Adsense Invalid Traffic took US $125

Many of you might not have heard of this before. There is a concept of Adsense Invalid Traffic in Google’s algorithm. I came to know about this concept recently when I saw a heavy deduction in my adsense earning. US$125 was deducted from my adsense account in the previous month because of this invalid traffic. Google also keeps a track of the surfing pattern of all the visitors to your website. This includes the type of people (traffic) that your website is generating. Source of those visitors, exits of those visitors and all sorts of metrics which you would not want to know of.


US $125 deducted due to Adsense Invalid Traffic

Adsense Invalid Traffic
US $125 deducted for Invalid Traffic

Recently, when I saw a heavy deduction on my adsense accounts I begin researching into it. Though I was not the first one to face such an issue but it was my first time and it was my duty to find the source for this deduction. When I analyzed the visitors demographics and origin. I found that 64% of the traffic that I generated last month was from social websites such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter etc… This type of traffic is not very productive for your blog. To state it in their terms, The Adsense guys calls it ‘CRAP TRAFFIC’, meaning this traffic is of no use to the advertisers, therefore, they do not want to pay for such kind of traffic. And it is of no use to them. So, when the advertisers doesn’t pay to google, google doesn’t pay us. Equation is simple.

This issue was first raised somewhere around year 2006-07 when there was a sudden increase in the social networking websites. A lot of traffic was generated from these sources and as a result advertisers became unhappy. To keep this in control google came up with the algorithm which checks the source of traffic coming to your website and all sorts of different metrics we don’t know yet.


Why Social Networking Traffic is a CRAP TRAFFIC

The Adsense Guys think that people who come from any social network is not a legitimate user. They are surfing on social websites just to pass their time and whenever they see any attractive link, they click on it. These people have no intention of buying their product. They click links just out-of-curiosity which impacts the advertisers money. Therefore, they termed it CRAP TRAFFIC because for them it is of no use.


What do we learn from this?

There is one important thing that we know for sure that the traffic generated from social networking sites adds no value to your overall earning. You must device your marketing strategy in a way which will attract organic traffic to your website. I know organic traffic is not that easy and not everyone is blessed with it. But now as we know this fact so we can try to generate traffic of legitimate users.

Also, I found that google’s algorithm behaves pretty much like a human mind. It is kind of beneficiary for us to strategise our marketing patterns. Now, you do not have to think from a computer’s point of view. You just have to think for your people and that is all you need to do. This is also a major factor in your SEO. SEO experts at Google always talk about human first. They always ask you to write for humans not for machine and this thing has become somewhat clear. That the more you think about people, the better it is for your blog’s health.


Please share you insights on Invalid Traffic and how do you generate traffic for your website. What is your take on this one?

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Get a Personal Portfolio Website Now!

Hey friends! Have you ever thought about giving it a try. Yes! I’m talking about your passion, all that hidden talent you posses. Why are you not projecting it to the world? Let the world know about your art. Let them know about you. If you have that fire inside then this article is for you. I will show you ways through which you can project yourself to the world. All you need is a Personal Portfolio Website. Read further to get a clear answer.


Why you need to showcase your talent?

This question is stupid. I mean, why would someone want to die with his/her special abilities? The world is your playground. It is your purpose to leave the world with something more and that something more is your unique ability and talent. So, why not you would want to use it fulfill your ultimate purpose.

It sound so straight and easy but there are tons of people who are not letting their talent to be seen and appreciated by others. They spend their entire life waiting for that one opportunity to showcase their talent and that opportunity never comes to them. You know why? It is because they live in fear. Fear of society, failure and most importantly the fear of losing (money, people etc). If you just understand one simple fact that life is a game which ends with you then fear automatically gets out of the equation and what is left afterwards is purely you.

So, if you are clear about the importance of showcasing your talent to the world, the immediate question comes into mind is HOW? How can you become famous so that people will recognize you and your talent. The answer is simple- You need a platform to showcase your talent. Afterall, you are an artist and every artist needs a stage to perform and an audience to appreciate your efforts or to criticize you.


How to create your Identity?

