The Power of Introverts

Hey Readers! It is hard to live in an extrovert-dominated society but  after reading this article you will get a different point of view to look at Introverts. SO, let’s start with a question… Are you an Introvert?

Are you an Introvert?

I have always found this question hard. I have always faced a dilemma in answering a simple Yes or NO. This is because people has some sort of pre-defined thinking for Introverts and this thinking will put you in the bucket of Introverts or Extroverts. And from the experience, I can say that you will never want to get in that bucket because there are less hope and fewer opportunities. I request you to read till the end and am sure you will learn a new way to look at people


Well, you might have experienced a similar situation, when a teacher in your school will have a slight favour for some students who speaks a-lot often in class. Who likes to show the world what’s inside their basket. And the vast majority of teachers’ reports believing that the ideal student is an extrovert as opposed to an introvert, even though introverts actually get better grades and are more knowledgeable, according to research.
Well, this is the truth, and in the process, Introverts are often left behind.

Biased Society


Now, to see the bias clearly, you need to understand what introversion is. It’s different from being shy. Shyness is about fear of social judgement. Introversion is more about, how do you respond to stimulation, including social stimulation. So extroverts really crave large amounts of stimulation, whereas introverts feel at their most alive and their most switched-on and their most capable when they’re in quieter, more low-key environments. Not all the time — these things aren’t absolute — but a lot of the time. So the key then to maximising our talents is for us all to put ourselves in the zone of stimulation that is right for us.

But here’s how the bias comes. Our institutions, our schools, and our workplace are designed for extroverts. These are made to increase the need of lot more stimulation in extroverts. On the top of that, I see a belief system among people that all the good ideas and work can come from group work. Group think is the way to achieve high performance and creativity.

Bias in Workplace

If you will look into our workplace, you will find that most of our workplace are now an open plan office without walls where you can hear noise and gaze of your co-workers all the time. And when it comes to leadership, Introverts are often passed over, even though they may be more capable and will think intelligently when it comes to handling the pressure. And interesting research by Adam Grant at the Wharton School has found that introverted leaders often deliver better outcomes than extroverts do, because when they are managing proactive employees, they’re much more likely to let those employees run with their ideas, whereas an extrovert can, quite unwittingly, get so excited about things that they’re putting their own stamp on things, and other people’s ideas might not as easily then bubble up to the surface.

Introverts are great leaders

Introverts are great leaders as history tells us
Some of our transformative leaders in history have been introverts. I’ll give you some examples. Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi — all these people described themselves as quiet and soft-spoken and even shy. And they all took the spotlight, even though every bone in their bodies was telling them not to. And this turns out to have a special power all its own, because people could feel that these leaders were at the helm not because they enjoyed directing others and not out of the pleasure of being looked at; they were there because they had no choice, because they were driven to do what they thought was right.

Now, when I look back at my life, I have always found people telling me to be more open, take stand, grab the spot light, participate in events etc… and in fact I did listen to them, not because they were right but because I always felt a need to change as I was being left out in the race. No doubt people love extroverts, they are fun-loving, they grab people attention and they always want to be in the spot light. Some of my good friends are extroverts and I really enjoy their company. I would like to say that we all fall at some point, of course at the introvert/extrovert spectrum. Even Carl Jung, the psychologist who first popularised these terms, said that there’s no such thing as a pure introvert or a pure extrovert. He said that such a man would be in a lunatic asylum if he existed at all. And some people fall smack in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum, and we call these people ambiverts. And I often think that they have the best of all worlds. But many of us do recognise ourselves as one type or the other.
What am trying to convey here is that we need a better balance between these two. We need to look at these phases more as a Yin and Yang type situation. Both parts are equally essential in our development. The better balance we can find, more productive we will become. Studies have shown that people who are the most productive leaders are the people who shared their ideas a-lot but also had a streak of introversion in them. This is because solitude is a special ingredient in the recipe.

