Save the planet

Save The Planet Is Just an Expression Of Arrogance

I never liked the idea of saving the planet. I mean we are puny humans.

Our earth is like a grain of sand in this vast cosmos where there are billions of galaxies that has quadrillions stars out of which trillions of stars have a solar system and among that solar system, our earth is a small piece of rock, and on that rock, we talk about saving the planet.

The thing that we should talk about is saving ourselves.

The planet was here way before we arrived and it will kick us out if we don’t respect it.

As we have already seen the curse of nature on us recently. A microscopic non-living virus has the potential to disrupt our entire breed. And then we talk about saving the planet.

The best way to save ourselves is to live in harmony with the planet. Just take enough to make your life peaceful and comfortable. Our greed has done enough damage to our planet. And this pandemic is an eye-opener for us.

It has shown that taking us (humans) out of the equation the planet starts to heal itself at an exponential rate. Which means if we are gone for a year. The planet will be restored by more than 70% in itself.

But we talk about saving the planet.

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