This is the right question to ask. Today’s world is filled with opportunities. It is just that you need to become aware of it. The best way to create your identity in today’s world is via a website. A personal portfolio website which will be focused on just one thing- YOU. It will showcase your talent, desire, skills, thoughts, abilities, workmanship, coordination, playfulness, beauty, acting etc… what ever it is that you carry with yourself can be showcased via a website. Your thoughts can be showcased in the form of articles which will directly reach millions of people over the internet. It will accessible by every person on this planet who has access to the internet. There are so many things you can do over internet. Just imagine the possibilities.

Isn’t Social Media Doing the same thing?

Here, one may question, Isn’t social media already providing us the platform to showcase our talents? I would say that it is partially correct but there are too many glitches. The very first thing is that people doesn’t know how to use social media. All they do is post their personal lives in front of people they don’t even care about.

The other thing about social media is that it is narrow. The reach of social media is not much. I’m saying this in the context of a common man. You will have to take a whole different course to learn about social media and how can you use it to your advantage. Once you take up a course you realize that you need a product which can talk to people, a product which can make do advertisement for you. And soon you will land on the decision of making a website. So, you see it all comes back to one point and that point is – you need a website.

There are many people who are earning their daily with their personal website. You can quickly google about them and see how powerful they are. The only thing that they did is to showcase themselves online. They sold their talents and knowledge with other people and made their fortune out of it. The only thing they did is to make their lives and this world better by educating people with their personal lives, thoughts and knowledge. It is your time, you can become what you are.

Why you need a website?

Website is the most affordable way to get a platform to showcase your skill set and talent. If you are a wall artist who has exceptional talent to paint the walls or you are a Struggling Model waiting for that one opportunity then why not showcase your work to each and every individual across the globe. Instead of waiting for it, you can make it. You never know who will visit your website and what opportunity he/she may offer you. Afterall, it’s a small world. You never know of the possibilities.

There was a recent incident when SRK was promoting his movie Raees. And suddenly a girl became famous out of this. Why? Because she was in the right place at the right time with the right attire and a nice smile. Everybody noticed this beautiful girl and this became a news and took fire. So, just imagine, a girl who never thought that she would get this limelight made the newspaper headline.

Now, just imagine if a similar personality came to your website and left a small comment in the comment box. No one can imagine the possibility of this act. So, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Step up and do it. If you need information about building a website then just fill the form at the end of this post. If you know how to develop website than there are free hosting providers to help you. You can find the link below.


Other benefits

#1 You control your audience

Control Your Branding

This is one of the best reason to create your personal portfolio website. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You know the type of people who are more likely to appreciate your work and help you to succeed in your endeavours. Website will give you the ability to control your target audience. It is completely your take as who must view your content. This will certainly increase your chance of getting successful.


#2 It’s an instant portfolio

Personal Portfolio

People today are more visual. They like to see things in practical rather than just believing in the stories. So, instead of telling someone about the projects that you made for people and they loved your work, you can actually point them towards your website and show them in less than minutes. This way not only you put a better impression on the person reviewing you but also you leave a persistant impression on the person’s mind. All of this can be achieved just with your website.


#3 You point recruiters in the right direction

Guide in right direction

Although, only 40% companies consider your social media profile but in my experience almost 70 to 80% hiring managers are interested in your personal data. It is better to point them in the right direction by yourself. Instead of them searching for the information about you which could be wrong and put negative impression on them, why not you point them toward the information you want to project over someone. That way you control your chances of getting recruited and leave less on chance (luck).


How to get Started?


Very good. All you need to do is setup your very own website. If you do not know how to create a website then it’s no problem at all. Just fill the form below with all your requirements and what your website should focus on. And I will get back to you with the solution. Afterall, it’s my job to help people get online. As more and more people create their personal portfolios the better they become as a resource. Now, you will want to accomplish more and polish your skills because you know there are people watching your performance. It is so much believing. All you need to do is to take your first step. Please fill the form below with detailed information of your requirements. Take time and try not to miss anything, that way I would be able to help you better.

Get Personal Portfolio Website Now!

