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Partial Root Canal

I’m writing this article to share my experience with everyone who are facing the same problem with the Partial Root Canal or Incomplete Root Canal. It has been a month now and my Root Canal treatment is not yet complete and the fact that I’m experiencing an excruciating pain from the last 5 days. In this article, I will be sharing everything that I learned till now and what you should do if you are facing a similar problem.

The whole process of Root Canal in short, a root canal removes the nerve(s), arteries, veins, and infection from a tooth. Most patients’ misinterpret a root canal as removing the root from a tooth, but the root actually remains, just without nerves in it. During the root canal process, the canals are reshaped, cleaned, and filled with a replacement material called gutta percha. Gutta percha is the predominant material used to fill the empty space inside the root of a tooth after it has undergone endodontic therapy (root canal therapy).

root canal


9th April 2016 – Root Canal Phase 1

This was the day of my first sitting with the dentist. On this day, my tooth was drilled and the pulp was removed. After that, the canals of the tooth were cleaned thoroughly with a dental tool called File. The process was smooth. It took about 40 minutes for the whole process to complete and after that, the tooth was filled with a temporary filling with a cotton pack inside, I think. I didn’t felt any pain during the process and it was because of the local anaesthesia. Overall, that day was pretty rough, you may read about it here… Rough Day

dental file
dental file

Later that day, when the effect of anaesthesia drove off, I started feeling a little numbness and a very mild pain which was expected (nothing big a deal). All and all it was good. I wasn’t prescribed any antibiotics and that was kind of unusual and unexpected. But, I didn’t felt a need for it. There was no pain after that. The next sitting was dated 12 days after the first, i.e. 21th April.

21th April 2016 – Root Canal Phase 1.5

On this day, my tooth is to be checked and filled with a material called Gutta Percha but that didn’t happen… Why? because when the doctor removed the filling and started cleaning and reshaping the canal to check whether the infection exists or not, I experienced excruciating pain. I was jumping off the chair every now and then with that pain. It was so painful, but the doctor cleaned it anyway. An X-ray was also taken to know exactly what’s happening inside of the tooth. That day was the worst, I experienced the pain of my life. It was so painful. Later, the doctor said that she couldn’t continue the process because I’m still experiencing pain which shouldn’t have been there. And that she has filled the tooth with the temporary filling and asked me to come back after 12 days. I didn’t experience pain after that, until 4 days back from now.

3rd May 2016

I had a hectic schedule on this day and I couldn’t make it to the appointment. When I asked her for the next appointment, she told me to come on 12th May.

12th May 2016

Unfortunately, I had my mid-sem exams in this week and again I missed the appointment. I experienced no pain in this period but later the next day I started experiencing a mild continuous pain in my tooth.

I messaged my doctor for the same and she prescribed me Diclomol. It’s an antibiotic. The pain didn’t stop rather it kept increasing. I went to the local store and took some painkillers and antibiotics. This time, I took asked for the antibiotic I believed in (from the past experience), I asked for Ordent. Bad luck continuous and the chemist did not have it. He gave some substitute of it, which again didn’t help me much. Though the pain was suppressed for the time being, it came back again strong. I didn’t stop taking the antibiotics and I have been restless till today. After all, antibiotic takes a toll on your body so make sure you maintain a proper diet and drink lots of water.

Today was the worst until now, I experienced a severe headache along with a toothache and meds taking the toll on my body. I tried sleeping all day and found out that you cannot sleep in pain. Took painkillers and somehow rested the entire day. Finally, the headache is gone but I can still feel an inflammation in the tooth. I’m pretty much sure that its because of the infection inside and I’m going to take Ordent today. That is the best-prescribed medicine for me.

If you guys are facing the similar problem or you are experiencing the pain in your tooth, it is 90% because of the infection, so please ask your dentist to prescribe you an antibiotic immediately because it gets worse and you become miserable. If you see the swelling in the face or Jaw, straight-away contact your dentist. It could get worse. If you want to know more about the Partial Root Canal treatment follow this link…

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