The Time When I Became God

Hello my buddies,

It’s been a long time since I wrote to you all. Apologies for that, I have been quite busy in collecting some interesting stuff for my readers (you). The new year has been full of surprises for me till now. The start was probably full of tears like I was cleansing all the bad stuff of 2016 in that moment. This blog is about the time when I actually experienced as for how it feels like to be a Hindu God in India. This incident is the most memorable day of my life till now, and a lot of things changed in my life after this experience. It is the story of me attending Bhagwat Puran.

So it all started on 17th of January 2017, I was going to attend a “Bhagwat Katha” held at my aunty’s place in Katni. I was quite disappointed in my family and the feeling was of losing everything in life. Attending this event was a new beginning for me and an escape from the boring life I was living then.

The Bhagwat Maha Purana

For those readers who don’t know what Bhagwat Katha is, Let me tell you a little in brief about it. Bhagwat Katha or Bhagwat Purana is one of the greatest religious books of Hindu. It is a big event whenever Bhagwat story is arranged in a house or a locality. It takes lots of money to arrange a Bhagwat Katha, huge management skills and great devotion towards god. I reached Katni in the evening and my first sight of the place was like a pre-marriage function in the house.


The stage was beautifully decorated and I volunteered myself in the food preparation department of the house. I went to the storage where all the food items were stacked in a big hall for all 8 days including the community meal held on last day. I volunteered for this work because obviously I love cooking and I got a golden chance to learn mass cooking with additional benefits of time management and food cleanliness. Also, the two maids hired for cooking were not that good. It was a 7 days event with community lunch on 8th day. Each day had a story related to lord Vishnu.






This day was not that exciting, the head priest came and sat on his seat which was on the stage above all of the audience. He told us about the importance of listening to Bhagwat in Hindu religion. What Bhagwat is(in brief) and then the ceremony completed. Also at the very start of the event,  there was a huge march towards the local temple. All the ladies including were carrying a water pot on their heads for about 2 kilometres straight. There were dance, folk singing and lots of fun during the first day.






On the second day, my brother was transformed into a very cute little man who was adored by everyone that day. This day my brother became the 1st incarnation of lord Vishnu. My mother couldn’t stop her laughter when she saw her son dressed like a cutie pie. Everyone else also laughed seeing my brother coming in a saffron attire. I kept clicking his pictures to make him even more uncomfortable. All the people hovered towards him like was a rockstar for the evening. They all placed money in front of him just like they offer money in front of god. Everyone was dancing in front of him and then even I too danced in front of him teasing him at the same time.





This day had a story of god and his disciple Naaradmuni. Again two of the men played these two characters and the make-up man was had awesome skills. One of the men who played neared muni looked dull and almost cried because of the stage fright. The audience was laughing and no one got up to dance.


As I told you that I volunteered myself in the food department, therefore, I had to immediately run after the story was over. I had to immediately clean and arrange the room for priest’s dinner. Before the dinner, they were served with tea. So all of this was my responsibility. I ran like a chicken from one place to another trying to get things right on time.






This day has been the most exciting, hilarious, and memorable day of my life till now. O fourth day of Bhagwat, lord’s birth is celebrated. A small kid, usually 6-7 months old is chosen to play the role of little Krishna and an elderly man is chosen (mainly the person who is organising the event in his house) to become Krishna’s father. Coincidently, there was a 7 months old kid named shiva. He came specially to attend the event. My uncle was playing the role of Krishna’s father, who carries the newborn baby on his head. So the story telling started and then after two hours of long wait, we saw the little lord. The baby was in a basket which was carried by my uncle.

The exciting part of this day was the little kid who didn’t cry at all during the event. Everyone was trying to touch his feet and he just mimicked the lord by putting his one leg out of the basket. My uncle kept dancing and everyone enjoyed seeing this merry show.


The hilarious part of the night was when my uncle didn’t stop dancing even after an hour and then started doing funny steps. It was very embarrassing for my aunt but all of us just laughed at the couple holding our stomach.







The story moved forward and little Krishna was a teenager in this story now. The head priest told us about all the beautiful happenings of those times. At the end, there was a play organised showing how Krishna and his friends used to steal the butter and curd. For this, there was a pot hanging 10 feet tall above the ground. My cousin got all covered in curd and his brand new sweater got ruined.






