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5 Things to Learn from 3 Idiots

I know I’m very late to post something on 3 Idiots but I watched it today and couldn’t resist the urge to put my thoughts out. I think every Indian across the world has seen this movie. This is one of the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood. This movie is at the top of my favourite movies list. It is based on Chetan Bhagat’s famous best seller book 5 points someone. There are so many things to bag home from this movie.

What do 3 Idiots showcase?


This movie revolves around 3 friends, so does the name came “3 Idiots”. The story line goes like this- Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them “idiots”. The very thing that inspired these 2 idiots has inspired everyone. Let’s see how this movie has inspired many.

1. Do What You Love the Most

You might have heard this a million times before, but this movie actually showcases it. If you are doing the work you love the most then workplace becomes a playground. Your efficiency increases by many folds and quickly you start to progress in life at such a pace that there’s nothing which can stop you from reaching your goals. If you remember this scene from the movie :p

2. Believe In Yourself (Al Izz Well… )

This is very important to live a life full of fun and excitement. If you believe in yourself, you open many doors for opportunities to strike. You force yourself to be the best version of you. Sometimes believing in yourself is the only thing you need, and so does 3 idiots teaches you. The heart is very coward just tell him to relax – Al Izzzz Well…

3. Learning is everywhere

This is best shown in this movie depicting Chatur as the exact opposite of Rancho. While Rancho believed in that learning is everywhere, on the other hand, Chatur strictly follows the traditional rules of mugging up everything simply to gain higher marks. Finally, when life comes to take the test he finds himself chasing Rancho.

4. Chase Excellence and Success will Follow

It is a very important factor, a deciding factor in this long run of life. It is a known fact that the history is made by those who were extraordinary in what they did. Be it Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Ford…. you name it, they all were the masters of their field and if you will read more about them you will know one thing that they didn’t chase success, they craved for the best and finally success started chasing them in their endeavours.

5. Always Have few Idiots friends with you

Idiots don’t mean fools, here idiots mean people who can think out-of-box and are an equal partner in everything you do. In fact, history has it, every successful person had an idiot friend with him and together they did wonders. Steve Jobs had Wozniak, Bill Gates had Paul Allen, Mark Zuckerberg had Eduardo Saverin and there are endless such examples. So, always keep your idiots close.

If you have not seen 3 idiots movie then grab a copy from Amazon
and watch it. If there are any more inspirational movies then recommend us?

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