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Top 5 Best Flagship Smartphones Under 14000 INR April 2017

People are asking a lot of suggestions from me lately regarding which flagship smartphones to purchase under 14000 INR. It is obvious because this year lots of choices are available in the market and choosing the right one for you requires a little bit of research. We have lots of mobile reviews videos on youtube but most of them only tell us about the features and camera quality which is not enough at times. So, I have pinned down the top 5 best smartphones which I think is the best under 14000 INR.


#1 Moto G Plus, 4th Gen (White, 32 GB) – Upgradable to Android 7.0 Nougat link link


It is a flagship smartphone powered by Moto. The Moto G4 has some really attractive features at this price range. Moto G4 comes with 16 MP primary camera with laser focus, PDAF and professional mode, 5 MP wide angle front camera with display flash. Now-a-days people are taking more and more selfies and front flash kind of takes the originality away from the images, so most of the smartphones has taken away the front flash feature and replaced it with the screen flash to keep the colors natural.

This camera is built with lot of care. It offers advance features out of the box. It has a built in hardware which is capable of taking some of the best shots at low light. You are going to be really happy with its camera feature and the fact that it is fast. It comes equipped with additional autofocus technology which makes your shots look like pro.  


Other features

  • Finger print reader for fast unlocking, 13.97 centimeters (5.5-inch) full HD display, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and 401 ppi pixel density, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow OS (upgradable to Android v7.0 Nougat) with Motorola mobile computing system, including 1.5 GHz MSM8952 Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 617 octa-core processor with 550 MHz Adreno 405 GPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB and dual micro-SIM dual-standby (4G+3G)
  • 3000 mAh all day battery with TurboPower charging (6 hours of power in 15 min of charging)

As you can see it offers you best of class features at this price range with the trust and durability of Moto. I strongly recommend you to buy this smartphone at this price range. Find the instructions to upgrade it to Android 7.0 Nougat on the vendor’s website.

Customer’s Reviews



Overall Rating is 4 stars

Sony Xperia XA Dual (Rose Gold) >>>

Just Purchased ASUS A555LF

Hey Techies! I got ASUS A555LF this week and I’m quite satisfied with it. At this price range, this laptop carries some really nice features. The best thing about this laptop is its look and build. It feels great when I carry it on my lap. Another thing that really makes me love this laptop is its keyboard. It has a chiclet keyboard which feels really soft while typing. It is a delight for my fingers. Keyboard feels natural and you will start typing at more than 54 words per minute even if it is your first time :p . There’s a lot of thing I would like to point out in this article, so make sure you read it.

Appearance and Build Quality

The first look of this laptop is amazing. It will surely impress you by its look. I chose silver-black as it appeared more stylish and premium as compared to the other color combinations. The A555LF has a silver ASUS branding at the front surface which feels grainy when you grace your hands over it. Cover of A555LF has a mosaic finish which gives it visual opulence depending upon how light fall on its surface. It’s quite thin and easy to carry around (this is subjective). A555LF has black chiclet keys over silver surface which really looks beautiful. It also has silver ASUS branding just below the screen when you raise the screen. Silver keypad is integrated well with the silver surface which adds the beauty to it. Here are some of the user images of this laptop.

ASUS A555LF Build

It has a good support to rest your palm while typing over the keys. It offers a good space to rest your palms. Also, I liked the fact that it keeps the palm rest cool. I have continuously used it for more than 3 hours and the palm rest never got any warmer.

ASUS A555LF is well endowed with the connectivity and ports you need from a personal laptop. These include: 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, HDMI, Ethernet, VGA and RJ45 LAN ports along with 3-in-1 card reader (SD/ SDHC/ SDXC) and Super-Multi DVD drive.

Hardware and Performance

Here are the hardware specification the ASUS A555LF carries,

  • 2.1GHz Intel Core i3-5010U processor
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
  • 15.6-inch screen, Nvidia Geforce 2GB Graphics
  • Windows 10, NVIDIA® GeForce 930M with 2GB DDR3

As you can see ASUS A555LF comes with 5th generation Core i3 processor which really gives a smooth performance. I have been using this laptop for development where I need multiple tools and applications working simultaneously in the background and it really is smooth. It never lagged up till now, it has 4 GB DDR3 RAM which allows it to hold more application in the memory to deliver buttery smooth performance.