This day was celebrated as the wedding day of Krishna and Rukmani. I became good friends with the local girls and two of them became Krishna and Rukmani. You must be wondering “why a teenage boy not becoming Krishna?” It is a tradition that the teenage life of Krishna has to be acted on by girls only. Everyone asked me as for why I did not become Rukmani. I planned myself for the better day. My day was the last day of celebration.





Beautiful days flew like a humming bird’s wings. The last day came and it was predefined that the evening was going to be a memorable one. So the evening started, there was a blend of emotions inside the huge tent that day. Some were excited to play with 2 tonnes of flowers and some were just sad thinking that the Bhagwat is going to end soon. I listened to the story for an hour and then went to get ready for my Hindu god avatar.

I first went to buy some jewellery for the outfit and for the make-up I was totally relying on my aunt who has done a beauty course for 2 years. I got ready and then came in front of the crowd. I was wearing a crown that really gave me a headache and also the lehenga was 5 kilogramme in weight. I was told to dance in this outfit. My character was of Radha (beloved of lord Krishna). At first, there were thousands of flowers showered on me and my other partner in the act. She is an amiable person. After the flowers, people worshipped us like real gods. Some people offered me money and even my parents worshipped me like a god. I experienced the situation of being a god in India. I was more like the statue in a temple which is being placed and it looks smiling to everyone who visits the temple. At the end when I and my partner started dancing, that was the moment of real fun for us. Everyone danced just like us and everyone was so happy to see us both dance.


That’s how I became a god and experienced an extraordinary thing in my life. This was a lifetime experience and it literally changed my life. Please leave your comments below. Also, read my other blogs on education system, fear is not real.

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Education System needs Improvement

It has been a long time from the day our country got independence. A lot of things has changed. A lot of things has been modified and still changing with the pace. Below is a contrastic change between a phone before and now.

Old Phone

How about a contrast between vehicles from the past and now.

Old Car

But hey, One thing has not changed, our education system. It was same back then and it is the same till date. I cannot see much change except the picture quality.

classrooms today
classrooms in the past

Don’t you think, something is horribly wrong with our education system. We are still following the same trend of teaching that we used to follow in the past, given the fact that everything has changed. Do you still think that mental mathematics is important because you won’t have a calculator with you every time?

Schools as Product Assembly Line

Our education system stinks and it stinks really bad. There is a lot of similarities between the schools today and the product assembly. You make students sit in a straight row as you keep parts of products on a conveyor belt. You make every student compete with each other in order to test their resilience and reliability. Just as you make a product undergo various different quality tests. If it fails, the product is rejected and retesting is performed. If a student successfully clears every test than an OK stamp is put on their mark sheet and pushed forward to the outer world.

Do I want to ask one really simple question – What is that one thing that will help you to shape this world? I really don’t think that our current education system is capable of teaching them anything that will help them to understand how this world actually functions. And this is the biggest reason why students are failing. They do not have right to choose their own stream. In fact, there are not many streams left for them. From the very beginning of their lives, they have been told that you have to study well, you have to beat others, you must come first in class. Their minds have been fed with competition instead of collaboration. They work to defeat others instead of making everyone win. Is this our basic nature? I still remember my childhood days and remind myself of those days when I was free. That was real freedom. Only if I knew back then that this freedom will be taken away from me in the name of education then I would have resisted.

You see these systems are very well designed to lure a kid inside but there is a major flaw in the system. This system judge each and every kid with the same repetitive technique, just like an assembly line product. Albert Einstein once said – Everybody is a genius, but If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live its whole life believing that it was stupid. This is exactly what is happening in today’s day to day life.All students are being trained in the same scale irrespective of their other talents. They are being fed the same old books that our grandparents used to study. Each and every student is measured in the same scale and with the same old techniques. They don’t even consider that different people need different ways and have different requirements. Small children are committing suicide because of the pressure caused by their parents and schools. This pressure is not because they have to invent something new or they are expected to come up with some great product that would change the world rather the pressure is because of the competition that they have to come first in class, district, state or India because then only they can earn enough to fulfill all their needs.

Story time…

Let me tell you a short story about the history of Engineering. Engineering is there in our culture from quite a long but it had a totally different meaning from the one that we use today. The engineer was someone who used to operate military engines (constructor of military engines). But, today the word engineer means “Innate quality, especially mental power”. Therefore, engineers are believed to be more clever and therefore will invent more useful things for the society to work with. In India, engineers came with the trend of foreign education when Britishers came to India and provided higher education and jobs to the Indians. People saw security and thus started educating their kids in the hope for a better job. Who doesn’t want a safe and secure future ?and thus started an era of engineers.

