Why We Don’t Do What We Should Do?

For almost a month, I have a feeling that blocks me from doing things matters most to me, things that I like the most. And the funny part about all this is that I know what needs to be done, I have the power to do it but still, I feel helpless and my time is spent doing things that I don’t want.

I’m writing this article because I want someone to talk to about my situation and I don’t know who would be the right person for it, so just posting it on the web, hence putting it in front of the entire world to read. All your responses are highly appreciated.

The Exact Situation

The truth is I do not know the exact situation that I’m going through, but I would try to explain it to the best my knowledge. So just try to stay there and see if you can get out something useful.

Currently, I’m going through some major change, physically as well as emotionally.

Physically, I have moved to Hyderabad for a short term project (6 months), with new people, new language and new culture which by-the-way I enjoy a lot.

This movement is not a new event in my life. Before this, I moved to Pune and lived there for 3 years. Sure there were challenges that I faced that time as well, but the biggest difference between then and now is that now I’m not using my time optimally.

There is always a voice inside of me that tells me that I have to do this and that. But still, I end up doing nothing. You can clearly see the difference by looking at the frequency of blogs published on my website. There is a huge difference. I’m posting 3 times less nowadays. Not because I do not have a topic in mind, it is simply because watching Netflix has been high on the priority than publishing a blog post.

Usually, I’m strong when it comes to setting the priorities right, but this time I’ve failed myself. Another reason I could think of it is because of the increased workload and also the fact that I’m one pending task that always sits at the corner of my mind.

I’m the kind of guy who likes to finish things I’ve started and if that doesn’t happen for some reason, I feel restless. This is something that is going on with me for the last couple of month. There was one client’s project that I did complete 80% but till date, it is pending and has not moved forward from that point. The reason behind that is my laziness of course. But I don’t know what should I be doing at this point.

Probable Action Point For Me

  • I will try to be more enthusiastic about all the opportunities that lie around me.
  • I would buckle up and finish the client’s project.
  • I would find time to write more often. No matter what.

Let’s see where would it take me in the next couple of month.

2 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Do What We Should Do?”

  1. Hi Varun, I have gone through this phase a lot of time in my life… honestly speaking, it has been occuring repeatedly in my life. What I can suggest you is to focus on the present and complete one task at a time.
    Talking about that project you couldnt finish, I would say that you can give 1 hour each for working in that project. Try thus for one week constant without fail.
    Sometimes we think a lot and do very little, write down your tasks for the next three hours and start working on them…it is like making micro goals.
    Also I strongly advice to watch netflix/social media only for a fixed amount of time. for example: make a rule that you will watch netflix only for half n hour each day and dat is it. even if you do nit have any work then too bind yourself in this rue that you will not start watching netflix or social media because your time limit for day has expired. After a few minutes your mind will give you tasks that are actually productive. I hope this helps

    1. My mind do gives me task and I do try to work on it, but given the complexity and time needed, I tend to choose the easy path.

      And I really liked your advices on micro-goals. Earlier I used to plan by minutes but somewhere down the line I lost this good habit. I will try to follow that.


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