Freshers’ Journey to an IT Company – The Life of a Fresher

Hey Freshers, how are you feeling? Wait… I know. You are feeling excited for a new IT  Company thinking how awesome it is going to be when you will earn your first bucks. You start creating your own castle of dreams and how your life would transform after that. Ahem ahem… this article is going to be a wake-up call for you all. I will be talking about the collective experience of different people in this article including myself. Hope you will have a look inside a freshers life in an IT Company.


During the last week from your joining date



If you have always lived with your parents in your own house then you will definitely get a weird feeling of leaving them. The feeling is difficult to explain in words but it is similar to the situation depicted in Jab We Met when Kareena Kapoor says “Jaise koi Train Choot Rahi Ho”. Suddenly, you will want to spend more quality time with your parents. And you will receive a similar reaction from them too.


When the day comes…


When the day comes, it is time to say goodbye to your family because you are going to start a new life. Your dad or sometimes even mum will accompany you to the new city. Everything seems so beautiful. You travel to a new city, you see IT Parks with mega structures of which you are going to a part soon. Then the company offers you accommodation in some hotel room with 3-star facilities or sometimes it’s a bungalow.

Your life takes a hike from feeling average to extraordinary. And you should feel that way because your company wants you to feel that way. A feel of a super luxury lifestyle. It is exactly what you wanted in the first place? Isn’t it? Well, this is the best part of the whole process. You get a feel, it’s maybe temporary but it leaves an impression on you for a lifetime and motivates you to make it permanent. This is probably the most important part of an individual’s life. No matter where he/she has come from… mere feeling of becoming independent earner becomes one of the best moment of your life. But if you will closely observe yourself, you will also find a feeling of insecurity… We’ll see Why?





It is your joining date today. You have to reach office at 9:00 AM probably. You wake up early, start preparing for your first day of joining. A lot is going on in your mind at this moment. Some of the collective thoughts that I was able to dig out from people around me were like:


  • How am I going to reach there?
  • Where would I go after I reach there?
  • Am I looking Good enough to make my first impression?
  • Should I visit a temple on my way there?
  • Should I take my parents with me or not?
  • Taxi or Auto (it’s always taxi :D)
  • Revise all the documents which you will need there…
  • Jo Hoga Dekha Jaega?
  • And the list goes on…

You seriously start thinking individually. The only person visible to you at that time is YOU.


You reach your destination. You look many people similar to you, who probably might be thinking same as you are. And then all the question clears out. Now, you have other people with you on the same ground. You are not alone anymore. You get inside in a group. And the usual process begins…



It’s time for induction. Once you reach inside the building, you will see a known face welcoming you. It is almost the same everywhere. You are ought to find someone who you have seen before during the interviews or seminars or something. The point is – The person will be known to you in some way or the other. He will brief you on the current situation and ask you to be seated. You will love that person by the way 😀

Now, you will be briefed about the different aspects of the company and people and the ethics and the moral and so on and on… Induction may extend from 2 days to a whole week.


It’s time for Freshers Training…

LONDON - NOVEMBER 03: Production staff on the weekly fashion magazine, Grazia edit the magazine in a temporary office inside the Westfield shopping centre on November 3, 2008 in London. For one week Grazia magazine is being produced in the Westfield shopping centre and are offering shoppers free make-overs, fashion consultations and advice on pursuing a modeling career. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

It is quite the same as your college days. You will go in the morning and come back in the evening. You will learn the same thing which you already have known but in a different way (practical way). On the basis of your training, you will get daily assignments and weekly assessments which you will have to clear in order to proceed further (it depends on the company). Training will be stretched for three months and meanwhile you will start exploring the city and post many pictures on facebook showing the world how happy you are :D. This is the best part. You are not under any pressure and you have lots of time for yourself. Just make it count. You won’t get this period ever after.