Lack of career awareness

In India there are only 3 career paths for any student from a middle-class family and that is to become a doctor or an engineer and nowadays a new trend has emerged and that is CA. People of India are driven by money rather than passion and that is the reason why they go after anything that will pay them more without understanding the fact that they can earn much more if they will follow their true passion. This type of mindset is pretty new as compared to the history of India. And this mindset has come with the emergence of foreign education in India. The education system of India is not there to part education rather they are there to train students and to make them ready to get a job. Students are being fed that they have to study hard so that they will get a nice job. This has become very clear in the movie “3 Idiots”. Students are going after excellence rather money and competition. They are not trying to work in unison for a better world rather trying to get above someone or getting someone below them. I’m not just saying these words to myself, I have observed this type of mentality in children of our society.

Schools must be some place where people can really learn about themselves, their strengths and their true passions. They should come out of school enlightened, clear about their future goals and what they are meant to do. But, it is actually opposite from it. Students coming out of schools are unclear about their objectives and then they choose the SAFER side (Engineering :p). I have so many friends who were forced to join engineering college even when their interest was in something else entirely. I have a friend who is excellent in fashion designing but instead, she is doing engineering because of the sheer pressure from their parents. Their parents think that there is less scope in the field of fashion designing. The problem is not the parents but the schools who did not widen the scope of their parents. If schools would have given a platform to her instead of teaching her A for apple, B for Ball then I’m sure that the situation would have been entirely different.

Here is a ‘faadu’ rap by boyinaband on present day schooling. He says Don’t stay in school. Watch the video below…


Teachers needs to take initiatives

Teachers play one of the biggest roles in carving students future. They are the ones who gives students an outlook towards life. We all are aware of the importance of a teacher in students life but it is surprising to see that teaching comes in one of the lowest paying occupations in India. In India teaching is looked upon as a person who has not done anything good with his life, therefore, he/she has opted for teaching. I have met many people who are teaching just because they do not have anything else to do and this is kind of a serious issue. I’m not pointing it to the profession of teachers but the value it pays to the person in our society.

Teaching is such a big responsibility of shaping the future of our countries and I know that teachers must be paid more and given the stature like engineers in our country. Teaching profession must be motivated in our country and more and more people should make it as their first profession and not the fallback profession.

Boundaries in profession

Teachers those who are passionate towards their profession are not given enough control over the teaching pattern so that they can contribute their part in the making. They are bounded by the rules made by the higher authorities who have no idea how a student must be taught. They have not taught even a day in school and are responsible for making the syllabus and deciding the way in which a student must be taught. What kind of hell place is this where the person who doesn’t even know about a thing is given the entire command. Don’t you think it’s time to change?

Parents are just for school fees and meeting

In most of the schools, parents are merely responsible for the school fees. They are not involved in any activity that takes place in school. They are called twice in a year in the name of the parent-teacher meeting. Most of the time parents are not even aware of their child’s syllabus and what is being taught in the school. On top of that, they expect their kid to score the highest percentage in the school.

The biggest reason for this problem are not the parents but the school itself. They do not provide any way for parents to get the information about their students whenever they want. It’s just a lack of social connection. To overcome this problem, Many schools have started inter-social connection network which helps them to connect each student with the teacher and every parent with their kids. That way they have created a healthy atmosphere inside as well as outside the school. Also, information about the child is easily accessible by their parents at any point in time. It can really make it easy for parents to get the complete picture of their kids overall development and can decide for themselves what is needed to be done.

The real problem

In my opinion, the problem is the old education system and also the management system of school which are following the same old recipe to teach and measure every student on the same scale. Most of the schools don’t allow mobile phones inside which is a major drawback because they are not making use of technology instead prohibiting it.

Possible solution

The solution is very simple, just bring one change at a time. Just imagine the possibilities, if they will start carrying the smartphones inside the campus. Management will become so much easier.

There will be no need for attendance every day because this would be done automatically by the smartphones. This will save 15 minutes every day which can be replaced by something fruitful (maybe, like a morning meditation session).

If a discussion platform is provided then they would be able to actively share their views on the panel which will help them to research on their own and come up with the ideas and answers. This type of learning will be based on helping others and collaboration with other irrespective of the one which involves defeating others and competing with others.