The A555 has NVIDIA GeForce 930M with 2GB DDR3 to enhance the visual performance. This is one of the main factor for me choosing this laptop. You see, you will not get NVIDIA GeForce 930M with any laptop at this price range. It is the essence of this laptop and enables you to play HD videos and games. Also, It can run most of the games with low to medium settings. It can even run GTA 5 in medium settings smoothly. Although, battery will drain out quickly. Well, if you are going to give it load, battery will inevitably drain quickly that’s for sure. Although, without any heavy duty, I have got more than 3.5 hours backup. Keeping the fact that screen brightness was low and there was no sound playing. It was the backup excluding the multimedia and high screen brightness. Although multiple softwares were running continuously.

It comes with 1tb || 2tb secondary storage which is almost common in every laptop at this price range. You can also extend it to SSDs if you want higher performance.


Keyboard & Touchpad

I personally loved the touch and feel of the keyboard. It comes with full size chiclet keyboard. The keys feels more solid while typing because of the overall displacement of the keys. It only has 1.8 mm movement which makes your typing experience more solid. If you are blogger, then you are going to be really happy typing on it. The keys are very well spaced and feels perfect in size. I do not have to move my hand to much to reach all the keys. You can reach all the keys over the keyboard with minimum hand movement which greatly improves your typing speed.

ASUS A555LF Keyboard

As I mentioned above, It has a good palm rest space which remains cool even after hours of usage. It’s touchpad really compliments the keyboard and overall design of this laptop. It is embedded slightly left from the center which gives a little more space for your right palm to rest. It is designed smartly and has taken care of a lot of things. Touchpad has good sensitivity and recognizes many common gestures, most of which are pinch in, pinch out etc… The company says, that it has smart palm rejection. Well, I really didn’t found it that smart. All-in-all ASUS A555LF offers pretty good keyboard and touchpad which will make you happy.


Should you Buy it?

One word – DEFINITELY.

It comes with a great build, design, specs and performance. There is no way you can say no to this pc at this affordable price range. I did not find anything which made me feel bad about my decision. This is one of the best laptop that comes at this price range. If you are a low to moderate user then this is going to be the best choice for you. I strongly recommend to go with this laptop. Also, users has reviews it 4.5 stars out of 5 which tells the whole story. Please find the link to this laptop below, link

On the other side, If you are someone who comes in the extreme user zone then you should think for other laptops at higher range. Maybe Alienware series of Dell or ROG series of ASUS. Those are more likely to offer you hardware that will be suitable for you. You can also contact us if you a born gamer and gaming is in your DNA. We build high performance custom pc’s to ensure you live a happy gaming life. We have many awesome custom builds which will guarantee you high performance with a classy look. 

Do let us know if you have any question or I have missed to mention about something. Do share and comment and do not forget to subscribe.


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3 Ways to Tackle Every Problem in Life

Hey guys! A lot of people I meet tends to be in some kind of problem. Somehow, they find themselves surrounded by lots of problem in life. When asked what is the problem then they tend to explain the side-effects of this problem but fail to explain the real problem. It’s like they don’t even know what’s the actual problem and banging their heads everywhere looking for solutions. I have three effective techniques with which I tackle problems in my life and it seems to working for me.


#1 Identify the root cause of your problem

Find the root cause of all problems

The very first thing to solve your problem is the identification of it. You cannot find answers if you does not understand the question, Right? So, you need to understand the root cause of your problems and believe me it is very easy. There are some questions which you need to ask yourself in order to identify the root cause of your problems. Let me explain you with a real life situation – Let’s say there is a guy named Lucky. Lucky has completed engineering and now he is faced with another challenge of finding a job. Lucky has already tried for one year, even after that he finds himself in the same place without a job. Now, he is getting into depression. His colleagues are not helping him. His parents doesn’t have the same confidence on him what it used to be. Relatives are exerting pressure on him as usual.