So, Darwin, he took long walks alone in the woods and emphatically turned down dinner-party invitations. Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr Seuss, he dreamed up many of his amazing creations in a lonely bell tower office that he had in the back of his house in La Jolla, California. And he was actually afraid to meet the young children who read his books for fear that they were expecting him this kind of jolly Santa Claus-like figure and would be disappointed with his more reserved persona. Steve Wozniak invented the first Apple computer sitting alone in his cubicle in Hewlett-Packard where he was working at the time. And he says that he would never have become such an expert in the first place had he not been too introverted to leave the house when he was growing up. Well, of-course, he found Steve Jobs who was the exact opposite of it and together they created the world’s most valuable company (apple) – it does mean that solitude matters.

What went wrong?

If we know this thing so clearly, then why our society is driven by extroverts…This is no surprise to me, though, if you look at the insights of contemporary psychology. It turns out that we can’t even be in a group of people without instinctively mirroring, mimicking their opinions. Even about seemingly personal and visceral things like who you’re attracted to, you will start aping the beliefs of the people around you without even realizing that that’s what you’re doing. And groups famously follow the opinions of the most dominant or charismatic person in the room, even though there’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas — I mean zero.

Now, if you know this then why are we doing it wrong? Why are we making our schools and institution this way? Well, one possible answer is that we are following the western culture. And if we look into the history of western culture we will find that western culture is in fact influenced by the idea that extroverts drive their society. Extroverts bring power to their empire as that era was the era of wars. Extroverts’ people tend to take the command more often than introverts and thus giving birth to a culture where extroverts were often thought of as the superiors.


Things that I want you to take from this article are-

    • Number one: Stop the madness for constant group work. Just stop it.
    • Number two: Go to the wilderness. Be like Buddha, have your own revelations. I’m not saying that we all have to now go off and build our own cabins in the woods and never talk to each other again, but I am saying that we could all stand to unplug and get inside our own heads a little more often.
    • Number three: Take a good look at what’s inside your own suitcase and why you put it there. So extroverts, maybe your suitcases are also full of books. Or maybe they’re full of champagne glasses or skydiving equipment. Whatever it is, I hope you take these things out every chance you get and grace us with your energy and your joy. But introverts, you being you, you probably have the impulse to guard very carefully what’s inside your own suitcase. And that’s okay. But occasionally, just occasionally, I hope you will open up your suitcases for other people to see, because the world needs you and it needs the things you carry.

Now, to answer the first question of this article, Are you an Introvert?

My answer is – I’m an ambivert. I don’t fall in any one of the defined categories. I am the best of both worlds.

Do share, comment, like as much as you can and be proud of yourself.

And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂

Basics to Start Website Anywhere

Hey guys, if you are looking forward to start website of your own then there are a few target areas which you must target to give your website a boost. I first started blogging because I was really passionate about putting my thoughts in front of the world. I didn’t knew much about blogging. At that time I never knew the potential that blogging can become your full time career. Slowly and steadily when my website started getting visitors, my interest grew. I started exploring different aspects of blogging. There are alot of things that a beginner is not aware of before starting a website. Things which comes before you start a website.

Before Starting a Website

There are a lot of things that needs to be checked before starting a website. If you are blogging for yourself, or you are looking forward to make some money out of your blog, or if you trying to make a community or an organization.

Purpose of your website

The very first step even before you start your website, you need to ask yourself the purpose of this website. What this website is going to do and how it is going to make a difference. You need to be very clear with the purpose for your website because at last your purpose is what you are going to become.

Domain Name

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before purchasing a domain name. You are clear with the purpose, now you can easily decide what you website is going to be about.

DOT COM (.com)

If you are planning to make money out of your website then you must go for a .com domain. Dot com domains are there from the beginnning. Organizations, companies, universities, ecommerce website all go for a .com domain because it puts weight to your website. Search engines have some affinity towards a .com domain. It results in quick indexing and global presence. A .com domain is a global domain and is available to every part of the world. So, while you are thinking of a name for your website make sure you keep domain part in mind. Find out more at wiki.