Use it to make a student’s platform, let them create data and contribute to the web. Just imagine the possibility that it can unlock by simply motivating students to use social platform for their goods. Like using youtube to upload their videos that would make them more aware and related. It will directly help the school to manage and improve the quality of education to each and every student because now it will be students who will research and generate data based on their own knowledge and understanding. School will only be responsible for giving them a direction which is the best for them (keeping in mind each and every student individually).

Just by bringing this simple change you are inviting tremendous amount of opportunities which will lead this generation into a better world. People will start to collaborate instead of competing with each other. They will talk about new ways instead of ratta-fication. They will start to question everything and that will be our victory. We just need to find a way to keep their curiosity alive and in today’s world with easy access to information, this is pretty easy.

Just think about it for a moment and let me know your views on the same.

And As always,
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Donald Trump is on the same path walked by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In Donald Trump’s first speech after becoming President, Trump made it pretty clear about his intentions regarding the future of America. Most of the things were pretty much the same that he spoke off during the Elections campaign. One interesting thing about his speech was that he has made his mind to walk on the same path walked by India’s PM Narendra Modi. He addressed many things out of which the most interesting thing that I noticed is that he will follow the same strategies that Narendra Modi is following right now.


Trump slams Obama’s performance as president.

He described that the nation is descending towards poverty and insecurity. People of America is losing employment because of the foreign elites. “Their victories have not been your victories,” he said. Modi Ji also stated the same in his speech when he talked about the brain drain that is affecting India’s growth and making foreign elites richer.


Trump pivots to offer “a new vision will govern America”.

Again a move which is similar to that of Modi Ji. Just like Modi Ji gave a new vision to the people of India and made sure that this vision will produce more and more entrepreneurs which will take India forward. Similarly, Trump also addressed the same things and showed the same mission to the people of America. “From this day forward,” he said, “it’s going to be only America first.”


Trump returns to the language of his campaign.

He reiterated the same things that he said in his campaign about getting the jobs back to America. If you remember the time when Modi Ji said the same things in his campaign “Make in India” which would make India more stable and help India to grow her employment. Thus, become the strongest nation in the world with her biggest democracy.
India America Unites

Trump has started walking on the same path of Narendra Modi in the quest of making America the greatest country ever. What do you think about it? Don’t you think there are various similarities in the strategies among India’s Prime Minister and American President? I think sooner or later we will hear that the India and the America are going to be the next biggest alliance in the world. What do you think? Share your views in the comment section below.


And as always,

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Best Top 5 Laptops under 35,000 INR

Looking to buy a laptop which is capable of taking the load, got style, lightweight and fits with your day-to-day needs. Well, in this article I’m going to list down Best Top 5 Laptops which will make your every penny count.

#1 Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook (5th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm(15.6)- Ubuntu)


Key Features:

  • 2GHz Intel 5th Gen Core i3 processor
  • 1TB hard drive
  • 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD Graphics 5500
  • Ubuntu Linux operating system
  • HD (720p) capable webcam, microphone

I personally recommend this laptop for every one of you. It is a decent looking laptop with the 5th generation powerful core i3 processor to back every task you perform. It is very durable with a good webcam for video chatting. It is perfect for any programmer or blogger or technology enthusiast because there is nothing this laptop cannot do apart from playing high-resolution games.

If your objective is to buy a laptop just to fulfil your daily job requirement, then this laptop is the best fit for you. It is the best at this range and you can totally rely on it for performance.

#2 Dell Inspiron 5558 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3 4005U/4GB/500GB/Windows 8.1/Nvidia GeForce 920M 2GB Graphics)

Key Features:

  • 1.7GHz Intel Core i3 4005U processor
  • 500GB hard drive
  • 15.6-inch screen, NVIDIA GeForce 920M 2GB Graphics
  • Windows 8.1 operating system

If you are a heavy user then this machine is what you need. It comes pack with 1.7GHz 4th gen Intel core i3 processor which is made to take the load and assure performance. On top of that, it has 920m Nvidia GeForce 2GB graphics which allows you to play high-resolution games without lag. It will make your overall experience with this laptop better.

If your objective is games and design or another such task along with the normal everyday task then this machine is made for you. It is the best at this price range. You can totally rely on this machine as I have used it and was content with the performance that it delivers at this price range. It’s the best value for your money.

