Pune is not a place to live

Why Pune city is not a good place to Live

To start with, I’m not a hater and Pune city has given me some of the best moments of my life. This city is live and filled with opportunities in every way possible. It is one of the fastest Growing economy of india. It has a good climate that feels pleasant for most of the time. Yet this is not a place you would want to live.

Pune City

It has been 8 months when I first moved to this city. Like most of the people, I was pretty excited too. I was excited to explore this new place and meet new people and do new things. I wrote a blog on that same month titled The New boy in Town. But this excitement didn’t lasted too long. From the very first month I started realising that Pune is not a city, it’s more like a prison where trained professionals live and untrained professionals are trained. Everywhere I looked I found people running for no cause. If you say that they are running for money then that would still be wrong. They think they are earning but this earning is just an illusion. They are merely surviving. They are in a rat race. The surprising thing is that they know it and still choose to run the meaningless race.

The Big Picture

Let me explain you in detail, majority of people living in Pune comes in the age cap of 20-40. This is called the city of youth if I’m not wrong. They are here for a job. They are away from their families to earn money.In ancient times, leaving family was treated as a punishment. But today people take it as an opportunity to work away from their family. Just give it a moment and think, how much have you left behind?
Pune is very well designed by the big players to limit you. They are using your time and ability to accomplish their dreams. Just look at your life from an observer’s point of view. Have you ever felt that you do not have time for yourself or your work is taking your life away from you. It’s like your life has become way too predictable for you. You are waking up everyday to do the same thing. You wake up, get ready, go to work, come back home, eat food, sleep, repeat. On weekends, you find yourself tired, so you wake up late. Have late breakfast, if you have some plan with your friend then you get ready for that if not then you just spend all day lying in your bed or sofa. Sounds familiar…
Pune city is filled with MNC’s, ready to destroy talent out of an individual. This city is built to stay not to live. Big apartments with no parks. People live in a close proximity yet so isolated from each other. They don’t socialize that much as they used to be. If you feel like getting close to nature, then you will have to get out of Pune. Every good thing is at the outskirts of Pune not in Pune.

Corporate Own Your Lives

This city is owned by corporates and with the emergence of more and more MNC’s everything is getting owned by the corporate world. From the food we eat to the water we drink. People living in pune are very well aware of the fact that Pune suffers with water scarcity in most of the places. Drinking water is not that easily available in most parts of pune. Recently, government has announced that every house and building must incorporate water harvesting. It is because there is ever growing need for water as more and more people are migrating to pune every year. They have owned every people life.

When was last time when you ate fruit directly from the tree and not from some supermarket? Okay, I agree that they provide you with job. But, let’s widen our graze and look at the bigger picture. They provide you job, they give you money for your services. You earn and after 3-4 years of hardwork, you finally become capable where you can own your house. So, you spend all your money to buy your dream house. Congrats, you have bought your first house from those same people who gave you job at the first place. Their money comes back to them and you come back where you started at the first place. The GAME…

They have owned you in every way possible. They own the supermarkets from where you purchase your food and goods. They own water that you drink. You pay for water which was free of cost not a long before. You pay for your food.You pay for your clothes. You pay for every single thing that you can see around you. Really, it’s time to ask yourself this question. Is it really worth?

You see Pune is a very well designed prison to take the most out of you by giving the least. After all it is a basic rule of earning profit. Less investment more profits. This is not that easy to understand for a person who is heavily occupied with 9-7 job. Now and then we hear stories of people like Sandeep Maheshwari and how he made it big. Don’t you think they are also like us. I took a name of Sandeep Maheswari because he is someone whom most of people know. Believe me there are many who are doing it too. It’s just that they are not telling the secret rather they are busy applying it. They never followed the norms of this society which is nothing but fake walls to keep you isolated with the real world. Don’t believe me, here’s a video of him which will convince you for sure.


This city is getting bigger every day. It is on us to take a decision which is right for us. We are here to give something back to the world. Every single individual who has ever born or will ever born comes with some unique talents or ability. It’s this special thing about you that is your calling. Although no human being is born without it, many will live with their lives without discovering or living their calling. Your calling is something that fills your heart with fire and motivates to do things. Just don’t ignore your calling. Living in Pune has made one thing very clear for me, MY CALLING.

And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂

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