Top 10 Successful YouTube Blogger of 2016

Hey everyone, thanks for such good response on my last blog and sorry for such a late blog this time. Happy Diwali to all my readers. I was suffering from viral fever and just recovered from it. Yesterday was Diwali and I celebrated it by making really tasty dinner for my family about which I will tell you in my next blog. I lit two air lamps with a wish to come true. Also, my best friend is back home from his dull work routine  and  I am excited to spend this vacation with him. It’s 31st of October and only two months are left for this year to end.  So I thought of  writing a blog on top 10 most successful youtube bloggers of 2016.

1. Adam Saleh Vlogs



Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh is a 23-year-old youtube blogger. He has been making videos since 2012. He makes videos on pranks and social experiments. Born on June 4, 1993, Brooklyn. Adam graduated from Jon Jay College of Criminal Justice. At present, he has a subscription of 21.5 million views. Adam has two youtube channels  with combined views of 503 million views and he earns about 500k dollars from ad revenue. Adam also earns money from tours and with this money he bought a brand new Toyota SUV for his father. Adam’s estimated net worth is 1 million dollars.

2. Tanner Fox


Tanner Fox is a 16-year-old upcoming youtube blogger. His blogs show him doing many adventurous things like cliff diving and trampoline tricks. Tanner’s youtube channel has 230 million views which gave him about 230k dollars from ad revenue. As you all know that bloggers do earn money from affiliation, so does tanner. Tanner makes money with affiliate links from companies like Uber and Vault Scooters. With this money, Tanner was able to purchase a Nissan GTR. Tanner fox has a net worth of around 250,000 dollars.

3. FouseyTUBE


FouseyTUBE is a very famous youtube blogger who became famous for his prank videos but now he makes daily vlogging. One of the most interesting thing about Fousey is that he is much more open to his viewers as compared to another blogger. Fousey has two youtube channels FouseyTUBE and DoseOfFousey with combined views of 1.88 billion. This earned him 1.8 million dollars from ad revenue. Fousey starred in Hollywood movies and also sells his own merchandise. Fousey bought a custom BMW and a big home for himself with the money he earned from youtube. Fousey has a net worth of 3 million dollars.

4. Mo Vlogs


Mo comes from a wealthy family in Dubai. He makes youtube videos showing his expensive stuff. Some of his interesting videos are like doing awesome things with famous rapper Silent and billionaire entrepreneur Saygin Yalcin. Mo’s channel has 322 million views which earned him about 322 thousand dollars from ad revenue. Mo owns a mustang GT California special .

5. Casey Neistat


Casey is said to be the best blogger on youtube as he puts lots of effort into filming and editing his vlogs. He travels around the world and makes videos associated with his daily life issues. He is also one of the creators of the famous HBO series called The Neistat Brothers. Casey was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut on march 25, 1981. He dropped the school from 10th grade and did not return to graduate. Casey earned international attention in 2003 for his three-minute film titled iPod’s dirty secret. Casey’s youtube channel has 1.078 billion views which earned him around a million dollars and his net worth is 4000,000 dollars.

6. BFvsGF


This channel is run by Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith who used to be boyfriend and girlfriend. They uploaded videos every day but since their breakup, they only upload one video every week. Jesse and Jeana have two youtube channels BFvsGF and PrankvsPrank. This combined makes up about 4.474 billion views and they earned 4.4 million dollars from ad revenue. Jesse and Jeana have a combined net worth of 5000,000 dollars.

7. Family Fun Pack


The family fun pack is a youtube vlogging channel made primarily for children. Two parents with their 5 children make vlogs on this channel showing interesting things like dressing up like iron man. This channel is massive and has 6.9 billion views which earned them 6.9 million dollars from ad revenue. This YouTube family has a net worth of about 7000,000 dollars.

8. Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood makes really insane videos like blowing up my kid prank and blowing car prank. His crazy prank videos gave him about 2 million views at least for each of his vlogs. Roman’s ad revenue is 3.7 million dollars. Roman advertises brands through his videos and also runs his own clothing brand called Smile More. Roman’s net worth is 8000,000 dollars and with all this money he was able to buy his dad a new Corvette on his birthday.

9. Meet the Vloggers


Meet the bloggers is a family youtube channel run by Laila Swann and her brother Kel Swann. They have a net worth of about 20,000,000 dollars. In one of their videos, they tipped a waiter with 17k dollars.

10. Shay Carl


Shay is one of the oldest bloggers on youtube. He started making youtube vlogs about 10 years ago and still uploads vlogs daily about him and his family. He has two youtube channels with a combined total of 2.7 billion views which earned him 2.7 million dollars from ad revenue. Shay’s majority of wealth comes from Maker studios, which is a youtube MCN network. Maker was found by Shay and eight other people including YouTuber Philip Defranco. Shay along with his members sold Maker to Disney for 500 million dollars. Shay has a net worth of 50,000,000 dollars.


These are the top 10 youtube vloggers of 2016. I hope you got motivated by reading about them. If you have a passion for video making and travelling then try this field it’s just amazing. Keep eating tasty sweets this Diwali.

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