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Best Exam Tips for Every Student

Wooo! its exam time and you are nervous because you haven’t touched your books the whole semester. You are confused, What to do? How to Proceed? etc… Well, I’m here to help you or make it worse, you will never know :p Follow the best exam tips for every student.

Best Exam Tips

#1 Organise your Study Space


This is the most important step, seriously, you must have a good sitting spot where you can concentrate better and which is secluded from distractions. Make sure it’s not cramped space because you will need space for your books, registers, notebooks, Shivani and everything. Make sure the room is filled with enough light. Once you have you study space setup move to the next step.

#2 Organise your Thoughts


A difficult thing to do but it’s very important. You must somehow, organise your thoughts to study as long as you can. The best approach for this is to make small goals and just do not leave your ass off that chair until you accomplish them. Suppose, you have 5 Units to study and each unit has 10 topics then set a goal to complete at least 5 topics in a single sitting. Your ass print must sustain on the chair after you leave it. It is one of the most difficult things to do, but once you master the art, you master life. So, this is a life tip too :p

To make it your habit, you will have to develop another habit of rewarding your brain. Whenever you accomplish a goal, just rewards yourself with something. Play games, dance, sing or if you are a gamer then play games or if you love to read then read my articles. It’s all good. Don’t forget to reward yourself, it will help you in long terms.

#3 Collect Notes

take notes

You have a few days left for your exams, and your objective is to score good marks then you cannot afford to lose time learning things which are never going to appear in your exams. Instead, spend a little time collecting the notes from your friends. We all have that smart friend, Right? If you don’t have anyone then contact girls, they are pretty active in this field. Just make sure you have enough notes which alone can get you par.

#4 Study Time Baby

study time

You have your place organised, you have your thoughts organised you have got the notes, now, it’s time to study. While you do so, you may want to create a study pattern. A study pattern could be anything and it is your own. Some prefer to study in order as stated in the book, some not. Some study the easiest chapters first, and some finish the hard ones. You need to find your sweet spot. I prefer to study the simple units early as they take much less time and then I can give more time to the hard ones. Everyone have their own style, if you haven’t discovered yours yet, it is time.

#5 Be Cautious with Food

Nutritious Food for Brain

Make sure you give your brain and body enough nutrition. I know you are not a food scientist and doesn’t know what’s a nutritious food. Well, I got your back. Just follow the link Brain Food.

#6 Drink Plenty of Water

drink plenty of water

Remember that being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout your revision, and also on the exam day.

#7 Keep Annoying Friends Away

Kick Annoying Friends
Truth! You might have that one friend who has nothing good to do except taking up your time for non-productive work. This time is the most important time for you and make sure nobody gets you in this time. Make sure you make it very clear to your friends to stay away from you during this period as you won’t available. I think this is the best time to put your WhatsApp status stating “BUSY” or the best solution to just shut it off completely. Uninstall the app and kill your urge to look at your mobile screen every 5 seconds. Trust me! This is the worst habit and you may want to get rid of it as soon as possible.


Do not forget to enjoy all this time. If you will find a way to enjoy the whole game of last minute study, then you will most probably complete all your chapters and also expect to get more marks then the topper of the class. You gotta stay focused and put your best forward. If you need motivation, go to your mother. Ask her to kick your ass if you don’t study or waste time here and there. This helps me, I can bet that it will help you too.

If you have additional tips for me or the people reading this article then do not forget to comment below. Remember, You Give, You Get. Give your heart out and you shall top the class.

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