DOT IN (.in)

DOT IN domain usually represents India. If you are looking forward to create a website that you think is going to do it’s business in India then this will give you a little more weight over .com as I see. Search engines segregates search results based on the geographical region of the website. So, if your domain ends in (.in), it is most likely that your website is going to come up first. I have made a few top search results in Indian search but the same is not applied to other parts. This has been my experience so far. So, if you are proud indian and want to explore this huge Indian market then go forward with this domain. Read more at wiki.

DOT ORG (.org)

It represents an organization. If you are an organization then this will be your best choice. See you have to be clear about your website from the start. If you know what you are doing is going to come out as an organization then you should choose the same for your website. If you are not sure what your website is going to be in the future then a (.com) domain would be a better choice. But then again it all comes to the purpose of your website. Read more about this domain in wiki.

DOT NET (.net)

It represents a network. The name is derived from the word network, indicating it was originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies, such as Internet service providers and other infrastructure companies. However, there is no restrictions on its use. It can be used as a general purpose namespace. You can read more about it here.

Target Audience

target your audience

You know the purpose of your website, very good. Now you must decide your target audience. Another important step in the making. Who are you going to write for? Who all are going to interact with your website? Answers to these question will help you create content good content. You will write to the point because you know whom you are talking to. That really makes a difference if you’re clear about your target audience.

Different audience have different style of reading and different ways to apprehend. Once you are clear about your audience, you will see your style of writing changes. It’s just like you talk differently to an old man and totally different with a kid. So, once you know the target audience, it will automatically reflect in your blog style.

After Starting Your Website

You have followed all the above steps, good. Now, it’s time to create content for your website. When I first started blogging I saw I had a few visitors only and that too were the ones who came by direct clicking on links I shared on social media and other places. I was a noob back then. I started researching about increasing visitors on my website and then I came to know about SEO. SEO is a tool by which you can attract organic traffic to you website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Once you start writing your articles for your website than the first most important thing that comes into the picture is making your blog available to your audience. Your content must be easily indexable by search engines. Search engines must be able to search you and index you accordingly. This is not gonna happen by itself. You will have to follow the best practices to make your website stand out from millions other. SEO is really a vast field. It has become a career in itself. I understand many of you does not have time to delve into yet another field. You do not have to worry about it as well. If you are using a wordpress to create your blog then their many plugins that will do the most important of the work for you.

Some of the plugins that did the job for me is SemperPlugin and Yoast SEO. Both of these plugins makes your job real easy. WordPress themes also playes a major role in ranking you better on search engines index. I have created this theme which I have named Whitehogan. I will make it available to all you after the housekeeping work is done. I’m still working on it at the moment. There are many free plugins to choose if you are using wordpress. If you need assistance for for website creation or wordpress setup then do contact us. We are ready to help you.

If you wish to read more about basic SEO that you can use in you website then I have already talked about the basics of SEO in my earlier blog posts. Please refer to that article before start writing.

For a deep understanding of how things work or not you may contact us. You can contact us if you need consultation regarding your website SEO. My team and I are always excited towards our clients.   

Content is King

content is king

You have done all the above steps, chances are you might not get the best of result because this is the most important of all the steps. It has always been the content regardless of whatever you do. Content has always been the king. You must spend your time in curating the best of the content which is actually going to help others in the subject in which you are writing about. There are thousands of other websites which are doing all the above steps. It is just the content that is going to make you stand out from others. So, pay close attention while creating the content.

There are various tools available that can help you in creating good content. Grammarly is one of my favourite online grammar checking tool. It really helps me to improve my efficiency while I concentrate on creating content. Grammarly offers you grammar checking for free once you sign up. For advance features you will have to pay a small fees which is worth if you are going to write a lot everyday.

Another thing that I make sure is my place and mood. However, I only sit and write when I’m in a good mood and feels like writing something. Until and unless it’s not going to come from inside, it’s not going to come out the best. So, just make sure you are writing with all you heart and mind. Distractions are never good for focus. Make sure you are in a place where you can spend all your time creating quality content. It is more for you mind than yourself.


