was born then read the following article:

Dedicated to Social Impact

Thoughtworks is not just about profits. Software Excellency and Social Impact are at the heart of every ThoughtWorker. As a technology enthusiast, our job is not limited to just building great software, but also to make this world a better place. We do this by contributing to the social cause.

Brahmini is one such project. It is an easy-to-use EMR & hospital system. It combines and enhances existing open source products into a single solution. This project is done by ThoughtWorks for free in order to help the village hospitals to keep track of all their patients and work effectively and efficiently.

Here I would again like to quote the words of Martin Fowler:

Social Justice isn’t just about doing work for good causes. It’s also about looking at our core work and asking how it can benefit society.

Martin Fowler

It is all about giving back to the society by the means that we do the best i.e. Technology.

Day 3 – Exploring Communities And People

As I have already mentioned about the productivity of ThoughtWorks, the big reason behind that is the community-driven culture.

There are many communities inside ThoughtWorks that is there to teach and learn. The first thing that you would want to do is to join the community that interests you. There are communities for everyone. Each and everyone is very active and enthusiastic about the work they do. And also communities are a big collection of talent and experience as every person that joins the community brings in a new perspective, experience and talent into it. So, make sure you explore communities and join the ones that interest you.

We regularly host events such as Geek Night where we invite people from outside of ThoughtWorks to teach and educate others of the new technology trend in the market. You can always stay connected to ThoughtWorks thought their social media channel or website to get the latest updates about all the events that keep happening.

At this point, you start to see why ThoughtWorks is known for its excellence. The rate and amount of information sharing inside the company are very high. And if you are inside something that moves fast, you ought to move fast with them to keep the pace.

I hope this article helps you a little better into understanding our culture. Although this article was only meant to share my first-3 day’s experience. I will keep on writing more about the culture and values of ThoughtWorks as I move forward with my journey.

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How To Be Productive When You Don’t Feel Good

What happens when you do not feel good?

Do you feel like lying on the bed lost in your own thoughts, the illusion created by your mind? Or you stand up, brush yourself and do what is needed to be done.

I know most of you will choose the latter option but are you really doing that?

I noticed the same behaviour in me after a few strenuous weeks. I didn’t feel very energetic or like to do anything other than lying around and watch Netflix. This continued to happen with me for the entire 2 weeks until I realized – What the heck am I doing?

I’m wasting away my youth watching fiction. Is this really what I want to do?

And the moment I asked that question, I felt strengthened. It was like something inside me lit up. And again pulled me back on track.

So this article is just a reflection on myself and my circle.

It Is Okay To Take A Break, But Not Too Long

I would not want anyone of you to work like a machine. We are human beings and we like to take breaks here and there. But it becomes harmful in the moment when we start treating our breaks as the purpose. And trust me, it happens a lot.

I always ask people, What do you seek in life?

And 8 out of 10 people reply in a word – Happiness.

Seriously, is it all that you seek? Happiness… Really?

Okay, I won’t judge but tell me why aren’t you happy yet.

You are working in an MNC as a software developer. Earning more than 10 LPA, you are a bachelor with no liability and still, you seek happiness.

And surprisingly, they are telling exactly what they want. And they are the people who are in a constant state of seeking happiness. And they will binge-watch a Netflix series that was meant for a week and finish it in a day. Do you know why? Because they are seeking happiness.

I also did the same in the last 2 weeks. I was lost in the pleasure of Sacred Games and Money Heist. And one morning I woke up terrified and realized that I have moved away from my goal. Not moving towards the goal is equal to going away from the goal. Because time doesn’t stop. It goes on. Tick-Tok. You are getting older every second. And one day time will stop for you. That day will be the end of you. What do you want to leave behind?

Now ask yourself, taking long breaks (more than required), are you preparing for long term happiness? Are you going to stay happy for the rest of your lives, every hour, every minute, every second? Or would you be happier after genuinely contributing towards society and your family?

Taking a day off from a busy schedule is appreciated but taking a day off from your break to work towards your dream will take you nowhere.

So start working towards your dream.

Ask Yourself This Question At The Start Of Every Day

If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

~ Steve Jobs

This one question has always kept me boosted. From the start of the day, you get a vision. You get a path. And you are clear of your choices. Anything that happens with you on that day is to bring you closer to your goal.