After the Training…


Finally, the training has come to an end. It is the time when you will be relocated to the different location. Your friends will be left behind (behind means in a different place). Again, this time, you are alone. You will visit a new place with new faces all around. The feeling will be quite the same but this time, you will know what is going to happen and you will cope up with it patiently and peacefully. You will be assigned a 4X4 cabin where you will have your own workstations setup with a name slip in the front and a phone on your desk. We all have seen this in the movies. It is exactly the same. It’s exciting for the first time, as you have seen this in the movies already. But, sooner or later it starts to get monotonous. Everyday is the same. You follow the same cycle every day:


  • Wakeup
  • Get ready
  • Travel to office
  • Be at office (10 to 7++)
  • Travel back home
  • Eat food
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

Wow, it’s so predictable, Isn’t it? You already know, what’s going to happen with you in the coming days. This is the scenario of every major IT Company in India. It is quite different with the startup companies where you are concerned with lots of different things and you have to take responsibility and the job becomes fun but in mega companies, you will have people around you to take the burden off your shoulders and thus job becomes bored. You won’t learn as much as you should be. Start-ups let you learn a lot in a very  short time but if you have already started big then the learning curve smoothes. That’s why all the IITIANs are involved with the major start-ups in India and not the people who are working in the big IT Companies from the start of their careers.



This was just an eagle eye view of the experience from different people who have been there in your shoes. This article was intended for you to learn as much as you can from the experience of others.  There is a lot that happens, for ex- your first salary. I really want you to experience all these things in your coming years but just observe yourself all the time and be different. Don’t be a crowd, be the creator of it. I also want to talk about the financial knowledge which is going to be very important for you in these coming years. Maybe, I will dedicate an entire article for that. Just let me know how you liked about this article in the comments below.


And as always,

Be My Aficionado 🙂

7 Most Successful Women In the World

Hey friends, I know it’s no 8th of march today. But I just thought of  writing this blog on some extraordinary women in this world. These ladies followed their heart in spite of all the negative situations or people in their life. They made  either a new career with their passion or recreated a new version of their jobs. I have a list of 7 most extraordinarily successful women in the world who broke the stereotype rules and gave a new definition to the world. They all faced hurdles in their way but the thing that made these women different from us was their spirit of never giving up on what they believe. So here are 7 most amazingly successful women on earth.



Lilly Singh or popularly called as Superwoman is one of the most famous and millionaire Vloggers on Youtube. Born on 26 September 1988, she was raised in Ontario, Canada and joined Youtube on 10th October 2010. Her official website is . She always wanted to be a rapper or an actor but no one believed her dreams anyways. One day in her childhood her parents bought her a superman logo ring and ever since then she wore it every day saying that the ring gave her power and confidence. Lilly Singh has a degree in psychology from York University. Her disinterest in studies made her so depressed that she wanted to give up living. But she took a bold step and took a year drop from studies to take “Youtube” seriously as her job.

Her first video on Youtube is a video tutorial teaching “how to tie a perfect Punjabi side turla turban”. Her parents supported her all through this. At present she has a subscription of 9,110,742 and 1,322,300,388 views. She won the award for the social superstar of the year by MTV fandom awards in 2015. She also worked in Hollywood movies like Dr. Cabbie and Giving back glam. Her youtube videos are humorous and motivational. She has a different style of showing day to day life of every teenage in the world through her videos. My favorite characters are Lilly Singh and “Manjit Singh” (both of them are played by superwoman). You can watch her videos at the youtube channel superwoman aka Lilly Singh.


Francesca Bortolotto Possati


She is the only woman to keep Venice alive and afloat. We all know what a famous and beautiful travel destination is Venice, Italy. Francesca’s grandfather  Arnaldo Bennati bought a hotel in Venice in the 1930s. Today she is the CEO of five-star hotel groups called The BAUERs. She is the most successful entrepreneur of Italy. Francesca has two degrees in English and has worked as an independent interior designer in New York and Texas. She came back to Italy in the 1990s and took over her family business of real estates. The idea she carried was to make Venice more than a tourist destination or a museum.

Francesca wanted people to stay in Venice for more than a week and discover it’s real beauty. Hence she started buying lands in outskirts of Venice and built luxurious hotels for people who want to see the real Venice. With a Dynamic personality and charming looks, she is presently independent with two children and still holds the position of the only successful  business woman of Venice.





Born on April 27 Miami, she is a female animation dancer. At the age of 17, she gained fame as a real life barbie girl. She performs robot dancing. Her real name is Courtney Nicole Kelly. Dytto started dancing at an early age and learned brake dance. She gave this dance form her own twist by giving it a feminine touch like rolling her hair while dancing. The girl performs popping, animation, robotting, tutting and finger tutting. She also hosts famous “world of dance” platform and ranks 2281 among  most famous people on earth. She has 895 followers on Instagram.


Alex Delora



Alex is the most successful belly dancer in the world. She is from Ukraine and has 13k followers on Instagram. This is her awesome video of one of her performances.