#3 Lenovo G50-80 80E503G1IN 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3-5005U/8GB/500GB/Windows 10 Home/Integrated Graphics)


Key Features:

  • 2GHz Intel Core i3-5005U 5th Gen processor
  • 500GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
  • 15.6-inch screen, Integrated Graphics
  • Windows 10 Home operating system
  • 4 hours battery life, 2.5kg laptop

It is equivalent to Dell 3558 (#1) which is backed by the trust of Lenovo. It comes with powerful Intel 5th core i3 5th gen with 8GB of ram and windows 10 Home original. This machine is more promising and has a better reputation in the market. It comes with integrated onboard graphics which restricts you to play high-resolution games but apart from that you are pretty much capable of doing anything.

You are going to love it, especially if you are a blogger or a programmer. It’s keyboard feels great while typing and words simply get written on the computer screen. It has a stylish look and easy to handle. It has long battery hours to back you up at busy schedules. If you are looking for a decent laptop which is capable everything then this is the best match for you.


#4 Lenovo Ideapad 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3 5th Gen/4GB/1TB/DOS/Integrated Graphics)

Key Features:

  • Intel® CoreTM i3-5005U Processor(3M Cache)
  • 4GB RAM (1*4GBDDRIIIL1600)
  • 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
  • 15.6 HD TN GL (Flat) Display, Integrated Graphics
  • Free-DOS, 9.0MM Super Multi Optical Disc Drive
  • 1 year Onsite warranty, ADP on redemption

It is a perfect balance of value and performance. It packs intel core i3 5th gen processor with 4 GB RAM which is a powerful combination at this affordable prices range. It only weighs 2.3 KGs which means you will never have to lug a heavy machine and all those headaches that come along with it. This Ideapad is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

It comes with a sturdy and compact keyboard which makes your typing experience better. This machine could be a great travel companion. Leaving your laptop unattended in a busy café could be an expensive call. Fortunately, the IdeaPad 100 is compatible with Kensington MiniSaver cable locks. These sturdy cables let you secure your IdeaPad 100 to a heavy or immovable object. So you can visit friends at another table or order more coffee without worry. At this affordable price range, you cannot afford to miss it.


#5 HP 15-ac184TU 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3 5005U/4GB/1TB/DOS/Intel HD 5500 Graphics)


Key Features:

  • 2GHz Intel Core i3 5005U processor
  • 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
  • 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD 5500 Graphics
  • DOS

How can we forget HP laptops when the ratings are for best laptops. This laptop has all the similar specs like Lenovo’s IdeaPad 100 (#4), the difference is just the name that it carries along with it. In my personal experience, Lenovo Ideapad (#4) feels a bit smoother and performance rich as compared to this but HP has got stronger build. The choice is yours to make. In my opinion, it is a good bid for this price.


Laptops mentioned above are the best at this price range and I have personally gone through each and every laptop and shared my experience with you all.

If you think of some other laptops that have better configurations, then please comment below.

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Does DISTANCE matter in Relationship

If there is true love then distance doesn’t matter, Love, honesty is all that matters in a relationship, Distance is nothing but space between… Well, it’s all bullshit and I’m sure many of you have heard the same dialogue many times before. Distant Relationships are very very hard to pursue and I have great respect for that couple who are doing it. It takes a lot of sleep knowing that you are not going to meet your partner/spouse for the next 2-3 months. It’s really hard to suppress all those emotions that once played a major role in your lives.

It is easier for a person whose relationship status is still single because it does not put unnecessary pressure on him. When you are in a distant relationship, you might find yourself in a situation where you will force feelings that might not be real. It sometimes becomes disastrous because you do not know what is happening in your partner’s life. Things which are happening in your life are often different from your partners. So, you never know what kind of mood your partner have and what type of feelings should be shown in order to make your partner feel comfortable. These situations can go either way depending on the way you pick it up for the first time. Knowing your partner’s state of mind is very important. You never know what he/she is facing in your absence.



Another problem comes when he/she is expecting something from you and for some reason you fail to stand up to his/her expectation. This situation can become very dangerous and it is often the case of many breakups and headaches. It is pretty hard to guess your partner’s expectations without exactly knowing what is going in his/her life. Either it will be a lucky guess or unlucky and if it is unlucky then you must be ready to face the consequences. Women have been observed to have many expectations from their men. Men being a careless animal often overlook these expectations. As a result, both of them struggle to keep up with the pace and stumble.


The most common reasons for a fight in-between a distance couple is the lack of trust. Often times it is observed that people fail to keep their trust on their partners. They become so impatient that even a picture of their partner with some other person can make them uncomfortable. This marks the start of a very serious relationship where instead of getting happy with your partner’s happiness, you become sad. This is pretty natural. It is by the fact itself. This is India and most of the young people stupid here who don’t know the difference between a normal couple and a swinger couple.

