Grated Paneer Curry

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This article is a new dish that I made a few days ago. It’s called “Paneer Bhurji” or Grated Paneer curry. Paneer is an Indian variety of cottage cheese and we Indians use this one in a wide range of dishes. Earlier I have made some famous paneer dishes like Butter Paneer, Paneer paratha, Paneer chilli and Palak(spinach) paneer. I made this dish for the second time and this time I turned it into curry rather than the dry authentic version of paneer bhurji.It is very easy to prepare and just delicious to satisfy your appetite. So let’s start with the recipe for four people.



  • Paneer (500 grammes)



  • Cooking oil ( I’ll personally recommend you to use extra virgin olive oil)
  • Two onions
  • Two tomatoes
  • Four green chillies
  • 100 grammes green peas
  • Two garlic cloves
  • One whole garlic
  • Coriander leaves for garnish
  • Asafoetida
  • Two tablespoons Coriander Powder
  • One tablespoon Red chilli powder
  • Half teaspoon Turmeric powder
  • Half teaspoon Garam Masala powder
  • Salt as per taste
  • Water



First, we need to grate the cheese. So for that, you can either use the grater or just mash that soft piece of cheese with your hands. Cook the peas in oil to give them that crunch.  Now we need to prepare the spice base for frying the paneer. For the base, we will prepare a paste of onion, one tomato, garlic and ginger. So just mix all these in a grinder and keep it aside. Also keep a little bit of raw paneer for garnish and chopped coriander too.

imag3308 imag3310

In a pan take 5 tablespoon oil and heat it. Pop some mustard seeds into the oil and then put a pinch of asafoetida. As oil heats put the paste into it. Keep the flame medium and cook all the paste till it gets red in colour like this.

imag3319 imag3320

imag3324 imag3329

imag3331 imag3325

Now add all the powder spices along with diced tomato and fried peas.  After this,  put in the paneer.


imag3332 imag3334

This is how a dry bhurji looks. If you want then you can just stop cooking at this stage by putting some salt and putting the flame off. But as I made the gravy so you can also try the gravy version of this dish. After this add salt as taste and then a small cup of water. Let the gravy cook for some time and then put the flame off and garnish your bhurji.

imag3337  imag3338

Paneer bhurji curry is ready to serve and eat.



Spice time


Today I will tell you about another very popular Indian spice. Its called asafoetida or in Hindi as “Heeng”. I also used it in my dish and this spice has such strong flavour that just a pinch of it is enough for ay dish. Asafoetida is mainly used in “Jain cuisine and Gujarati cuisine”. As this Indian community are not very fond of non-vegetarian and also avoid using root vegetables in their food. Talking about it’s origin, the plant is found in the upper states of India like Jammu and Kashmir or in Tibet. It’s main use as a digestive aid. Its available in both powder and stone form. A good test for getting the genuine piece of asafoetida from your dealer is it’s sharp smell that will fill your nose as soon as you will open it’s box.

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