Fear is not Real – It is a Product of Our Imagination

I always wonder about the fact why people work for someone even if they don’t like it. We are here for a very short period of time and there is no need for us to spend that little time in doing things that we don’t want to do or hate doing. There is only one thing that is stopping you to reach your goals. That thing is the FEAR.  

What is fear?

My friend explained it to me beautifully – Fear is loosing of something which has not happened in the present or will happen in the future. Fear comes when you think of the negative outcomes of your actions in the future and failures from the past. There is no fear in the present. If you stay still and live in present then you will find tremendous opportunities which you can capitalize. It is the present moment that makes you or break you. If somehow you can train yourself to be aware of your surrounding all the time, just imagine what all can you accomplish.

Fear is just a negative imagination of your mind which if practiced continuously becomes your belief which affects your choices in life. Did you ever observed a small kid? He is not afraid of anything in beginning. Being not afraid of anything he tries to walk into the dark but his mother stops him saying that “Do not go into the dark, it’s dangerous… Bad men awaits there”. The boy listens to his mother and did not go there. Again, some time later he tries to go there but again stopped by his mother. He starts to think that it is for real. And slowly and steadily develops a fear of dark. This fear grows with him over the years and now he is afraid to even try. You see this thing is so small but he will never know what’s in the dark, He will continue to live with this mindset.

So, it’s just inside your head. It is all about your thoughts. What you think you should speak, what you speak you should perform and if your mind, voice and actions are not in sync then life becomes hard. It is not the problem that is big or small, it’s your attitude towards it.


How to overcome Fear?

The best thing you can do is Observe. Whenever you fear something just hold yourself for that moment and observe the very cause of that fear. What are you emotions and state of mind?. What are you thinking at that particular moment? Now, observe one more thing, as soon as you start to observe the root cause of fear, the fear itself vanishes. Do you know how it happens? It happens because as soon as you start to observe, you start living in the present moment and there is no place for fear in the present. It can only haunt when you give it a chance by thinking about the outcomes in the future or the failures of the past. Instead of thinking about the outcome, you must concentrate on your actions. If you become successful in making the present moment right then your future will automatically change to serve you.

There is no one in this world who is stopping you to achieve what you desire for. Someone said something to me one day that I want to share with you all. He said – “Make yourself so deserving that you can get each and every material possession that you wish in this world. Once you get it, you will realize the true meaning of life”. He didn’t meant that money and wealth is the ultimate truth of life but what he really means to say is that if your mind will be occupied in earning your daily and fulfilling your materialistic desire (which by the way is the naked truth of this world) then there is no way you will be able to understand what life really is. But, once you have all it, it’s time to devote yourself in understanding your existence on this planet. So, friends it’s time to go out there and live your dreams. This present moment is a gift and that is why it is called present. Make you present, make your life.

Please share your views on the same and let people learn from your experiences.


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New Year – It’s time for a change

Hey friends, Year 2016 has come to an end. It has been a beautiful journey so far. A journey full of life. A Journey which I can never forget. Year 2016 has been a special year for me because it taught me life changing values that are going to be with me for the rest of my life. This has been the year in which I graduated from college and stepped into a new era to which our parents call Real World  :p. It has actually been an enriching and learning year for me. Finally, It is time to welcome New Year 2017.

New Beginning, New Goals, New Resolutions

It’s a new beginning and with every new beginning there are attachments, hope, excitement and lot of such emotions which can fill you with lots of energy and enthusiasm. That’s why everyone looks so energetic at the start of a New Year. We show our energy and enthusiasm in the form of late night parties, drinks all around and a lot more. We make new resolutions for the upcoming year which only 1% of us follow till the end 😀 . We think of all the good moments that we had in this year. For me this feeling is very special. It forces me to think how alike we all are yet so different.


Everyone of us make new resolutions. Some make a resolution to quit bad habits. Some take a resolution to start a new habit but the one thing they forget while taking a resolution is the WHY? Ask yourself this question that WHY are you taking this resolution. Does it help you to achieve your future goals. What are your goals? Does your goals helps you to achieve your ultimate goal? If you have answers to all of these questions then take that collective data to analyze what is that one thing which can create a big difference for you. Once you find the answer to that which you surely will then it’s time to design your resolution. Your resolution is a promise to yourself. The greatest of all. Once you make it, then it becomes your responsibility to fulfill it. Your resolution should not be a far fetched one which your mind cannot resolve. It should be within your limits and achievable. Here the term achievable is different for each and every person based on their thought pattern. Just get to know yourself better.

