Financial Freedom must be your Primary Goal

Hey friends! How’s life going on? Still wake up in the morning to do the same job… or you have found the financial freedom. If you are someone who is financially free then please share your experience below. I would love to know how you spend your time. For those who are still seeking financial independence just like me, well it’s time to set new goals.

What is financial freedom?


In my definition, it is a state of mind when you are no longer trapped by money. When Money is one less thing to worry about. You no longer think in terms of money and start thinking in terms of gratitude. When you start to look at you and see what could you possibly do to make this world a better place. This is called financial freedom.

When you keep everything aside and start concentrating on yourself. It is the freedom to be who you really are and what you want to do. When there is no one to command you. No one to tell you which path you must walk in order to secure your career. Because, Hey you do not have to worry about your career anymore. This is called financial freedom.

How to get Financial Freedom?

Well, I don’t know yet. But I find myself lucky enough to imagine myself as financially free. I see myself free. Free from social norms, free from all the restrictions and free from my biggest responsibility to make a career. I see myself as a person who has nothing to worry about his career. That I would hold the ultimate power to change the world as we see it today.

Joy of Financial Freedom


As I think myself as a free person, joy fills me. New ideas start to come from nowhere and in less than a minute I start to feel like the best version of myself. I don’t know if you have felt what I about to say next but if you will try to think in that way then you will surely feel the feeling I’m trying to tell here. Money doesn’t make you happy and it never will. Just think for a moment, when did you felt happiest last time. Was it at the time when you got your paycheck from your boss or when you were at some occasion enjoying with your family. So, the true happiness doesn’t lie in money but the moments that you have lived.

I think life is a stupendous gift of God/Nature/Universe/Energy (whatever you wanna call it) and it has one and only one purpose attached to it and that is to take the human race forward in time. Our life is given to us for exploration. If you are not exploring then you are not fulfilling the purpose of life. You must explore in all direction. Today’s world is filled with intellectual knowledge yet people are getting bored. It is because our purpose is not to gain information that is already there but to explore in all direction. Financial freedom is the first step in achieving that state. The good thing about it –

There are many people in this world who are financially free and are willing to take us with them. All we have to do is to do some efforts in finding them.

Biggest Misconception

People think money can make them rich. It is the biggest misconception. Money can never give you financial freedom. Money is like liquid. It will keep on flowing. If you think you can trap it and keep it then it’s not gonna work for you. It must flow, that’s is its nature. I have read about people who had millions in their accounts and they lost everything. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. had more than 600$ billion worth of assets. They were declared bankrupt on 09/15/2008. Money is not stable, it comes and goes. Sooner you understand, the better.

Financial freedom comes with the knowledge of finance. How well can you manage your flow (money)? You must learn ways in which you can earn the most by investing the least. Basic principle and we all are aware of it, right? Yet we fail to do it.


I think we need new goals. Our primary goals must be to become financially free. I’m sure that once we reach there, life will start. Till then we are just trying to qualify for the game. It’s time to play with all our might.

If you have already reached there then please share your views below. There are so many things that I want to ask.


And as always,

Be my aficionado 🙂



  1. I guess the people who think about money All the time are the worst….though they earn money but still they are not able to enjoy the benefits of it…. It’s right that money is like Fluid it flows n never stops but yes we can always direct this flow towards us. All d big n famous people never wanted money but success in terms of their passion and for those who only craved for money had a very bad ending

    1. I partially agree with you on this. Always thinking about money will make you greedy and unethical but if you stop thinking about completely then you won’t able to make it big.

      It’s true that great people did not go after money but they did used money to get where they are today. Be it Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Shahrukh Khan, they never ran for money but they sure had one eye on it.

      We should all try for ways to become financially free. Only by thinking in this fashion we can concentrate on our talents rather than money.

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