This was just the tip of iceberg. As I dig inside I come out surprised. There is so much to learn in this field. Everyday I’m faced with new technologies and updates and I have to do research to make the most out of it. It’s not a one day job, you have to give constant efforts to make yourself better everyday. Some of the bloggers whom I praise is Harsh Agarwal and Amit Bhawani. They have made their fortune in the field of blogging by following their true passion. Who is your idol? Share your views in the comments below. Also, if you need any further assistance simply comment below.

Here are some articles to help you with the hosting,

And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂

Just Purchased a LeEco Le 1s Eco 32 GB (Gold)

Hey Guys, just purchased LeEco Le 1s 32 GB and I would personally say that this smartphone is the best at this price range. This is my first Android Mobile phone ever. I never was a fan of android. My previous mobile phone was Nokia Lumia 520 and it was pretty handy and served all my day to day tasks. But I must say, LeEco 1s is even better than my previous mobile phone.


There are so many reason that this mobile phone is the best choice at this price range. It has a 13MP Primary Camera and 5MP Front camera which captures brilliant images. It also has many built in functionalities for editing your images. It can make you look good 🙂 Take a look at the image quality below…

A post shared by Varun Shrivastava (@vs_lala) on

Ask not what you can do for country, ask what’s for lunch. #lunchbreak #dominos

A post shared by Varun Shrivastava (@vs_lala) on


It sports a 5.5 inch Full HD Display with Gorilla Glass 3, which is rare to find at this price range. It gives you a great picture quality with unbreakable strength. Although, sometimes I feel the screen size is little too big to work single handedly, but that could be subjective from person to person. I have always showed affinity towards mobiles with small screen size as they are easy to carry around but the trend has been shifted. I have taken a lot of pictures with this handset. 

RAM & Internal Memory

Let’s talk about its memory. It has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM (internal storage) which you will experience once you take it in your own hands and begin by starting multiple application. I have tested it with more than 40 application running simultaneously and it was capable of handling them all. It never lagged. That thing made me fall in love with it.

Build Quality

Overall built of this smartphone is the very first thing that will attract you towards it. It has a solid metal body. I purchased Gold and it is truly amazing. It feels like a thing which was missing from your hands. The weight, edges, grip, width everything feels just right. I must say it has a premium build quality and you will know once you take it in your hands. 

I strongly recommend this mobile at this price range. If you want full specification of this mobile phone then click on the following link

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

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Financial Freedom must be your Primary Goal

Hey friends! How’s life going on? Still wake up in the morning to do the same job… or you have found the financial freedom. If you are someone who is financially free then please share your experience below. I would love to know how you spend your time. For those who are still seeking financial independence just like me, well it’s time to set new goals.

What is financial freedom?


In my definition, it is a state of mind when you are no longer trapped by money. When Money is one less thing to worry about. You no longer think in terms of money and start thinking in terms of gratitude. When you start to look at you and see what could you possibly do to make this world a better place. This is called financial freedom.

When you keep everything aside and start concentrating on yourself. It is the freedom to be who you really are and what you want to do. When there is no one to command you. No one to tell you which path you must walk in order to secure your career. Because, Hey you do not have to worry about your career anymore. This is called financial freedom.

How to get Financial Freedom?

Well, I don’t know yet. But I find myself lucky enough to imagine myself as financially free. I see myself free. Free from social norms, free from all the restrictions and free from my biggest responsibility to make a career. I see myself as a person who has nothing to worry about his career. That I would hold the ultimate power to change the world as we see it today.

Joy of Financial Freedom


As I think myself as a free person, joy fills me. New ideas start to come from nowhere and in less than a minute I start to feel like the best version of myself. I don’t know if you have felt what I about to say next but if you will try to think in that way then you will surely feel the feeling I’m trying to tell here. Money doesn’t make you happy and it never will. Just think for a moment, when did you felt happiest last time. Was it at the time when you got your paycheck from your boss or when you were at some occasion enjoying with your family. So, the true happiness doesn’t lie in money but the moments that you have lived.