Lucky chose to go and meet his old friend Mohan, who already has a job and seems to be doing good in his life. Lucky explained his situation to him that he is facing a lot of problems in life. Now, Lucky has stopped focussing on his actual problem. He has started thinking of the side-effects of his root problem as main problem. Lucky started by saying,

  • My parents no longer believe in me.
  • My relatives are pressuring me in all sorts of ways.
  • My friends have distanced themselves from me.
  • I still don’t have a job.
  • I have no money.

Mohan asked him to take problems one by one and identify those problems in the queue which are not dependent on any other problem. In simple words, list down the problems which exists independently. Those problems which are going to be there unless solved specifically. So, Lucky begin to see matrix. Lucky exactly knew what was the root problem. He said, I’m jobless and that is the root cause of all the side-effects. He realized that if he had the job, then his parents belief would have been the same. His relatives wouldn’t get any point to pressurize him. He will automatically get closer to his friends because the only thing which kept him distant from them was the distance itself. He will have money. Lucky quickly realized the cause of his depression and now he can find an antidote, a solution for this problem. Try to live a Minimalist Lifestyle.

#2 Set a Goal to reach the Ultimate Goal

Goal Setting is crucial

Goal setting plays a major factor in your achievement. If you have right goals setup for you then those goals will automatically take you in the right direction.We you have set the wrong goals then it could affect adversely. Okay, now we need a goal. How can we begin with the goal setting?

There are a few important (key) points that needs to be taken care off, but I’m not going to tell you this. I want you to participate in this. I will give you a few situation and I want your answers in the comment section below. Let’s see how many of you get it right.

Example 1 – You are in middle of a cricket ground. Bowler is coming to bowl you. You need a boundary to win this game. What will be your goal?

Example 2 – You need 1,00,000 INR in one week. What will be your goal setting for this?

Example 3 – You have your exams in a week and you need to complete 5 units. What will be your goal setting for this one?

Let me know your goal setting for the above the situations mentioned above.

#3 Focus

Arjuna Fish eye focus

You have learned the art of goal setting. You have well defined goals setup in front of you. Now, the only thing left is their accomplishment. Those goals are not going to get fulfilled automatically. You will have to focus your thoughts and willpower to accomplish them. Focus on your goals. Do not let yourself deviate from the path. There is only one way to failure and that is lack of focus and willpower to do the needful.

Story time…

There is a very powerful story in our Hindu mythology which everyone (majority of us) have heard of. The story of Arjuna and the Fish Eye. It is a story of a renowned archery master Dronacharya training the Pandava brothers in an art and skill of archery. Master Drona tied a wooden fish to the branch of a tree and asked everyone to target for the fish’s eye while looking at its reflection in the bowl kept below. Everyone came one by one took the stance. As they took the stance, Master Drona paused them and asked the question – “What do you see?”. Everyone gave them unsatisfying answer. One of them said, he can see the tree, the fish, the sky blah blah blah… Other one came and gave similar answer. Then it was Arjuna turn. Master Drona asked the same question – “Arjuna, What do you see?”. Arjuna Replied – “The eye of the Fish”. Master Drona said – “Toh Chalao Baann (Shoot)”. And Arjun released the arrow and Arjuna’s arrow unwaveringly pierced right through the eye of the fish.
Lesson Learned.

If you can focus on your goals with everything that you have. Then no matter what, that goal will get accomplished. Even you won’t be able to stop yourself from achieving those goals once you have set your mind on it. Your mind is a beautiful piece of art/nature. It has the capability to mould the reality. The only thing you need to learn is how can you master your mind. Once you learn to master your mind, everything else will become minuscule in front of it.

I’m practicing it daily and I know how much does it take to keep it focussed at all time. Your mind is one of the most powerful tool in this world which can think independently, so you can imagine how much energy will it take to guide something which can think of its own and is the most powerful. You are that energy and you can guide it. All you need is FOCUS.


The steps mentioned above is how I tackle every problem in my life. I thought this could be helpful for many of you out there looking for answers. I would really recommend you to follow these simple techniques and let me know if it worked for you. If you like the simplicity then please comment and share it in your circle.