At first, you will struggle with it. But once you have a solid goal and a clear vision. You become more clear and confident of your own choices and that is when you learn to make the best out of every situation.

I have started applying it in my life. And it works.

Please share your experience of life. Let’s grow together.

Your Life Has No Purpose, Or Does It?

From the start of my conscious life, I have been asked this question – What is your purpose?

Some people took it a step further – What is the purpose of your life?

Are the above two questions same?

I leave that on you to decide.

The questions are subjective. It could have multiple meanings and all depends on the mind of the reader and his current state. But for me, those questions are not the same. Both questions ask for a different answer.

What Is Your Purpose?

The answer to this question changes from time to time. When I was in school, and someone asked me this question, my answer was – My purpose is to play Division Level Cricket (Yeah, I played well). But that is not it – My purpose was also to score good marks in 10th standard. So at that moment, I had two different purposes for myself. I never gave a shit about life purpose until recently.

Before coming to the second question, let’s discuss on it a little more.

I think without a definite purpose a person cannot move an inch in his or her life. You going to the supermarket to purchase grocery also has a purpose behind it. Obviously, the purpose is to fill your stomach for the week or month. But, I’m sure most people are not concerned at this level. People are concerned about the purpose at a large scale.

Do you see the matrix (mayajaal) here?

Purpose itself is relative like everything else in nature. Let’s understand this concept.

You only know the environment because you have something relative to it to make certain assumptions. For example- You know the hot only because you have experienced cold. And in reality, there is no cold, cold is just the absence of heat.

Similarly, we know that the earth is moving at 30KM/Sec around the sun only because we know the distance of it from the sun. But to find out the actual speed of the earth moving through space you would need to consider the speed of the sun revolving around some really dense object at the centre of our Milkyway galaxy.

So to make my point clear – Everything that we can measure in the universe is relative to something else. And so does our perception of the purpose.

It is the streak of your purposes that makes for the bigger purpose (purpose of life). In short there is no purpose to your life. You are on this planet just like others. You have a life just like others. And one day you will die just like others. There is no pre-defined purpose to your life.

So… What is the purpose of your life?


Nobody was born with a specific purpose. The universe doesn’t ask you to solve a problem statement for it. We all learn everything on this planet, spend our lives (if you are lucky you would live above 70), reproduce and leave the planet when your time comes.

This is the matrix.

You spend your entire life thinking that you are born to do something. But in reality, you end up doing the same stuff that other people have done before.

I have tried explaining our lives in its simplest form with the following image.

Life Cycle of every living being.

The above diagram does not only depicts the average life-cycle of a human being but every living creature in this world. Even the trees follows the same cycle. They are born from the seed. They grow and grow until they start to produce seeds that will give birth to more of its kind. And once it is done they start to rot and leave the world.

So as you see there is no purpose attached to your life. You have come to this world to live and once your time is over you leave in peace.

But doesn’t it make this boring. Doesn’t it make it mundane and repetitive. Well, that is the whole point and that is why it is called Mayajaal (as written in Gita). You take birth again and again until you make it right. So, how do you make it right? Well, I don’t know yet. And I’m not sure that is the case. I’m yet to find it out.

But there is one thing that I know for sure.

Collective Purpose of Life Itself

When I look at the individual life then I find no purpose to it. In fact, everywhere I see I find the same pattern that I discussed above. Everyone comes with their own abilities and talent and then become part of the earth again.

But when I look at life itself, suddenly I start to see a purpose. A purpose to explore and make this life as soothing, comfortable and easy as possible with the help of technology.

I’m not only referring to the technology that you all see in your daily life. I’m talking about the technology that is beyond the reach of physical. I’ve experienced the glimpse of it and I know there are hidden dimensions and intelligence that is keeping the life balanced in this world in spite full of dangers. Otherwise, how would you explain the perfect size of our earth with perfect gravity, at the perfect distance from the sun (not to forget the sun with the perfect size and heat) and the environment to make life possible?

Everything does make you wonder – Who is the creator?

Let’s talk about the collective purpose of life.