I think life is a stupendous gift of God/Nature/Universe/Energy (whatever you wanna call it) and it has one and only one purpose attached to it and that is to take the human race forward in time. Our life is given to us for exploration. If you are not exploring then you are not fulfilling the purpose of life. You must explore in all direction. Today’s world is filled with intellectual knowledge yet people are getting bored. It is because our purpose is not to gain information that is already there but to explore in all direction. Financial freedom is the first step in achieving that state. The good thing about it –

There are many people in this world who are financially free and are willing to take us with them. All we have to do is to do some efforts in finding them.

Biggest Misconception

People think money can make them rich. It is the biggest misconception. Money can never give you financial freedom. Money is like liquid. It will keep on flowing. If you think you can trap it and keep it then it’s not gonna work for you. It must flow, that’s is its nature. I have read about people who had millions in their accounts and they lost everything. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. had more than 600$ billion worth of assets. They were declared bankrupt on 09/15/2008. Money is not stable, it comes and goes. Sooner you understand, the better.

Financial freedom comes with the knowledge of finance. How well can you manage your flow (money)? You must learn ways in which you can earn the most by investing the least. Basic principle and we all are aware of it, right? Yet we fail to do it.


I think we need new goals. Our primary goals must be to become financially free. I’m sure that once we reach there, life will start. Till then we are just trying to qualify for the game. It’s time to play with all our might.

If you have already reached there then please share your views below. There are so many things that I want to ask.


And as always,

Be my aficionado 🙂


Law of Attraction is a FACT

Hey, friends! It is very clear from the title what is it going to be about. Law Of Attraction (LOA), we have been hearing this phrase all over. More and more people have started using this phrase. Many people commit that they have seen measurable changes when they started applying it to their life. In my opinion, there is nothing like Law Of Attraction as the way it is being told and practiced. How could you possible imagine that just by sitting at one place with just the power of your thoughts you can attract materialistic things in your life. Don’t you think, all this is a bit over exaggerated, and there’s nothing like Law of attraction as they tell you to practice. I’m not saying that Law of Attraction doesn’t exist but it certainly doesn’t exist as people are talking about.


Where did LOA come from?

Law of attraction by definition is a belief that you attract whatever you focus on. In short, if you focus your thoughts on positive side then you will attract positive experiences and if you focus it on the negative side then you will attract negative experiences in your life. Pick the word here, experiences. It never said that it can get you materialistic things. It is no way like that.

Law of attraction comes in a new thought era and it came into existence in the 19th century. The new thought era grew out of the teaching of Phineas Quimby. However, there is no mention of the phrase Law Of Attraction in his teaching and the fact that his teachings were limited only to health & wellness. His teachings go like this:

the trouble is in the mind, for the body is only the house for the mind to dwell in, and we put a value on it according to its worth. Therefore if your mind has been deceived by some invisible enemy into a belief, you have put it into the form of a disease, with or without your knowledge. By my theory or truth I come in contact with your enemy, and restore you to your health and happiness. This I do partly mentally and partly by talking till I correct the wrong impressions and establish the Truth, and the Truth is the cure.

You can clearly see that his teaching was limited to curing illness and achieving better health. This theory is however proven but what we have been taught about is all wrong. You cannot attract materialistic goods with this technique. It was not meant for that. It was a result of some good marketing. So, does Law of Attraction really exist?

Does Law of Attraction really exist?

I don’t know. I have never experienced anything like it before. As the Secret says – There are three main things how you can make LOA work for you. And those three things are:

  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive

The book teaches an individual above three ways through which he can achieve whatever he wants in his life. I decided to follow these three steps after reading the book (just keeping faith). Here’s what I think about the three steps.



