How Enthusiastic Are You?

I always have this feeling inside me that I’m pushing people more than they want to be pushed.

I do not know if something is wrong with me or the people around me are less enthusiastic.

Maybe they give me the wrong impression of their interests. Or maybe I pick the wrong signals from people when they say they want to work on some project with me.

Maybe they just say YES to work in order to make me happy. Like they are trying to be a good friend by showing interest in my work which in reality they don’t give a damn about.

The point is – I don’t know. And nobody tells me the reason.

So, I just want to ask you all, is it wrong to ask friends to join you in your work?

Is it wrong to take their YES seriously enough to proceed on with the project?

And just to be clear, I’m okay to take a no for an answer. I would understand if someone doesn’t want to spend their precious time working with me on some project. I totally understand the importance of their time. And I’m willing to understand their side.

It would be so much easier if people in my circle learn to say no on my face, instead of showing a fake enthusiasm. Because fake enthusiasm really hurts me afterwards.

I’m sure many of you might have faced such a situation before and I would really appreciate if you are willing to share your experience with me in a similar situation.

2 thoughts on “How Enthusiastic Are You?”

  1. oh yes I can understand your feelings on this and it really pisses me off as well when someone says yes to something but then takes it for granted. I think the reason people cannot say no to you is that you are asking them to do the right thing which is actually going to benefit them in future. But afterwards, they just fail to keep the words of that ‘yes’ because of their innate attributes of not doing things that matters. Their guilt of being a non-prpductive person never lets them say no to your face.

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