Brother Ripped Off By The Sisters For The Piece Of Land

Daughter’s Equal Right to Ancestral Property will Break Many Families

A wrong decision by the Supreme court of Justice.

The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, was amended in 2005 to give daughters an equal share in parental property. In case of ancestral property, a daughter now has a share in it by virtue of birth, while the self-acquired property is distributed as per the provisions of the will. If the father passes away without a will, she has the same rights as the son in both ancestral and self-acquired property. The marital status of the daughter is immaterial, and a married daughter has the same rights as an unmarried one.

You can read more on it here.

I don’t know how they came up with this idea thinking that it’s for the equality of the women.

Let’s look at it in reality.

Girl marries and goes to Husband’s house

Now, the husband’s house is her place too. She spends eternity with her husband in that house. Right?

Cool, if you agree with me on the above statement then answer me this, if a girl owns the husband’s house and her father’s house than what does her brother have?


Her brother is screwed for life.

And I have literally seen the cases where the sisters ripped off their own brother for the piece of that house. This law is not encouraging equality but supporting in-equality at a national level.

Once the case is filed, Brother’s life is over

Once the sisters file a case for owning the piece of the brother’s house (happens more than often) then the brother is left with nothing. He either has to fight a case which goes on for years and during all that time the house cannot be used for anything.

And after years of fight, the brother dies owning nothing.

So, if this sounds like equality to you, then I seriously don’t want to live in such a biased nation.

Life Is Cruel

There are numerous cases where you hear brother suicides because the sisters ripped him off the only thing he thought was his own.

First, he spends money on the sister’s marriage and then same sisters tear off their brother just for a piece of land.

Second, he spends half of his life savings on his father’s house thinking that it will be his. But little that he knew that the court will change the law and take everything away from him just like that. Talking about it feels shitty.

One such case is taking place currently in Jabalpur where a brother is being ripped off by her 5 sisters. All his sisters own their own land, some even own multiple lands and apartments but still, they are ripping off their one and only brother. If you want the details I can share it with you personally.

The same brother who grew up with them; helped them in every course of their life selflessly; put all his money on their marriages and in the end, this was the reward he gets.

This shitty law is going to break a lot more families.

It is really sad but I hate my nation’s sense of justice.

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