Mia Khalifa



Mia is very famously known for her successful career in pornography modelling from the year 2014-15. Born on 10th Feb 1993, 5 feet 2 inches tall Mia is basically from Lebanese country and belonged to middle eastern culture. She converted to Christianity in the year 2010 and changed her name into Mia Callista. She is now a Lebanon American.

You all must be pretty absurd by reading a pornstar’s name on the list of the most extraordinary woman in the world. Well, there is much more about this lady than just her controversial career, which makes her suitable be added to this list. It is always believed that pornstars are dumb girls with no good career to opt for because of some unwanted reasons. MiA, on the other hand, has a bachelor’s degree in history and arts from the University of Texas and willingly chose pornography as her career and passion.

She has been in controversy for wearing an Islamic hijab while acting in porn movies. It went outrageously as the Muslim community considered she brought shame to the religion by wearing a pure form of clothing for such an act. In the year 2014, she was ranked as number 1 performer by the website Pornhub. Mia wanted to become an entrepreneur having her own franchise of “Whataburger“.Lebanese people have claimed to disown her as their native citizen and her parents also left her side. She got so popular that there is a song dedicated to her by an American band timesflies.

She still gets a lot of death threats yet the girl goes on doing her sassy things all over the internet. The girl’s got lots of money and fame through her work and she is happily living as an American citizen.


Miss Maya blue


She is the number one female escort in the world and charges 4500 dollars per night for her services. That’s like 30,16437 INR per night. Miss Maya has her own website which represents her as a very classy and elegant woman. She claims that she is a hardworking woman and very dedicated towards her career. Maya loves travelling, painting, horse riding and as mentioned on her website she can be a man’s confidant or a best friend. She even meets men for dinner, lunch or for travelling together by charging 4500 dollars per hour. Whatever she does, she is very successful in her career and holds her position in the world with grace. She has no such pictures showing her face in any website just to maintain her privacy.


Bharti Singh


She is an Indian stand-up comedian who made her fortune through a television comedy show on Sony channel. She was born on 3rd July 1985 Amritsar,  Punjab. Bharti is the third child of her parents. She is also a national level shooter and archer. Bharti appeared in a number of comedy television shows like comedy classes, comedy circus, comedy nights. She also appeared in Bollywood movies. One of the things which make her such an amazing comedian is the way she uses her body weight for funny gestures and easily makes fun of herself just to make people laugh. I love the way she presents herself on the stage and her humour is awesome. She is my personal favourite.

So these are some of the extraordinary women on Earth. I really admire each one of them as they portray a picture of strength and elegance to our world. We all have a unique quality within us, that makes us different from the rest. No one else can do that thing better than us, no one can even copy us or take it away from us. Because that particular thing is what all of us possess. So let’s each one of us find out that unique thing inside us and become a better version of ourselves just likes these gorgeous ladies I MENTIONED ABOVE.

Be jovial

Be my aficionado 🙂


Undergraduates – It Is A TRAP ! Do Not Fall Into It

I hope you have made some good decisions in your lives, especially, choosing to read this article :p. This is just a beginning, and I’m sure that until now, most of your decisions were not really yours, it had a great deal of involvement from your parents, teachers and your well wishers. To make it very clear, it was just a kinder garden ride. You had your parents backing you up all the time and most of your decisions were reversible or had very less impact on others.  As you live life forward; many many traps will attract YOU; some people fell into them in excitement and spends whole life in recovering. As your senior, I’m tempted to warn you about one such TRAP; which is becoming a great deal of depression for students or you can say a suction point for the youth. If you are young undergraduate, ambitious and looking for a career path then read on…

The Story Begins…

Some Lala Dimag, who ran a successful business back in 1980s or 1990s or a decade or more back thought that he can sell education too. Hence emerged a forest of B-Grade and C-Grade colleges in India. All of them claims to “Transform your life and make your career… etc… etc…” very adorable punchlines.

fat businessman.jpg

We all are aware of this fact as we see around us. As July and August hit the calender’s, they start advertising and putting big big hoardings and banners everywhere. Only thing they cares about is getting the most admissions. Some take it to the next step by self proclaiming that “It is the best College in Asia” (I do not want to take names here).