And as always,
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A Peek inside the MNCs Development Models

Hey friends, I’m going to share my personal experience of working in MNC. The other day I was having a pleasant conversation with someone outside of my company over some chatting app. Conversation was about the company and culture and then it shifted towards the application development process and models. Currently, Agile methodology is the latest trend when it comes to application development. More and more MNCs are moving towards Agile Methodology as a replacement for Waterfall model. So, as we were having conversation about it… She said – “Agile is funny. Waterfall was simple and pleasant.”, and I thought to myself, I also feel the same way. So, it came to me that I should write an article on the same, putting my 5 cents on the topic. Also, it will help freshers who are about to join the company gain some insights.

What is Agile Methodology?

What is Agile Methodology?

I think I should make it clear first. Although agile is not new but most of you might not be aware of this method as it is not taught in most of the colleges. After all, most of the colleges teach useless stuff which have nothing to do in real world problem solving. Well, that’s a whole different topic to talk upon. Coming back, Agile is a software development methodology which took birth in the year 2001 but was not known by the name agile. I don’t know what it was called back then. Agile methodology is a set of best practices taken from all the different models such as waterfall, incremental model and many more. In theory it gives more attention to individual of a team. Agile makes things transparent, in agile everyone stands at the same level, be it manager, technical lead or scrum master. Everything is kept in front of the employee. It really sounds good when told, on practice it severely depends on the individual’s mindset whether they are open to work in the Agile environment.

Agile Summary…

In agile methodology, we get User Stories. User stories from a high level view are simply the tasks that a client wants us to do. For ex – If we want to develop an application which will do some calculations, let’s say we want to build a calculator. Then that calculator will be able to make certain calculations. These calculations can be divided into smaller modules as ADD, SUBTRACT, DIVIDE, MULTIPLY. So, we would divide the development work into modules and each module will be called as a Sprint. Each Sprint is consists of user stories. In this example, We would create a sprint for ADD module. In this we will have the user stories like –

  • It should take user input for two numbers
  • It should add two numbers
  • It should display the result to the user

This sprint will be given a timeline and at the end of the sprint a potentially shippable product will be released. By potentially shippable product, I mean a product which is a working state. This is agile, Simple and sweet. After every sprint you get a working product with one module complete. Obviously, there are lots of other things that goes into making but at the surface we just followed an Agile Methodology.

I’m not going into details or the process of agile here but if you are interested then I would dedicate an entire article for that. Just let me know in the comments below. You can also refer to wiki page for in-depth technical description.

Is Agile Good For Employees

Agile sounds very good, so good that you will never say no to it. The problem comes while practically implementing it. I’m not saying it is not productive, it is productive there’s no point on that but it is productive only when your employees are taking it well. If your employees are not acquainted with this new model of product development then it becomes a nightmare for the employees. The biggest huddle that I felt while talking to my colleagues was the daily scrum meeting. In agile process, team has to conduct daily agile meeting to stay updated with each other’s state. In most of the MNCs, we talk outside of India (mostly USA), so we have to wait till it’s 8:00 PM to participate in daily meetings even if you are done with your work in the afternoon. There’s no way you can go home early. This is one of the annoying concept of agile for most of the people.

Second things is that there are lots of other housekeeping work associated with agile. You will have to do a lot of things everyday, like updating your daily status on the sheet. Inform the team how much work is pending. How much more time is it going to take to complete your task. Where do you stand at a current point. So, you see, there are lots of questions one may have to answer which has nothing much to do with their actual work. A professional software engineer may sometimes don’t take it well. They don’t like to answer each and every single step while they are developing a product.

In my overall experience, I don’t think employees of the company are happy with Agile Methodology. While on the other hand, higher management seems to be enjoying it, because they get to know each and every single thing about the whole application development process. So, it makes them feel in control of the situation which is just an illusion. If you are not from the programming background then there is no way you can understand the work of a programmer. So, I think it just put pressure on the developer as he thinks there is someone keeping an eye on him all the time.

