Things India Need to Improve

Hey,  Demonetization was the hot topic a few days ago in India. People are not used to such sudden changes and hence they got uncomfortable with this situation. People had to stand in long queues to get money either deposited or withdrawn from banks and ATMs. Prime minister of India had to face a lot of protest because of the inconvenience countrymen had to face. But looking at the positive side, I saw an online voting poll on facebook and the Prime minister Narendra Modi got maximum votes in support of his action against black money and corruption. Also, some opportunists took a good advantage of this situation to a group of IT engineers made this app called “BookmyBuddy”. Using this app you can book a person to stand in a bank queue and do the work for you at 90 INR per hour. Also, you will be informed about each and every action about the person through the app.

Some young volunteers came forward to help illiterate and senior citizens in filling their forms, all for free. People in Punjab served tea to people standing in the queues to comfort them a little in the cold weather.

We saw such awesome efforts by our people yet some of us kept protesting the prime minister and took advantage of this situation to agitate people against demonetization. Well, I am telling you all this because my blog topic is Things India needs to Improve. We Indians want a developed nation but when it comes to making it a developed nation, we only pull our hands back in putting our efforts into it. Yet there is a big hope in India that India can be a developed nation in its own best ways. We don’t need to westernise for it or run away to other countries for good job and environment. We just need to make some small changes which are not possible without unity. In this article, I will tell you about some of the things which if changed could bring a big difference in the development of India as a nation.



Waste Management



         Every month I read news in papers saying 35 dead from malaria or some other disease caused due to the unhygienic environment where people live. In my city, you will find pigs walking on the road and open garbage area near every locality. This is not just the situation of my town but every state in India. I travelled to Gujarat and the first thing I see when my train enters Baroda is railway side garbage lying so badly and people are living near big pot holes. That picture itself is so disturbing for a native like me. Understand what a tourist might be getting through all this. We show big fancy ads on television about incredible India, after seeing this sight from your train seat will actually make you feel how incredibly dirty India is. This should be the primary concern of every citizen to keep their city clean but instead, it’s ignored like no big deal. People will easily blame the government for bad hospital facilities, lack of treatment and god knows what so ever they speak. But no one takes an initiative to keep his/her locality clean. Let me tell you that I visited Bangalore and that was a city worth going to because people over there have maintained the city so well. Also, there is a place called Dharamsthala where everything is so well managed and a great resource management system. A cow which is believed to be godlike in India now feeds into the garbage we spread. Lots of pigs roll on the gutters nearby slums where underprivileged people live. We all need to work really hard on this as this is the root cause for a lot of health problems in India. I myself never take polyethene bags from any shop, I adopted this habit two years ago when I saw cows chewing on the poly bags. From that day I never took a single poly bag from any vendor.


  1. Try keeping your biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable garbage in separate dustbins.
  2. Make a common bury area near your locality for the whole society where you all can bury the organic waste and help soil nourish.
  3. As for the not- biodegradable, I will suggest you to literally stop using polybags. Also, try recycling these stuff into useful things. Come on people you have better ideas than me, it’s digital age.
  4. Ban all open sewages and demand a morning garbage collector van for every locality in the morning which can collect garbage from every area every morning without fail.

Life of Scheduled Tribes in India


  In states of  Madhya Pradesh, Orisa, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand live hundreds of tribal people who earlier lived in jungles. With development and commercialisation, tribal people had to move to the Urban areas. Today thousands of tribal people come to city area and always end up working in a construction area. They lack in skills, education and this makes it even more difficult for them to find a job. All they are left with is to work in a construction site where they are paid on daily wages. Children of these tribal people suffer from malnutrition. There is only one institute called the Kalinga Institute of social sciences which has been working as a free NGO for such children, giving them food, education and skills to polish their personality for better future.

There are so many schools and organisations ready to help kids with better education but we must make those people aware of these facilities which are there for them. And it is our sole responsibility to help those people who are not capable of helping themselves.

Caste is inversely proportional to quota


India is the only country where you will find so many religion in one place. These religions have been subdivided into castes. I actually never got the concept of castes, so I googled it and then I came to know about the origin of caste system in India. Modern human civilisations of the ancient history had sections four basic pillars of the society. These four pillars were the four sections of Hindu religion in India in order to divide the work equally and take the civilisation ahead. According to the Hindu religion, there were-

  1. Brahmins(educators, priests, healers)
  2. Kshatriya(warriors, protectors)

iii. Vaishya(businessman)

  1. Shudra(cleaners)

Now this partition was done to balance the work in society and not on the basis of the capability of each person. Also, there was no discrimination in terms of blood or any body part for that matter in between any of these four sections. Time went buy and some morons started thinking that they are superior to others and this happened like 10000 years ago. Because of the mess created then, we Indians are suffering from it till now. Although it is the other way round now. SC/STs are given more privileges in entrance exams and a lot of facilities are being provided to them because they are believed to be poor. I personally hate this thing about us Indians. We always ignore the facts and we hold onto things for way too long. The fact is that we are all equal human beings. At least we all belong to the Hindu religion and we are Indians. I guess these two criteria are enough for any citizen of India to qualify as an Indian. The quota system of India is a very unfair system and has to be stopped. Because of the quota system, a lot of deserving students are not getting their chance. Some frustrated students even commit suicide. In India, a mythical tag is more important than useful, valuable, visible talent.


Girl Vs Boy discrimination  


Nowadays I hear people saying that girls are equally talented as boys and they should be treated equally. The fact is that there is no need of comparison between human beings.  If we all become feminists then this is obviously going to be unfair for the male society of India. Also if we keep going on the with the male dominate no society notion in our heads then this too is not going to be any positive. People in India need to understand that all of us are human beings and an individual first of all.  Every person has his/her own individuality and self-respect that needs to be protected. Beating a boy in public just because a girl said that he was teasing her is not the right to do. Every person must have the right to live the life he/she wants to until and unless the person is doing a crime. Other than this, getting married to the person we love is not a crime,  wearing short dresses is not a crime, choosing our own career and also deciding when to marry is not a crime at all.

Forcing someone to get married just because she is a female and is believed to be a burden is definitely a crime.  India needs to improve this way of thinking that a girl is only allowed to study with good grades, become an engineer, doctor or a lecturer and if not then should be married off. Parents need to be open to their own children and be less senseless to them when it comes to real talk.


Education System

This topic has been nicely discussed in our last blog education system of India needs improvement. Click on the link to read more about it.

This is what I think India should work on.

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