The funny thing about it; people buy that crap. Thousands of needy people fall into this trap and while thinking they have made the right decision. They tell stories and stories and lots of stories and people buy that. They are very artful and guile during admissions but doesn’t give a tinker’s damn when it comes to their duties. They simply don’t care about you anymore once you have fallen into the trap. I’m not saying that privatization is bad; it has brought wonders in the field of insurance, medical, constructions and many other fields. It becomes a problem when it comes to the field of education because most of the colleges and universities only cares about filling their pockets with hard-earned money of thousand of needy people. I’m totally against this tradition.

I know you are thinking that we take a thorough check of all the institutions before enrolling into one, but may I ask what exactly do you check. You check their decade old admission status. Once in awhile they manage to recruit an HR of a big company, and they tell these stories to everyone at the time of counselling. They tell it so convincingly that 75% of the youth fall for it.

The youth today is becoming more and more connected. You know “What is What” and avoid the bullshit. But it will still take time to bring this sensibility across India. Why? because there are thousands of takers for this chutiyapa. Reason – the growing population of India. They take these crap. Nirmal baba (trickery), swindles crores into his bank account in the name of faith and Asharam bapu rapes the faith out of his followers.

Let me share my experience with you, am pursuing engineering from a reputed college in India, no doubt the infrastructure of the college is awesome. You will instantly fall in love with the college. It had a great past records, but these are of that time when it had one of the finest teaching staff in that area. But what now; they are playing with the lives of every individual. They arrange campus once every year as it is some sacred festival, and by once I mean one time only (only *C*). The lucky ones gets selected and the rest are on there own. And believe me the number of selected candidates is very low. There will be no other campus. If you are talented and has really worked for yourself in the college (by not attending the college and giving that precious time to yourself). Only then there seems to be some hope otherwise it is a dead end. I fell into this trap, I saw the numbers, I saw the staff but only realized it once I actually got into it. But, thankfully I realized it earlier.

So, friends do not fall into this trap. You will always find someone telling you his story and trying to make him fit into your world. Majority of us gets CONSUMED, i know I did. It becomes hard, when everything around you gets so hyped up. It only leads to one path; that is DEPRESSION, simple as that.

I attended Akash Gautam’s seminar in Jabalpur, and I learned a beautiful thing that day. Take a decision –

I will NOT get impressed from Anything / Anyone so very easily’. Be it ANYONE in my career, my religion, my relationships, my finances or ANY damn thing which is RELATED to me. Be Emotionally MORE competent & render these businessmen blunt!

Just remember it whenever some chutiya tells you a story. Don’t buy that easily. A real character is not following the herd, but to choose your own path and walk on it with certainty. Do not ever doubt on the decisions that you made at the first place. I can’t guarantee success with the above mantra because I’m still in the pursuit but I can ascertain one thing that it will keep you grounded and happy. (speaking from my personal experience)

I will leave you with one of my favourite quote: –

If YOU wish to have something which YOU have never had; then YOU gotta do something which YOU have never done!


Here are a few good reads that you must read…

And as always,

Be My Aficionado 🙂

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Best revenge on your ex who left you for someone else

This article is pretty interesting for all my friends who are in their twenties. It’s not just interesting but very fruitful if you follow the steps given below. The twenties is the most lively and amazing part of a person’s life, we are attracted to a person and then we come into a relationship with him/her. Most of the times making someone as your girlfriend/boyfriend is a spontaneous action. In the beginning, it’s fun for about 5 to 6 months or even for a year or more. But then something unexpected happens, your partner cheats on you with someone else or breaks up with you. Now you are alone and sad. You feel as if nothing bad could happen to you after this, this was the worst. You might also feel like killing your ex or killing yourself too (really a stupid act dear). But if you will ask me, I will say that it’s the best thing to ever happen to you( not that you want to kill yourself but your partner breaking up with you). It’s time for the best revenge my friend and in this article, you will be taught the best revenge you can take on your ex who cheated on you and left you.

1. Don’t show your emotions

 As a very famous quote says, “fake it till you make it”. So look in the mirror and smile. No need to share it with everyone about how sad you are because no one cares if you are a failed majnu or a laila.

 Yes, you are sad, but practicing this fake smile for a minute will give your mind the idea that you are very much capable of making yourself happy. You don’t need another person for such a small yet important task. I heard this amazing thing online that not just our mind and thoughts change the way we look or behave but it’s vice versa. The way we act, shapes our thoughts. If you are nervous then stand straight, you will feel the strength. If you are angry then say “I am calm” to yourself for two minutes and all your anger will vanish. Similarly, if you are sad then smile with a pen between your teeth, I promise you will laugh looking at yourself in the mirror. 