You cannot see your partner’s happiness when he/she is with some other person. It slowly and steadily makes you irresistible from inside and one day you leave the relationship and move away. This is the reason why long distance relationships do not work most of the time.



Distance relationship is a hard thing to do, even though it has some benefits like


  1. You get to know life better and what you really want in life.
  2. You are actually given the best time to decide if the person you are with is the one for you or you should move on with someone else.
  3. You get a chance to deal with the harsh world on your own which is the best thing to learn.
  4. You get your own free time to think and work for your dreams and career.
  5.  You meet new people.

Some of the demerits of distance relationship

  1. You do not get to meet your partner.
  2.  No more physical/sexual connection with your partner.
  3.  You cannot tell him/her about how you feel and how you even look.
  4.  You cannot enjoy things like going out to a dinner with your partner, enjoying a night out together, visiting a place of your choice and even eating together.

After facing issues in a distance relationship there always comes a choice. The choice which involves leaving the person and look for someone else who can fulfil your wishes OR to stay firm and try to make it work. 

If you are thinking of the former option then let me tell you one thing – “you are not in love”. Finding that one perfect person who does exactly the way you want things is like searching a unicorn. “You will never find one because it does not exist!“.


Also leaving a person just because he/she is not able to fulfil your wishes/expectations is the most selfish thing in the world (as I have learned). Yes, you have a problem with your boyfriend/girlfriend who was with you but now has moved to a different city and has his own life and new friends. But leaving him/her is not going to change your expectations. This not going to clear the myth you are carrying my friend. Although if you have found someone that connects with you more, then politely let your partner know of the situation. Never cheat or hide anything because that is not going to bring any good for you.

Now for those who have opted for the second option – “Stay firm and try to make it Work with the partner no matter what”, then I must tell you one thing, YOU ARE DIFFERENT.

The decision to be or not to be in a distance relationship. 


You need to make a firm decision first about being in a distance relationship. Once you have made it then there should be no backing out until and unless your partner asks for the breakup or there is some red-hand catching moment in your life. And obviously, this distance is not going to be for long my friends. We all are not that stupid to have a distance relationship that goes on for whole life. All those of you who are away from your partners must be away for some months or maybe a year or two.  Don’t you all have that much patience to cope up with the mess for a little while? If you don’t then “you do not love” and you don’t deserve the person you are with.

Once you have made the decision, then comes the challenges. Now there are different type of situations in a distance relationship or we can say-

Types of Distance Relationship

Never met before Relationships


This is a distance relationship teenagers, desperate engineers, lonely girls or may be prankster can have. About 99% of such relationships are made on facebook. One of your college senior who is working in a big company tells you about how he feels about you and then you both get in a distance relationship :p. You meet your old friend from school online who is living in another city and then come in a relationship.

  1. One of your college senior who is working in a big company tells you about how he feels about you and then you both get in a distance relationship. You meet your old friend from school online who is living in another city and then come in a relationship.
  2. Even worse, you met a stranger online and now you are in a relationship with him.

I know a few people in my circle who calls this a relationship and they sound very serious and sincere when they talk about their partner. I really feel bad for these people because they never know what’s on the other side. The person on the other side of your screen could be a fraudster. It sometimes becomes very dangerous situations which you may watch in Saavdhan India.

Job- Job distance relationships

Now these are the most common distance relationships. You and your partner met in college, became friends and then came into a relationship. Your partner can be your current senior too. Now both of you have a good job but in different cities and you will have to live in a distance relationship. Both of you will meet new people, will make new friends, go out to see the city with your colleagues, have dinner. In this situation both of you are in the same phase of life at the same time and it is easy to understand each other well in situations of trust. There will be less insecurity as both of you are meeting new people and having an equality. Some of the defined loopholes could be-

  1. Your partner cheats on you or you cheat on your partner. One of you get a little more comfortable with the new person in life and then you do something you are not supposed to.
  2. You or your partner are bored from this relationship as you both cannot see each other after work or it is not fun anymore. You are having every fun in life but missing the “real fun” because of physical distance.
  3. You start to feel bounded. You cannot go out with someone because that will make your partner insecure. This thing makes you feel trapped.

Most of such distance relationships end up breaking because both the partners are living their life comfortably, with everything available to make them happy and satisfied. But having a partner who is away is a hurdle in their life.

