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Taking Break After 400 Days

It has been the longest working period for me. I worked continuously for more than 400 days. So in this Diwali, I took a 2-week leave just for the relaxation.

I used this time to completely cut myself from work.

I spent this time reading a book, playing video games and morning basketball. Ate my Mother’s Delicacies like Butter Chicken, Butter Paneer, Maithi Paratha, Chole Bhature and a lot of other things. Spent more time with my family.

It Gets Hard To Switch To Normal Life

One thing that I noticed after taking a break after so long is that it gets hard to switch to a normal lifestyle of comfort.

Although, I made a pact to myself not to look at the work these days but still my mind use to wander in that realm when I’m not paying attention. And it is hard to keep a check on the mind all the time when you are free. This often makes it difficult. The obvious effect of it is sleep deprivation and constant tiredness. Your mind keeps talking to you. You really have to put a lot more focus just to bring your mind to the right place.

At the end of my first week, I was able to bring my mind back to normal but for that, I had to do a constant effort from my side.

So, if you guys are working for long periods without breaks then stop doing that right away.

I would strongly suggest you all work in short periods like 3-6 months and then take a break. Go for a small 2-3 days vacation, take your mind off from work completely, do something exciting or lie down calm (doesn’t matter).

What matters is that you give yourself enough space from work to let the creative juices flowing in your head.

Otherwise, there is no sense in living a life without fun.

Do not worry about the money, the money will flow even more if your mind is in the right place, producing the right kind of juices to make the right decisions. You never become rich by keeping yourself busy all the time, you become rich by keep doing the thing that is good for your brain and that doesn’t involve sleeping.

Just give it a thought.

Let me know in the comments below.

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