2. Forgive and forget

 No need to curse your ex or perform a voodoo on him (hehe). Just forgive and forget as soon as possible. Move on with your life. The important thing that you need to focus on here is that your partner left you for someone else. So why don’t you also flush him/her out of your life. If you hate someone for leaving you then it’s all going to affect you only and moreover, you will be practically thinking about the same person all the time. 

3. Focus on yourself

Now that you have  hours of extra time with you, which earlier you spent talking to your partner and spending time with him/her. Why not give this time to yourself? This is the best time to enhance your qualities and flaunt the world with all that you have. Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing and then accomplish them. Join a gym or maybe a swimming club if that excites you.

4. Do not leave yourself alone

 Meet your friends, new people and spend some more time with your family. Obviously no need to hang out with such friends who pity you for being a left out.

5. Let that anger out for once and for all

 Yes you are hurt and you feel like shouting out loudly or crying like hell but still it is the same. Call your friends at home and dance like crazy or just let it all out for once and for all. No need to perform stupid acts which might get you in trouble or leave you in a more miserable situation like-

  1. Kissing one of your single friends, that is the worst thing ever, hahaa.
  2. Physically harming yourself, well you are already been hurt by others and now you yourself is hurting yourself. Dear, if you have no respect for yourself then stop expecting someone else to love you back.

6.Live by the moment

No matter how bad the situation gets, always remember one thing that “life is one and it’s way more precious than you could imagine”. Life is full of beautiful surprises in its own way, so just live by the moment. And if you still need a very good inspiration, then just go and watch these awesome movies “JAB WE MET”  and “QUEEN”. Both of these movies are the best examples to prove how beautiful one’s life gets after being abandoned by his/her partner 🙂 .

Personally, I believe that there is a special person for very human being on this earth. No matter how many frogs or chicks hurt you, we all eventually end up with up our perfect partners.  Life is like a super hit movie in which everything falls in the right place at the end and if it doesn’t then as my favourite Shahrukh Khan says “PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST” ;).

Never give up on this beautiful feeling of love because of a moron and more importantly never give up loving yourself. Things will definitely work out somehow, just follow your heart and let the life show it’s magic.

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The New Boy In Town (Pune)

Hello friends! It has been more than 10 days that I haven’t updated my blog. It is because I have relocated to Pune and trying to settle down here. I had some really great experiences here. The experience which is worth sharing with all the freshers who come here for a job or in search of a job.

Pune Junction
Welcome to Pune

First Sight

If you belong to a small city like Jabalpur and you are moving to Pune for the first time, then the first sight of this city will mesmerize you. It is a den of all the big IT companies with their Gigantic Infrastructures. Accompanying this, you will find tall buildings all around with their beautiful eye capturing structures. My experience was quite the same. I was staying at a beautiful house in a posh society which was allotted to me on behalf of my company. The first impression of the city was absolutely pleasant.

The Climate

Oh, you will fall in love with the climate. Everything is so pleasant here. The temperature is so cool and feels so perfect. I have been here in the month of June-July and the weather is so moderate with light drizzle throughout. I’m really happy with the weather here.

Exploring the City

I got a 3-day accommodation and in this period I had to find a place to live and so thus the search for a rented flat began. As I started exploring the city, the first thing I found out about it is that the transportation of Pune sucks. Though PMT runs a bus service throughout the city, you will have to wait for quite a long time for it. I have a record waiting time of 1 hour. On top of that, these are very costly as compared to public transportation in other cities. Roughly, I have to pay 20 INR to travel approx 10 km. As a result of this poor public transportation, people prefer their own wheels, therefore, results in traffic which causes jams and thus increases the average time required to reach a destination.

On top of that, half the seats are reserved for women. Men are not allowed to sit there. Recently, I had an experience where two girls stepped up on the bus and asked an old man to move from the seat as the seats are reserved for female candidates. I’m not trying to raise a question here, but hey! what kind of equality is this. The concept of reservation for women is of no use and most of the time it is being used in the wrong way.

Finding places in Pune is really easy. Pune has a really simple map and it wouldn’t take you more than a week’s time to understand it completely but then there are other things too. Although, Finding places is easy but reaching there is difficult as I already mentioned about the poor transportation system of Pune. You would need help from local people regarding the bus route. Nobody comes with their own means of transportation for the first time into a new city. Therefore, at some point in time, you will have to face this problem.