The book tells you to ask whatever you desire for. First, you have to grow your desire. Once you have your burning desire all you need to do is ASK the universe for it and LET GO. Do not hold onto it. You gotta let go of it. Now, there are so many things which are contradictory to this step in the process. The very first thing, they tell us is to show gratitude, to give. Here they are telling us to ask. They want us to ask from the universe about what we want.

Story Time

There are two girls (let’s call them, Sita & Gita). Both girls wants to become a doctor. Now, Sita has read The Secret. She practices every step as it is mentioned in the book. She has a beautiful vision board where she sticks images of her being a doctor. Before going to bed, she imagines herself as a doctor. She is practicing the secret day and night. Now, there’s Gita. Gita has not read the book. Gita only knows one thing that she needs to study well and get good grades in the examination. So, Gita gives her 100% studying each and every concept. She gains knowledge in the field which she wants to be. On the other hand, Sita is doing everything that is written in the book. Now comes the exam time. What do you think, Who is more probable to become a doctor?

You see, LOA is flawed. It is not about ASKING, it’s about KARMA (as mentioned in the GITA). You gotta do something to become something. You gotta work towards in some way or the other. If LOA would have been true, then beggars would have been the wealthiest people of the world. Afterall they have been ASKING for a long time.


Believe in yourself

The second step in the process is BELIEVE. The book says that you must believe that you will get what you have asked for. Again, it is contradicting with the statement made in the first step. First, it says to ASK and let go. In the second step, it says to believe in what you have asked. How could you let go if you keep holding it with your belief? Also, believing on the outcome never guarantee that you will get it. Even Gita has stated it clearly – “KARMA Kiye Jaa, Fal Ki Iccha Na Kar”. There is no point believing in the outcome which is not in your control. There are many things in this world which are not in your control. So, instead of focusing your energy on the things which are out of your control, why not believe in things which are in your control. Makes sense…



This part is totally out of your control. Just even how big is this universe and what are you on the face of it. You are like a molecule of water in this vast ocean. There is no way you can control the outcome of some event and whether you going to profit from it. You have control over one and only one thing ACTION. Your action taken in the present will determine your outcome regardless of what you think or want. You must only concentrate on your work.


You might be thinking that Why I named this article Law of Attraction is a FACT? Well, the law of attraction is a fact if applied in places where it is applicable. All the three steps are valid only if you apply it to yourself instead of applying it to the universe.

Ask yourself what are your desires and let go of it. When you ask yourself for your desires, your mind becomes clear. Once the mind is clear about the things it wants, then there is nothing more powerful than your mind. Your mind will find ways to fulfil your desires in any way possible.

You must believe in yourself that you can do it. There is nothing impossible in this world. You must believe in yourself that you can do it and you will Receive. So, LOA is a fact, just make sure you are using it in the right way.

And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂

ReactJS (ES6) and AJAX to Fetch Data from Servers

Hey developers! I wrote a blog about the best javascript frameworks of 2017 and ReactJS is one of them. ReactJS is one of the best javascript framework to create views. It is developer friendly plus it gives you lot of tools to make your overall experience smooth. ReactJS loves component driven programming. So, if you are not familiar with component based programming then it’s time you start learning it. Component driven programming is the future of future javascript based frameworks. Here’s an article by reactJS team on “Thinking in React”.

Before ES6, we had to write quite some code, but after ES6, we can achieve the same thing with less lines. Also, it gives us the freedom to use class and properties, just in a way we are familiar with. In ReactJS everything is a component. We separate a single module in multiple components. Each component has their own data, properties, methods, view, and state. Components can be nested into each other. Data flow is from the top component to the bottom in the hierarchy.

What you will learn?

Let’s start with our short tutorial. In this tutorial, we will be fetching the list of categories from website. You must have a basic knowledge of javascript and must be fluent with it. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to perform the following things:

  1. Setup ReactJS on your website.
  2. Create and interact with different components.
  3. Fetch JSON data asynchronously from a REST API.
  4. Extract data from the JSON object document and use it in the required way.