Just look around and ask yourself a simple question – How are you alive? And I’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is that you are breathing. You are breathing the air around you (specifically oxygen). Now, where does the oxygen comes from? Trees and algae. they both take in carbon-dioxide and with the process of photosynthesis releases oxygen into the atmosphere. A complete balance.

A purpose fulfilled. A purpose to keep everyone alive. We all are connected at some level. Share the same substance, same energy and same space. The only thing that is different is the observer itself.

You are the Observer.

I have really started to believe that at some point if I can see the world with the defined boundaries of I, you, we, they, them, their… only then I would be able to the one. The one that is everywhere.

One thing is for sure, each and every living being is dependent on some other living and together we give birth to the one body. You and I refer to it as GOD or Creator or The Almighty.

So next time try asking a different question: What will you do if you become the creator of this universe?

Do let me know your views on the same. I’m eager to discuss it with you.

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Can You Predict The Future? (Where Will You Be After 5 Years)

How many times have you tried to predict the future?

And how many time were you accurate with your predictions?

If you are like most people then chances are you have been wrong more than 99% of the times. Because life never happens the way you want it to happen. Life simply happens. And your decisions to the situations decide what will come next.

Sometimes I feel that destiny is fixed. It’s like something that has to happen will happen, only the situations will be different. It would be hard for some people and easy for others. And the level of difficulty will depend on your decisions to the situations.

But somewhere inside I know that this is not the case.

Destiny is not fixed and you and I are creators of our own destinies. But again it boils down to the same thing – Your Choices.

Your Choices will decide your next situations. Out of all the complex mathematics that comes when you try to calculate the possibility of the event to take place in future. One thing is pretty easy to understand – Your choice in a given situation will decide the next event.

If it is so easy to understand then why can’t you and I predict the future events that are going to happen in our lives?

You Cannot Outwit The Universe, Or Can You?

Let’s try to understand the mystery here. The universe is very predictable. It allows us to predict the future with 99.99% certainty. And this is because it works on certain principles/rules. That is why humans were able to build huge ships that float on water and can carry tons of weight, fast cars, spaceships and all the sophisticated gadgets around you. All because universe made itself predictable.

But still you cannot predict your own future?

Well, the truth is you are very much capable of predicting your future. But the thing required for that is your awareness. How aware are you at any given instance of time. This is because your decisions to the given situation will decide the next course of events, so if you are aware while making the choice then you can predict the next course of event and in every event you have to predict your next event and follow the path until you reach the ultimate prediction that you made of yourself.

Woah, I wrote a lot of gibberish there. Let me explain to you in an easier way. Suppose, you predicted that after 30 minutes you will be at a certain place. This is your prediction. Now before making this prediction, you might have analyzed and looked into a lot of input variables and depending upon that you made a prediction.

A simple example would be of the Google Map. It makes a prediction on a minute basis. Every minute Google maps makes predictions on the approximate time it would take you to reach your destination. It does that with simple pattern recognition, traffic recognition retrieved from many devices from different locations and time calculation algorithm. And it has an accuracy greater than 95% in most of the cases.

You can do the same thing, you will have to think like Google. You just have to follow these simple steps:

Map Your Path (Source to Target)

The very first step in predicting your future is that you need to have your life map handy with you.

You must plot the Source location in that and Destination location without bringing the calculation into it yet. Simply, mark the source and destination. This is what you can refer to as your Dreams. In a non-technical term, I would say – You gotta dream first.

Your dreams are the way to understand what you actually want in life. I dream of a lot of things at different times in my life. But what I dream is exactly what I want at that point in my life. So, you gotta dream first.

As the GOD of Cricket said:

Never stop chasing your dreams because dreams do come true.

~ Sachin Tendulkar

So, the first thing in the equation is that you must know where you want to be in the future. And what you are at this instant.

Gather Information From Every Possible Sources

Just like how Google fetches traffic information from people on your given path to predict the overall delay in the route, you need to gather all sorts of information from your surroundings.

Gathering the required information is an art. A very few people in the world have masted this art of information gathering. And those people are the people who control the world.

