Your Life Has No Purpose Or Does It

Your Life Has No Purpose, Or Does It?

From the start of my conscious life, I have been asked this question – What is your purpose?

Some people took it a step further – What is the purpose of your life?

Are the above two questions same?

I leave that on you to decide.

The questions are subjective. It could have multiple meanings and all depends on the mind of the reader and his current state. But for me, those questions are not the same. Both questions ask for a different answer.

What Is Your Purpose?

The answer to this question changes from time to time. When I was in school, and someone asked me this question, my answer was – My purpose is to play Division Level Cricket (Yeah, I played well). But that is not it – My purpose was also to score good marks in 10th standard. So at that moment, I had two different purposes for myself. I never gave a shit about life purpose until recently.

Before coming to the second question, let’s discuss on it a little more.

I think without a definite purpose a person cannot move an inch in his or her life. You going to the supermarket to purchase grocery also has a purpose behind it. Obviously, the purpose is to fill your stomach for the week or month. But, I’m sure most people are not concerned at this level. People are concerned about the purpose at a large scale.

Do you see the matrix (mayajaal) here?

Purpose itself is relative like everything else in nature. Let’s understand this concept.

You only know the environment because you have something relative to it to make certain assumptions. For example- You know the hot only because you have experienced cold. And in reality, there is no cold, cold is just the absence of heat.

Similarly, we know that the earth is moving at 30KM/Sec around the sun only because we know the distance of it from the sun. But to find out the actual speed of the earth moving through space you would need to consider the speed of the sun revolving around some really dense object at the centre of our Milkyway galaxy.

So to make my point clear – Everything that we can measure in the universe is relative to something else. And so does our perception of the purpose.

It is the streak of your purposes that makes for the bigger purpose (purpose of life). In short there is no purpose to your life. You are on this planet just like others. You have a life just like others. And one day you will die just like others. There is no pre-defined purpose to your life.

So… What is the purpose of your life?


Nobody was born with a specific purpose. The universe doesn’t ask you to solve a problem statement for it. We all learn everything on this planet, spend our lives (if you are lucky you would live above 70), reproduce and leave the planet when your time comes.

This is the matrix.

You spend your entire life thinking that you are born to do something. But in reality, you end up doing the same stuff that other people have done before.

I have tried explaining our lives in its simplest form with the following image.

Life Cycle of every living being.

The above diagram does not only depicts the average life-cycle of a human being but every living creature in this world. Even the trees follows the same cycle. They are born from the seed. They grow and grow until they start to produce seeds that will give birth to more of its kind. And once it is done they start to rot and leave the world.

So as you see there is no purpose attached to your life. You have come to this world to live and once your time is over you leave in peace.

But doesn’t it make this boring. Doesn’t it make it mundane and repetitive. Well, that is the whole point and that is why it is called Mayajaal (as written in Gita). You take birth again and again until you make it right. So, how do you make it right? Well, I don’t know yet. And I’m not sure that is the case. I’m yet to find it out.

But there is one thing that I know for sure.

Collective Purpose of Life Itself

When I look at the individual life then I find no purpose to it. In fact, everywhere I see I find the same pattern that I discussed above. Everyone comes with their own abilities and talent and then become part of the earth again.

But when I look at life itself, suddenly I start to see a purpose. A purpose to explore and make this life as soothing, comfortable and easy as possible with the help of technology.

I’m not only referring to the technology that you all see in your daily life. I’m talking about the technology that is beyond the reach of physical. I’ve experienced the glimpse of it and I know there are hidden dimensions and intelligence that is keeping the life balanced in this world in spite full of dangers. Otherwise, how would you explain the perfect size of our earth with perfect gravity, at the perfect distance from the sun (not to forget the sun with the perfect size and heat) and the environment to make life possible?

Everything does make you wonder – Who is the creator?

Let’s talk about the collective purpose of life.

Just look around and ask yourself a simple question – How are you alive? And I’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is that you are breathing. You are breathing the air around you (specifically oxygen). Now, where does the oxygen comes from? Trees and algae. they both take in carbon-dioxide and with the process of photosynthesis releases oxygen into the atmosphere. A complete balance.

A purpose fulfilled. A purpose to keep everyone alive. We all are connected at some level. Share the same substance, same energy and same space. The only thing that is different is the observer itself.

You are the Observer.

I have really started to believe that at some point if I can see the world with the defined boundaries of I, you, we, they, them, their… only then I would be able to the one. The one that is everywhere.

One thing is for sure, each and every living being is dependent on some other living and together we give birth to the one body. You and I refer to it as GOD or Creator or The Almighty.

So next time try asking a different question: What will you do if you become the creator of this universe?

Do let me know your views on the same. I’m eager to discuss it with you.

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