Setting Up the Enviornment

We would need a server at the first place to start with this tutorial. This is because we are going to send an ajax request to another domain from our local. And to do that we need a server. It is because web works on the basis of certain principles. Therefore, obeying one of the principle it does not allow access to its resources if it doesn’t find any valid origin. I have enabled CORS in my website which allow access to certainn resources. So, we would need a local server to host our application. There’s nothing to worry about, I have already written a simple article on setting up your local enviornment with XAMPP control panel. Xampp is one of the simplest way to setup your local enviornment. Setup the enviornment and come back quickly to start creating your first AJAX driven application with reactJS.


Welcome back, Let’s start by setting up ReactJS on our website. Simply create a new .html file and paste below content in it.

        <title>ReactJS Tutorial</title>
	<div class=”container” id=”app”></div>

        <script type="text/javascript"     src=""></script>
        <script src="[email protected]/dist/react.js"></script>
        <script src="[email protected]/dist/react-dom.js"></script>
        <script src="[email protected]/babel.min.js"></script>


This is all you need to get started with reactJS. Next, we will learn to create components. If you want colors and visual representation then add below link in the head section of html page:

  • <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />

In reactJS components are simply created by extending React.Component class. You inherit all its property which is required by the component. Let’s create a component.

class CategoryBox extends React.Component {
        constructor() {

Congratulation, you have made your first component. But, as you can see, this component is of no use a it does not perform any task. It’s just an empty component. Now, we will add some behavior to it and make is a bit more useful.

class CategoryBox extends React.Component {
        constructor() {
          this.state = {
            categories: []
        render() {
           return (
            <div className="row">
                  <h1>Hello World!</h1>

      <CategoryBox />,

The render() method is responsible for creating the view for the user. This is where we create our elements which will render on the client’s browser. It contains the structure of the component. It tells the component how to render on client’s screen. In this case, we are simply returning Hello World! String wrapped inside of h1 tag.

Note: render() method must return one and only one root element. In this case, the root element is div.row. At the end, `ReactDOM.render()` method renders the `CategoryBox` component to the browser. Or in other words, it takes `div#app` and replaces it’s content with whatever is inside the render function of that component. Now, we will create our component to render the list of categories and show it to the user.

class CategoryBox extends React.Component {
        constructor() {
          this.state = {
            categories: []

        componentDidMount() {

        fetchCategoryList() {
            .then((res) => {

        render() {
          var category =, index) {
            return (
              <a href={item.slug}>
                <div className="col s6 m4">
                  <div className="box-container" key={}>
          return (
            <div className="row">
              { category }

      <CategoryBox />,

Woah! Let’s break it. There are 4 main lifecycle methods in ReactJS that are fired at different times in a component life. We have got one reactJS lifecycle method here i.e. componentDidMount(), this method is called just after the component has been mounted successfully. In other words, this method is called when react’s virtual dom is ready to be rendered. We are telling component to fire this method as soon as you render on the client’s machine.

From this method we are calling our custom method fetchCategoryList(). This method is going to send a `GET` request to retrieve the resource we need to render on our page. It sends an AJAX request asynchronously and fetches the list of categories for the blog. You can have any url with json document to fetch the result. Once the data has been received, it set’s the state with this data. Yoou must be careful while setting up the state. Use this.setState() instead of using this.state.categories because setter method keeps a track of state change and informs the component that view must be rendered again. As soon as the state of the application changes, it tells component to re-render the component. This time component finds the categories data and maps it accordingly.


ReactJS is a cool framework just like facebook. It enables developers to create some of the fantastic websites very quickly. I know it is a bit difficult to grasp the logics at the first time but once you start playing more and more with it, you start to love it even more. If you have any questions or any part that you want more explanation about then please comment below. I would love to answer all your queries.

And as always
Be my aficionado 🙂

Why Pune city is not a good place to Live

To start with, I’m not a hater and Pune city has given me some of the best moments of my life. This city is live and filled with opportunities in every way possible. It is one of the fastest Growing economy of india. It has a good climate that feels pleasant for most of the time. Yet this is not a place you would want to live.