One resolution that has always helped me to get closer to my goals is the number of books that I plan to read every quarter throughout the year. Reading books is the best thing that you can do to start with your New Year Resolution. And you should not just plan to read books, you must buy all the books well in advance for first two quarters. This will force you to read. Once you are into reading, you will never know when you have accomplished your resolution. Reading is magic and it gives you so much information and knowledge which you can directly use in your daily life. Books are a way to learn something from others experience. There has been so many people in this world who has walked the same path that you have just started. There is no need to make the same mistakes that others have already made instead learn from their mistakes and avoid it while building your own path. That way you will avoid the same mistakes and learn better. You will become a better version of yourself because you have combine knowledge and experience of others who are walking the same path.

Start your year with a collection of books around you that would help you to learn non-stop throughout the year. To get started, I have collected some books that I would like to share with you. Scroll through the book wheel below and choose all the books that you want.

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This new year, view the world with a positive outlook, speak your heart out with confidence, listen to others as well as your inner voice and you will be on the correct road in the correct direction.

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Why Outsource to Small Organisation

Small organizations are small because they are new into the competition, it’s not like they are not eligible to take responsibility. They are someone who can really make a difference when it comes to the deliverable. If you are someone who is not sure whether you should outsource your work to small organisation then it is time to think again.

There are several benefits to outsource your business to budding organisations. They can take care of your small projects in a much more efficient way. Big companies may not be best doing everything by themselves as it involves lots of money, skills and resources which is often hard to manage within the constrained risk bubble. Thus, they must look for other companies to outsource their work.


Benefits of Outsourcing Work to Small Organisation


Cost Effective

Cost Effective Solutions

Small organization are often one of the most efficient way to get things done. They don’t charge much as compared to large organizations. They have to keep their prices low for the same services. This could be one of the main reason where Small Organization can become a boon for you in reducing overall cost for your project. Another benefit is that it also helps you to break your overall project cost into chunks of smaller pieces in the form or releases. You can make use the saved capital into other investment.


Increases Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

It is linked with the point #1. If you will try to do everything in your company, then it is going to take initial capital and lots of investment and time. You will need to hire skilled people, setup infrastructure, higher research, development and marketing. You can save your time and money simply by outsourcing your project and instead work parallel for the development of your company.


Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Again this is linked to #1 and #2. If you are outsourcing your project to someone then you are also outsourcing the risks attached to that project. All the risks involved in developing, managing and marketing is then managed by the outsourcing providers and you can become free from all the headaches of doing it by yourself. Thus, you can better utilize your energy and knowledge into other important stuffs.


Focus on Core Business

Focus on core values

By outsourcing your work, you are better able to focus on the core business needs other than investing your precious time and money into developing it. Leave this on to the experts and focus on the real need of a business and not its implementation part. Your managers and staff have limited time and outsourcing can help you shift your main focus to the core business requirements.


You make good connections

Make Good Connections

When you come out in the market to search for people who are capable to take care of your work. You find people with skills and thus you make good connections. These connections can become really handy at times when you are in dire need of something and these people makes it look easy for you. It is also a good opportunity for small organisation to prove themselves, thus, they give their 100% to accomplish what is asked for. So, you get the best value for your price.

There are lot many benefits of outsourcing to small organisation. You must have faith on them as they too are skillful and talented, just waiting for the opportunity to prove themselves. So, next time when you have a project to outsource, first look for small organisation who seems to be capable to take it on. They are going to value you more and your value will increase.


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Life of a Frustrated Engineer

Oh boy, I was waiting to write my experience on corporate life of an IT Engineer and after being a part of this for more than 6 months, I realised that each and everything that was said before about this industry was indeed true. As some will say that this article is very negative as I’m going to list down all the things that make a human being dead from inside but wait, this can be very positive for you if you are on a verge of leaving your job or choosing a new career. This article will give you a reason for that.

I’m going to list down some points here along with my personal experience attached to it.

1. The more efficient you are at your work, the more you will be burdened with it.

Being here I have realised this one thing that the more efficient you are the more work you will do. I have found myself into a similar situation almost every day. Let me share with you one of my experience.