So, if you are visiting Pune  make up your mind for this because Pune is going to make you upset when it comes to transportation.

Rent a House

I had to find a place to live pretty soon. As I was the new boy in town, I asked to google for the rented flats. I got many results, some were in the budgets and some were not. As I started contacting with each one of those owners, I found out that they were the brokers. Pune is filled with these brokers and the bad thing about them is that they raise the initial investment for a person to rent a flat. If you are looking for a decent place to stay then it will easily cost you between 10000 INR to 30000 INR depending upon the place and locality. Not only the rent is high but also the initial deposit that you must pay before renting the place. It may cost you around 30000 INR to 1 lakh INR. And on top of that, these brokers will charge you 2 months of additional rent. Which will cost approximately 80000 INR initial investment before renting a place? It also depends on the place where you are going to live, but to the minimum, a 2 BHK flat will cost you around 50000 INR initially. Make sure you have your friends around you to share the cost equally. Finally, I had to rent a shared PG and hopefully we all have a great camaraderie.


The Food

I’m a foodie and was expecting a lot of good taste from Pune (Maharashtra).To be really frank, I didn’t enjoy the food that much. On the first day, my father and I went to a side restaurant and ordered their special Paneer Kadhai Masala, rice and tandoori roti. The food was way too spicy and a guy like me who is not used to such spicy food will cry for water and sweet. Somehow, we managed to finish that with the help of rice and a glass of water. If someone would ask me to rate it on the basis of taste, it would be 4/10. The prices were way high for such a quality. Value for money, I would say 6/10. If you are a new to Pune, you are ought to face such a thing.

But don’t worry folks, there are loads of good places where you can fill your tummy. My friend made a list of all the great places where you must visit in Pune if you are a foodie. Download the PDF here.

The People

Another thing that makes a big difference is the people of that city. I have found some really good and helping people in this city so far. You will need their help and they will help you. Just make sure you are polite to them. A very common scenario is when you are waiting for the bus and you need to find the right bus route to reach the destination. They will readily help you with this and you can trust them with that. It will really help you if you know a few of the common Marathi words to interact with them. It makes them feel a little more comfortable. Just try to adapt their culture as quickly as you can. It will really help you in making good connections.

The Language

“malaa tu avadates” this means “I like you”

Okay, the language is a bit of a concern. This is a Marathi state as you already know. There are a few things that I really didn’t like about Pune related to their language. Many signboards and hoarding are written in Marathi. It is very frustrating when you cannot read the message on the sign board. In my views, I really think that people here are very lenient towards Marathi. In fact, they initiate their communication in Marathi knowing that the person they are talking to doesn’t understand it. I really couldn’t understand this type of mentality. I think they should support Hindi over Marathi as Hindi is our national language and everyone knows it.

Learning a few of their common words will really help you in making connections with them quickly. I have made a list of all the common words that you must learn before coming to Pune. Download the PDF here.

The Traffic

Ugly. People do not know how to drive here. They only follow 2 driving rules,

  1. Stop at the Red Light
  2. Drive on the left-hand side

That’s it. They have no respect for the pedestrians here. There have been a few incidents with me where I was about to cross the road. Seeing that the vehicle is far enough, I started crossing the road. Watching me cross the road the driver accelerated his vehicle in order to hinder my path and block me from crossing it. I was like “What dafuq”. Trust me, It took me more than 10 minutes just to cross the road.

If somebody ever told you that people drive fast here, just to make it very clear, it is not fast driving- it is rash driving. So, if you are ever walking on foot in a high traffic area. Pre-plan your destination and cross at the red light. This way you will stay safe and avoid waiting for long.


All and all Pune is a great place for IT professionals and visitors but if you are planning to settle down here, then think again. Pune has expanded quickly because of the Boom in IT sector here but the system of the city is yet to evolve in order to compensate the growth. I will keep updating the blog as I continue to live here. You may also like to read this article,

If you have something to share then please do share it here. What is your experience so far?