Pune City

It has been 8 months when I first moved to this city. Like most of the people, I was pretty excited too. I was excited to explore this new place and meet new people and do new things. I wrote a blog on that same month titled The New boy in Town. But this excitement didn’t lasted too long. From the very first month I started realising that Pune is not a city, it’s more like a prison where trained professionals live and untrained professionals are trained. Everywhere I looked I found people running for no cause. If you say that they are running for money then that would still be wrong. They think they are earning but this earning is just an illusion. They are merely surviving. They are in a rat race. The surprising thing is that they know it and still choose to run the meaningless race.

The Big Picture

Let me explain you in detail, majority of people living in Pune comes in the age cap of 20-40. This is called the city of youth if I’m not wrong. They are here for a job. They are away from their families to earn money.In ancient times, leaving family was treated as a punishment. But today people take it as an opportunity to work away from their family. Just give it a moment and think, how much have you left behind?
Pune is very well designed by the big players to limit you. They are using your time and ability to accomplish their dreams. Just look at your life from an observer’s point of view. Have you ever felt that you do not have time for yourself or your work is taking your life away from you. It’s like your life has become way too predictable for you. You are waking up everyday to do the same thing. You wake up, get ready, go to work, come back home, eat food, sleep, repeat. On weekends, you find yourself tired, so you wake up late. Have late breakfast, if you have some plan with your friend then you get ready for that if not then you just spend all day lying in your bed or sofa. Sounds familiar…
Pune city is filled with MNC’s, ready to destroy talent out of an individual. This city is built to stay not to live. Big apartments with no parks. People live in a close proximity yet so isolated from each other. They don’t socialize that much as they used to be. If you feel like getting close to nature, then you will have to get out of Pune. Every good thing is at the outskirts of Pune not in Pune.

Corporate Own Your Lives

This city is owned by corporates and with the emergence of more and more MNC’s everything is getting owned by the corporate world. From the food we eat to the water we drink. People living in pune are very well aware of the fact that Pune suffers with water scarcity in most of the places. Drinking water is not that easily available in most parts of pune. Recently, government has announced that every house and building must incorporate water harvesting. It is because there is ever growing need for water as more and more people are migrating to pune every year. They have owned every people life.

When was last time when you ate fruit directly from the tree and not from some supermarket? Okay, I agree that they provide you with job. But, let’s widen our graze and look at the bigger picture. They provide you job, they give you money for your services. You earn and after 3-4 years of hardwork, you finally become capable where you can own your house. So, you spend all your money to buy your dream house. Congrats, you have bought your first house from those same people who gave you job at the first place. Their money comes back to them and you come back where you started at the first place. The GAME…

They have owned you in every way possible. They own the supermarkets from where you purchase your food and goods. They own water that you drink. You pay for water which was free of cost not a long before. You pay for your food.You pay for your clothes. You pay for every single thing that you can see around you. Really, it’s time to ask yourself this question. Is it really worth?

You see Pune is a very well designed prison to take the most out of you by giving the least. After all it is a basic rule of earning profit. Less investment more profits. This is not that easy to understand for a person who is heavily occupied with 9-7 job. Now and then we hear stories of people like Sandeep Maheshwari and how he made it big. Don’t you think they are also like us. I took a name of Sandeep Maheswari because he is someone whom most of people know. Believe me there are many who are doing it too. It’s just that they are not telling the secret rather they are busy applying it. They never followed the norms of this society which is nothing but fake walls to keep you isolated with the real world. Don’t believe me, here’s a video of him which will convince you for sure.


This city is getting bigger every day. It is on us to take a decision which is right for us. We are here to give something back to the world. Every single individual who has ever born or will ever born comes with some unique talents or ability. It’s this special thing about you that is your calling. Although no human being is born without it, many will live with their lives without discovering or living their calling. Your calling is something that fills your heart with fire and motivates to do things. Just don’t ignore your calling. Living in Pune has made one thing very clear for me, MY CALLING.

And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