In today’s world, each second you are bombarded with Terabytes of information. Obviously, you choose to ignore most of it but what you pay attention to will determine how well you navigate your path. But there’s a catch, and the biggest tragedy of this era is that you get all sorts of information that is of no significance to you at all. So the next question comes in – How do you know which information is useful and which should be discarded?

There are different solutions to this problem. I only know of two ways how you can gather the right information –

  1. You can never know which information will come in handy so you try to gather every bit of information that comes to you. Just like Sherlock Holmes. You develop your mind in a way that it can grasp small information and observation and process them to produce useful stuff.
  2. You can choose to stay in an environment where you get only the right information relating to the field you want to prosper in. However, this approach seems to risky because you are keeping yourself away from most of the information out there. You never know what you are missing out.

If you know any other way then comment below.

Process The Information That You Have Gathered

Information is retrieved after processing the raw data. Every living being in this world has a way of processing the information. Humans are the most sophisticated species when it comes to processing the information and taking out the useful information out of it.

So now you are gathering information in a tremendous amount but to take out the useful stuff you need to process it. And by processing I mean you need to find a way to reach your destination faster.

Just like how Google process all the information to decide the fastest route, you need to process the information to reach to your destination in a way you predicted it in the first place.

Here is a real life example to explain my views:

I had an early failure in my life. So I decided to pursue engineering. I had no plans or dream for engineering. I just pursued it because I had nothing else to do at that time and my Dad suggested me to opt for engineering.

The first decision I made was to choose my engineering field. I chose to pursue Computer Science. It was a random choice. But now when I connect the dots backwards, I see that the choice was not random but the outcome of information processing done unconsciously. Actually, I was exposed to computers very early in my life (thanks to my Dad). And because of that, I was good with computers and I chose Computer Science.

Then when I studied Computer Science I started dreaming. I started dreaming of working in an IT company. The destination was fixed in my mind that I want to work in an MNC (TCS specifically). I had the destination set but I never put my time and energy into gathering the information that I need to crack that company. And when the time came I failed miserably. I did not even clear the first Aptitude round. That night I cried for the second time in my life. This was my second failure.

It was not that I was a bad student, I cracked the second company in a pool campus (but it was not TCS).

Why I was able to crack this interview? Simple. I had the right information with me that was required to crack the interview in this company.

After a year of working in this company, I started dreaming again. And this time I dreamed of working into Thoughtworks. My dream company. This time again I have a destination. I have a starting point. But also I have the past experience that I learned after failures.

This time I was more organized. I started by gathering the information about the company and how can I get into it. I processed the information that gave me milestones to reach there. I prepared in a particular way that would help me to crack the interview.

Fast forward 2 years, I cracked the interview.

So this time my prediction became a reality.

Why I was able to predict this with accuracy?

Simple. I had the right information and a well designed system to reach there.


I failed the first time right after my school.

I failed the second time in the final year of my college.

I nailed it the third time with 100% accuracy.

All because, this time I followed simple rules and played accordingly. The simple rule of DGP.

  • Dream
  • Gather Information
  • Process Information to create right milestones

These steps are magical if followed correctly.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Can you predict the future?

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Get a Personal Portfolio Website Now!

Hey friends! Have you ever thought about giving it a try. Yes! I’m talking about your passion, all that hidden talent you posses. Why are you not projecting it to the world? Let the world know about your art. Let them know about you. If you have that fire inside then this article is for you. I will show you ways through which you can project yourself to the world. All you need is a Personal Portfolio Website. Read further to get a clear answer.


Why you need to showcase your talent?

This question is stupid. I mean, why would someone want to die with his/her special abilities? The world is your playground. It is your purpose to leave the world with something more and that something more is your unique ability and talent. So, why not you would want to use it fulfill your ultimate purpose.

It sound so straight and easy but there are tons of people who are not letting their talent to be seen and appreciated by others. They spend their entire life waiting for that one opportunity to showcase their talent and that opportunity never comes to them. You know why? It is because they live in fear. Fear of society, failure and most importantly the fear of losing (money, people etc). If you just understand one simple fact that life is a game which ends with you then fear automatically gets out of the equation and what is left afterwards is purely you.

So, if you are clear about the importance of showcasing your talent to the world, the immediate question comes into mind is HOW? How can you become famous so that people will recognize you and your talent. The answer is simple- You need a platform to showcase your talent. Afterall, you are an artist and every artist needs a stage to perform and an audience to appreciate your efforts or to criticize you.