Be My Aficionado 🙂

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Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences

Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences

We all have had that one bad experience which helped us to get closer to ourselves. Have you read about Yin & Yang? Or how opposites compliment each other? If you haven’t read about them then go on and read the whole article, you will love it. You will learn why Success Comes from Experience and Experience Comes from Bad Experiences…

Yin & Yang

I’m a believer of Yin and Yang. I believe what Yin & Yang describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Isn’t It so obvious that there can’t be a day without night or cold without hot? Well, it’s only obvious if you have not understood it. If I ask you the opposite of Cold, you will readily say Hot. But does it really the opposite of cold or it is complementary to cold. Now, if you will understand the dynamics of things then you will understand that it is not at all obvious. You see, cold is not the opposite of ‘hot’, in fact cold cannot exist without hot. Similarly, each and every aspect of life is Yin and Yang. It’s a law of duality (for instance, a day cannot exist without night). Watch this wonderful video explaining about Yin and Yang…

Now, look back in life and think of all the decisions that you made and what is the consequences of that decision would have been. What would have happened if you would have elected for a different decision. The answer is that every yin has a seed of yang and you would have ended in the same place where you are now, only the experience would have been different. Because this is the basic construct of our world we live in.

Bad Experiences

There are no bad experiences
There are no bad experiences

Again, if you have understood the concept of Yin and Yang, even slightly, then you will see that there’s nothing like a bad experience or a good experience. Each experience is equal. If you remove any one pillar the other one falls automatically. It is the illusion of life. Infact, illusion itself is nothing but the reality in a different form. You remove one thing and the other one vanishes automatically. The bad experiences are the Yin in your life. Every yin has a seed of yang inside it. If you have had bad experiences, then it is simply because of the dynamics of our world. Our world knows how to balance things in all aspects. The important thing is what you gained from it. That very thing will help you curate the purpose of your life.

The Purpose

The purpose of life
The purpose of life

At last, the only thing that values is your purpose for life. Have you acquired the sufficient knowledge that will help you to understand your true purpose of life. Each individual is here to fulfil a special purpose and if you are not contributing towards it then you will have to take another life. Bhagwad Geeta depicts it wonderfully the struggles an individual has to undergo when embarking on a spiritual journey. Some of these struggles are related to one’s faith and the other to one’s determination to continue. For spiritual progress to be steady, we will need to follow one final piece of advice:

“You have to let it all go, fear, doubt, and disbelief. Only then you will realize the true meaning of your life”.


I don’t know if you liked the article or not or understood what I was trying to convey. I’m on a quest of spiritual journey myself. I try to learn as much as I can get. This is my first article on this vast topic. It is really easy to read but takes years to understand and lifetime to practice.

Success Comes from Experience and Experience Comes from Bad Experiences.
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If you have any advice on spirituality or you have some different perception towards it, then please share it here with me… I would love to hear from you.

Thoughts and Reality – Do Thoughts Make Your Reality?

Do thoughts make your reality?

This topic is highly discussed and practised all around the world but does it really work? I have seen so many questions in quora asking the same question. Does your thoughts make your reality? Well, I have also tried this thing many times in all forms and learned one important thing that I will share in this article.

Thoughts & Reality

positive thougths

Above statement is only partially correct. There is nothing wrong to think that thoughts create your reality but it doesn’t work in the way you think it does. If you study the reality more closely, you will be surprised to find that whatever you experience is simply a manifestation of your thoughts when accompanied with your actions. We need motivation behind everything that we do. Our thoughts is our motivation. It takes constant efforts to realise our goals and in the midst of this journey there are times when we loose our confidence and focus. This is the time when we must stay positive and recursively say to ourselves that “I can do it”. Thoughts invoke actions, Actions which are necessary to realise our dreams and that’s how thoughts manifest our reality. 

Thought creates a virtual reality in our mind as we motivate ourselves by thinking positive. Everyone of us wants a car, a bungalow, lots of luxury, etc… and thinking about it gives us motivation to keep working. But we should be very careful not to get lost in our thoughts. We must not stay in virtual reality which dissipates as soon as we open our eyes. We must dream, set goals and then perform actions in the right direction to realise those goals. It is then you will truly reach your goals.

Thoughts and Reality

All and all it does come to your actions through which you can transform your life in whatever ways you want. Actions are your tools with the help of which you can create your own world. Thoughts simply provide you with the strengths that you need to keep working every second. Without your actions, you will move nowhere. And without your thoughts, you won’t be able to stand the ground. So, to conclude, thoughts and actions are the main pillars for your success and creating a life that you want.  

If you are determined enough to change the world, you will.
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Always think positive and take actions.
cheers 🙂

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