Now if you are facing these situations then just break up and find someone else who is also working and lives in the same city.

Although if you really love him/her and want to be with the same person then just think this my friend. What the hell are you doing away from your love, you idiot? No one is a moron as you are if you are just living a distance in this condition for the sake of money, you got a job then go get another one in the city where you love is, simple douche-bags!  Nothing will give you more satisfaction or happiness than living with your partner and getting to see him/her every day, take care of each other like real.

Job no job distance relationship

Your partner has moved to a different city after getting a job but you are still stuck in the same place with no job.

You see a picture of your partner with a girl who he has met just a few months ago and is now taking random clicks with her happily enjoying and roaming around with her. You will definitely get upset and this will make you feel even more bad about your situation. You will fight with your partner, you will cry like hell, not eat, think poor of yourself as for why you are being tortured this way and god knows what all negative you think in milliseconds during all this. Your partner fails to understand your situation as he/she is not going through the same except for being away from you. Also, this is not his/her fault that you are in such situation. He/she will definitely make new friends and will go out, you cannot tell your partner to stop having fun and stop being happy. But what you can tell him/her politely about the way you feel when he/she does something which really disturbs you and make it easy for him/her to understand your situation instead of fighting with him/her and accusing him of imaginary cheating.

Your partner will also do things he never did with you but is now enjoying it with his new friends. You on the other side is in a much worse condition, having no friends to hang out with and no one being comfortable to make you a new friend as a failed senior. This type of distance relationship can be very hard on your side if you are the left out one. Also, your partner will be annoyed by this behaviour of yours where you don’t trust him/her and with all the daily fights.  I will advise you to keep calm and trust your partner to  100%. You need to understand one basic thing that he/she is also missing you and needs you the same. Your partner is alone in the new city without family, friends and your whining will only make it hard for him/her.

If he/she is honest with you and shares every little detail of his/her life then you a real lucky person. Respect your partner’s honesty instead of being selfish and yelling like a dork. Work really focused on your career and try to make him/her happy as much as you can before the reunion.

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Now some advice to the partner who is having the job. Wait for your love and stop making him/her feel uncomfortable with all these new things in life. Your partner is already going through a lot and wants to meet you as soon as possible. There are many dreams connected with you. Dreams that your partner is being lived from a long time. Do not crush those dreams just for your momentary pleasure. Don’t make it hard for your partner. It is time for you to prove yourself to your love.

Make your life easy.

After all, this, if you still think that you can have a better life but without your distance partner then it is time to move on from him/her. It will be good for both of you. You both will be able to get away with your life without anyone holding you. If you are not happy in a distance relationship, it is time to fill the void in your life.

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At last, I want you to know that a relationship is between two people with equal responsibilities, equal love and equal everything. Understanding, loyalty, little efforts and willingness to be together in any condition are very important for both sides. Distance does make a difference. Distance is the ultimate test of love. Distance tells us who we really want and if the person with whom we are connected is the one or not. If you are passionate about your love then everything will be as easy as breathing and you both will reunite soon. Trust me this distance, these difficult situations and all this struggle totally worth, only if you are in love with each other. The day when you both will reunite, that day will be the most magical and happy day of your life. It will be an achievement for you. A success after all the hurdles. So have patience, support each other, help each other and pull the rope closer every day till you both become one again. Just keep it simple.

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Fear is not Real – It is a Product of Our Imagination

I always wonder about the fact why people work for someone even if they don’t like it. We are here for a very short period of time and there is no need for us to spend that little time in doing things that we don’t want to do or hate doing. There is only one thing that is stopping you to reach your goals. That thing is the FEAR.  

What is fear?

My friend explained it to me beautifully – Fear is loosing of something which has not happened in the present or will happen in the future. Fear comes when you think of the negative outcomes of your actions in the future and failures from the past. There is no fear in the present. If you stay still and live in present then you will find tremendous opportunities which you can capitalize. It is the present moment that makes you or break you. If somehow you can train yourself to be aware of your surrounding all the time, just imagine what all can you accomplish.

Fear is just a negative imagination of your mind which if practiced continuously becomes your belief which affects your choices in life. Did you ever observed a small kid? He is not afraid of anything in beginning. Being not afraid of anything he tries to walk into the dark but his mother stops him saying that “Do not go into the dark, it’s dangerous… Bad men awaits there”. The boy listens to his mother and did not go there. Again, some time later he tries to go there but again stopped by his mother. He starts to think that it is for real. And slowly and steadily develops a fear of dark. This fear grows with him over the years and now he is afraid to even try. You see this thing is so small but he will never know what’s in the dark, He will continue to live with this mindset.

