How Personal Computers has Changed My Life

Hey Friends, one of my friend told me about this website which is a wonderful initiative by government of India to engage citizens actively for the development and governance of the country. I really appreciate and support this initiative and just to show my sincere participation I’m writing this article on How Personal Computers has Changed My Life. I hope you all will enjoy my story and would participate in the same.

My Childhood

Childhood Computer Influence

I’m from one of those lucky few who was exposed to the world of Computers at a very young age. On top of that, my dad is a Hardware Engineer and that side came as a bonus to me but instead of developing the love for hardware I was more curious about the software part of the computer that made it an amazing problem solving machine.

I still remember the first operating system that I used was Microsoft’s Windows 98 and I was just amazed by the graphics and friendliness of the computer. Microsoft tools like paint and office suite really helped me in enhancing my basic computing abilities. I’m a gamer and I would say everyone must play computer games which like Counter Strike in their free time because it really helps you develop your cognitive skills and make you better in learning new skills.

Influence of Computers in My Life

Influence of Computers

Computer has changed my entire life in all aspects. As I said, I was more fascinated by the software, therefore, when I was first exposed to the world of programming, I felt an immense power inside me knowing the fact that I can make computers do what I want and in the way I want it. This was a game changer. I used to enjoy programming a-lot. I even started participating in different programmers community such as and many more whenever I was stuck or had some free time. This helped me grow as a developer and also expanded my bubble of knowledge..  

When I was in college, I developed loads of different applications and softwares for many people with various needs. I’m really thankful to Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) program which really helped me develop my employability by offering different tools and technologies. If you are in college and a technology enthusiast then you must participate in this program. Read more about it here.


How I Influenced People around me

influence of technology

Being an MSP, I gained recognition and it helped me to bring a change in my society. As I was the one who had the opportunity to play with technology, therefore, It was my responsibility to make society aware of the current trend in tech. Especially, the older people who thinks that technology is not for them… Not because of the complexity but the lack of knowledge on how to use it. Therefore, when they were exposed to the ‘how to’ part of different pieces of technology they were pretty active in adapting this new trend. We use to conduct different seminars and events to make people aware of the latest trend and how they can use it to make their lives easier.


Computers has always been a big part of my life. It has helped me to learn, develop and grow from time to time, It gave me recognition as a web developer and a Blogger, It is because of the computers that I’m able to survive. Computer is helping me to earn my daily. It has turned a small boy into a person who can now help and teach others to adopt technology and elevate our society as a single entity. Just remember that –

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic and computers are like a Magic Wands.


Thanks and always,

Be My Aficionado 🙂

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