How to create your Identity?

This is the right question to ask. Today’s world is filled with opportunities. It is just that you need to become aware of it. The best way to create your identity in today’s world is via a website. A personal portfolio website which will be focused on just one thing- YOU. It will showcase your talent, desire, skills, thoughts, abilities, workmanship, coordination, playfulness, beauty, acting etc… what ever it is that you carry with yourself can be showcased via a website. Your thoughts can be showcased in the form of articles which will directly reach millions of people over the internet. It will accessible by every person on this planet who has access to the internet. There are so many things you can do over internet. Just imagine the possibilities.

Isn’t Social Media Doing the same thing?

Here, one may question, Isn’t social media already providing us the platform to showcase our talents? I would say that it is partially correct but there are too many glitches. The very first thing is that people doesn’t know how to use social media. All they do is post their personal lives in front of people they don’t even care about.

The other thing about social media is that it is narrow. The reach of social media is not much. I’m saying this in the context of a common man. You will have to take a whole different course to learn about social media and how can you use it to your advantage. Once you take up a course you realize that you need a product which can talk to people, a product which can make do advertisement for you. And soon you will land on the decision of making a website. So, you see it all comes back to one point and that point is – you need a website.

There are many people who are earning their daily with their personal website. You can quickly google about them and see how powerful they are. The only thing that they did is to showcase themselves online. They sold their talents and knowledge with other people and made their fortune out of it. The only thing they did is to make their lives and this world better by educating people with their personal lives, thoughts and knowledge. It is your time, you can become what you are.

Why you need a website?

Website is the most affordable way to get a platform to showcase your skill set and talent. If you are a wall artist who has exceptional talent to paint the walls or you are a Struggling Model waiting for that one opportunity then why not showcase your work to each and every individual across the globe. Instead of waiting for it, you can make it. You never know who will visit your website and what opportunity he/she may offer you. Afterall, it’s a small world. You never know of the possibilities.

There was a recent incident when SRK was promoting his movie Raees. And suddenly a girl became famous out of this. Why? Because she was in the right place at the right time with the right attire and a nice smile. Everybody noticed this beautiful girl and this became a news and took fire. So, just imagine, a girl who never thought that she would get this limelight made the newspaper headline.

Now, just imagine if a similar personality came to your website and left a small comment in the comment box. No one can imagine the possibility of this act. So, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Step up and do it. If you need information about building a website then just fill the form at the end of this post. If you know how to develop website than there are free hosting providers to help you. You can find the link below.


Other benefits

#1 You control your audience

Control Your Branding

This is one of the best reason to create your personal portfolio website. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You know the type of people who are more likely to appreciate your work and help you to succeed in your endeavours. Website will give you the ability to control your target audience. It is completely your take as who must view your content. This will certainly increase your chance of getting successful.


#2 It’s an instant portfolio

Personal Portfolio

People today are more visual. They like to see things in practical rather than just believing in the stories. So, instead of telling someone about the projects that you made for people and they loved your work, you can actually point them towards your website and show them in less than minutes. This way not only you put a better impression on the person reviewing you but also you leave a persistant impression on the person’s mind. All of this can be achieved just with your website.


#3 You point recruiters in the right direction

Guide in right direction

Although, only 40% companies consider your social media profile but in my experience almost 70 to 80% hiring managers are interested in your personal data. It is better to point them in the right direction by yourself. Instead of them searching for the information about you which could be wrong and put negative impression on them, why not you point them toward the information you want to project over someone. That way you control your chances of getting recruited and leave less on chance (luck).


How to get Started?


Very good. All you need to do is setup your very own website. If you do not know how to create a website then it’s no problem at all. Just fill the form below with all your requirements and what your website should focus on. And I will get back to you with the solution. Afterall, it’s my job to help people get online. As more and more people create their personal portfolios the better they become as a resource. Now, you will want to accomplish more and polish your skills because you know there are people watching your performance. It is so much believing. All you need to do is to take your first step. Please fill the form below with detailed information of your requirements. Take time and try not to miss anything, that way I would be able to help you better.

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