So, it’s just inside your head. It is all about your thoughts. What you think you should speak, what you speak you should perform and if your mind, voice and actions are not in sync then life becomes hard. It is not the problem that is big or small, it’s your attitude towards it.


How to overcome Fear?

The best thing you can do is Observe. Whenever you fear something just hold yourself for that moment and observe the very cause of that fear. What are you emotions and state of mind?. What are you thinking at that particular moment? Now, observe one more thing, as soon as you start to observe the root cause of fear, the fear itself vanishes. Do you know how it happens? It happens because as soon as you start to observe, you start living in the present moment and there is no place for fear in the present. It can only haunt when you give it a chance by thinking about the outcomes in the future or the failures of the past. Instead of thinking about the outcome, you must concentrate on your actions. If you become successful in making the present moment right then your future will automatically change to serve you.

There is no one in this world who is stopping you to achieve what you desire for. Someone said something to me one day that I want to share with you all. He said – “Make yourself so deserving that you can get each and every material possession that you wish in this world. Once you get it, you will realize the true meaning of life”. He didn’t meant that money and wealth is the ultimate truth of life but what he really means to say is that if your mind will be occupied in earning your daily and fulfilling your materialistic desire (which by the way is the naked truth of this world) then there is no way you will be able to understand what life really is. But, once you have all it, it’s time to devote yourself in understanding your existence on this planet. So, friends it’s time to go out there and live your dreams. This present moment is a gift and that is why it is called present. Make you present, make your life.

Please share your views on the same and let people learn from your experiences.


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New Year – It’s time for a change

Hey friends, Year 2016 has come to an end. It has been a beautiful journey so far. A journey full of life. A Journey which I can never forget. Year 2016 has been a special year for me because it taught me life changing values that are going to be with me for the rest of my life. This has been the year in which I graduated from college and stepped into a new era to which our parents call Real World  :p. It has actually been an enriching and learning year for me. Finally, It is time to welcome New Year 2017.

New Beginning, New Goals, New Resolutions

It’s a new beginning and with every new beginning there are attachments, hope, excitement and lot of such emotions which can fill you with lots of energy and enthusiasm. That’s why everyone looks so energetic at the start of a New Year. We show our energy and enthusiasm in the form of late night parties, drinks all around and a lot more. We make new resolutions for the upcoming year which only 1% of us follow till the end 😀 . We think of all the good moments that we had in this year. For me this feeling is very special. It forces me to think how alike we all are yet so different.


Everyone of us make new resolutions. Some make a resolution to quit bad habits. Some take a resolution to start a new habit but the one thing they forget while taking a resolution is the WHY? Ask yourself this question that WHY are you taking this resolution. Does it help you to achieve your future goals. What are your goals? Does your goals helps you to achieve your ultimate goal? If you have answers to all of these questions then take that collective data to analyze what is that one thing which can create a big difference for you. Once you find the answer to that which you surely will then it’s time to design your resolution. Your resolution is a promise to yourself. The greatest of all. Once you make it, then it becomes your responsibility to fulfill it. Your resolution should not be a far fetched one which your mind cannot resolve. It should be within your limits and achievable. Here the term achievable is different for each and every person based on their thought pattern. Just get to know yourself better.

One resolution that has always helped me to get closer to my goals is the number of books that I plan to read every quarter throughout the year. Reading books is the best thing that you can do to start with your New Year Resolution. And you should not just plan to read books, you must buy all the books well in advance for first two quarters. This will force you to read. Once you are into reading, you will never know when you have accomplished your resolution. Reading is magic and it gives you so much information and knowledge which you can directly use in your daily life. Books are a way to learn something from others experience. There has been so many people in this world who has walked the same path that you have just started. There is no need to make the same mistakes that others have already made instead learn from their mistakes and avoid it while building your own path. That way you will avoid the same mistakes and learn better. You will become a better version of yourself because you have combine knowledge and experience of others who are walking the same path.

Start your year with a collection of books around you that would help you to learn non-stop throughout the year. To get started, I have collected some books that I would like to share with you. Scroll through the book wheel below and choose all the books that you want.

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This new year, view the world with a positive outlook, speak your heart out with confidence, listen to others as well as your inner voice and you will be on the correct road in the correct direction.

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