Should we Implement Agile or Not

Agile methodology is not bad if people are willing to take part in each and every process of it. I think agile would be very effective for the organization or the company at the time of it’s start. Small and growing companies can really make use of agile methodology. It would create a healthy environment in the team and everything will be transparent. But for big organizations and MNCs, I don’t think it’s going to be that much effective. Most of the people working in large organizations have become use to the same old techniques. It’s not like the old techniques are not efficient but it’s the human nature to experiment. Who knows what these things are going to evolve into.

To conclude, I would say Agile methodology has been created by taking the best practices from most of the software development models. Agile is efficient and makes things more transparent. But agile cannot be forced to employees. If an employee is not feeling comfortable with all the different pieces that agile brings with it, then it becomes quite difficult for him to keep up. And that’s where the efficiency starts to go down and frustration tends to rise up. So, in my opinion Agile should be brought into practice if and only if all the employees accepts it gracefully. A trial run must be taken after implementing agile methodology, if you see that employees are happy and accepting the process gracefully then you must go with it, otherwise not.  

After all, Agile is not something to be forced. It is just an Idea to bring the best of all the worlds together to make software development effective and fun.

What do you think about Agile now? Let me know in the comments below.


And as always,
Be my aficionado 🙂

How I Forced My Friend in Purchasing a New Smartphone

Hey friends, I’m sure that this article title is very familiar to most of you. We all have at some point in time forced our best friends to buy something irrespective of the fact whether they need it or not. We force them because we want to see them with good stuff 😀 Afterall, this is called true friendship :p Recently, I forced my best friend to buy OPPO A57. She is the most humble and simple girl in this modern era. She lives a minimalist lifestyle, be content with what you have as long as it fulfils your needs. A very cool philosophical chapter, but who cares, living with the current pace is also important. So, I had to make her purchase the smartphone anyway.

How it started…

If you have such friend in your circle then you would know how difficult it is to convince such person. I was just looking for an opportunity to make her feel that she actually needs a new smartphone. I started by making comments on her smartphone phone. Let me provide a little background story of her and why I had to make her purchase a new smartphone.

Little Background

She never bought any smartphone in her entire life. The phone that she used was gifted to her by her brother 5 years ago. Believe it or not, people like her exist. Her phone was in a very bad condition and asking for “MUKTI”. It was in the worst condition that I couldn’t see her mobile like that. The screen of that mobile was out so she had to stick it with five rupees wala feviquick. Screen was almost shattered, I still don’t know how it was still working (HTC make robust smartphones). There were 3 cracks on the screen. The phone was not even capable of changing the sim card. She once kept it near a stove, so the plastic cover of sim slot got melted and stuck somehow. So, the sim couldn’t even come out of that mobile. She was using whatever was left of the phone and had no problem at all.

Coming Back…

So, you see, I had all the rights to make such comments. I also had an edge because I also brought a new smartphone about a week ago. I continuously kept mocking her. At the start, nothing much happened. She doesn’t even notice but you see when you start doing it frequently, people notice and so did she. One day we were going to visit our friend’s house someplace in Pune and I forgot my mobile that day. We both are new to this place and lost our way. The only hope for us was her mobile’s GPS and people of Pune. We went with the first option and that was our mistake. Her mobile’s GPS was 5 seconds slower in showing us the right way. And If you are driving then these 5 seconds might result in extra 2km. Believe it or not, it took us more than 1 hour to reach our destination. If we would not have taken help of the GPS we would have easily reached 30 minutes earlier. This incident made her start thinking about changing her smartphone. The same thing happened when we were coming back home the same day Only difference is that this time it was intentional :D. This time she was sure that she needs to get a new smartphone and I was there to support her decision strongly.

The next day we went to the nearest mobile store and purchased OPPO A57 32GB (GOLD). And this was the right decision. She was really happy to get her new smartphone. The smile got stuck on her face. We took loads of photos at the store itself. Then she gave me fulki chat wala treat. Take a look at some of the images that we took that day.

Mobile Store FIrst Click

Beautiful Rano

In a Lift
In a lift, on the way to drop her home
Life Cartoon

It was a fun day.
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Oh Almost Forget, Here’s the mobile phone, link link 


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