I came to office in the morning and my frustration bar starts to fill… we start the day with a standup meeting (best way to waste your time, you will know why below), during the meeting each and every team member is assigned a task for the day which he/she is meant to complete till EOD (End of Day). After the meeting, I started with my task and was able to complete it in 3-4 hours. I don’t know whether the task was easy or I was efficient. So, being an innocent lad, I went to one of my senior team members and let him know that I have completed my task in a hope that he will appreciate my calibre and on top of that I will find some extra time for myself. But soon I realised that it was my biggest mistake. Forget appreciation and extra time for life, he transferred his only one fucking task for the day to me. I was so angry with him that I felt like punching him in the face but then I controlled myself. Instead, I said it politely – “ I don’t know what to do with this so could you help me with it”. In return, he said “Kya re har cheez batana padega kya (Do I have to tell you every single thing)”. Now, you can just imagine the heights of my frustration at that time. Though the task was simple and I knew what to do, but you see what is happening here. He transferred his one and only responsibility on my shoulders. I did his task as well and as the day task was close to completion he comes back to check the status and starts interfering just to show others that how concerned he is towards the task. This is how he took the credit for the day. So, the lesson learned is never to try to show enthusiasm towards your task because you are going end up in a fucked up state and there will be nothing much which you can do about it.

2. Nobody cares about your individual progress in the corporate world. All that matters is what you contribute to the company.

No matter how talented or innovative you are, all that matters to the company is its work, not your progress. They don’t care about your dreams, your passion or even your health (this one is not general). You are forced to do things against your passion and your interest. If you cannot do something to benefit the company then you cannot be anymore useless. This point is very subject and varies from company to company. But yes it is same with the majority of the corporate companies.

3. There will come a time when you will take up a job just for the money and nothing else.

This point is interconnected with #2. You are not supposed to work in the field of your interest and you end up doing things what your company wants you to do. This kills the passion and creativity inside you and then comes the time when you end up in a place where you simply become a robot who only works for money. Remember you are not a robot and that you have a purpose in life. So, if you are in a similar place where I’m right now, simply say good bye and start working towards your dream goals and purpose. Working for money is like running after void and this void will definitely kill your golden soul inside. Do not let this happen. Take action.

4. Desk jobs kill creativity.

One of the scientific know facts of life. Desk jobs kill creativity and I have experienced personally. Before the job, I used to be a dreamer. My mind simply used to think of the new ideas and innovations that I may bring to this world with my abilities. But the day I joined the company, I started to feel different and slowly and steadily observed that I was loosing my creativity and my mind started becoming stagnant and was always involved with the things that don’t matter to me. Things which cannot help me in any way. So, I have started taking the necessary steps to keep my creativity intact. But you see, I have to do an extra task and take extra care to keep my mind working in the right direction. This is seriously wrong and unnatural.

How Soul-Sucking Jobs Kills Creativity

5. Very often, you will be held accountable for tasks that weren’t even your responsibility in the first place.

I think I have already discussed this in point #1. I don’t think I should write anything more about it.

6. You will be dealing with a dozen tasks other than what you were initially hired for. Your scope of work will only keep increasing.

I was hired as a Java Developer and till date I have not felt like a developer.  I’m doing things which absolutely does not require a computer science degree and any trained person can do it with ease. I have not applied any programming logic in these six months. All I did is used tools to perform tasks, take builds, create a workspace, code analysis, prepare, and loads of such unrelated tasks. I mean what nonsense. Does a Java Developer is supposed to be doing such task?

Not only this, I approached higher management and kept my proposal in front of them about the things I want to do and passionate about. But then too nothing’s changed. I’m still miserable.

7. You will be constantly made to believe you need the company more than it needs you, and that is not always true.

This is a very old confusion that I have in mind. Do company needs me or I need the company because I have always been told that I’m the one in need but everyone failed to give me a solid reason for that. It could be true at times but it is not always the case. We do not need a company to survive, we work on our will and in return of our work and service, we take money. We are a team and work in cohesion for the betterment of society and each and everyone must feel the same. It is then only we can dream of a better society.

8. Meetings are a waste of time. Always. Nothing good has ever come out of them, really. Most people aren’t listening, and the ones talking are far away from reality.

Meetings are the best way to waste each and everyones. We follow agile approach. The agile approach is the best-accepted software development methodology. But, it is just the name that is being followed in the company. In the morning we have standup meeting then in the evening we have another meeting with our on-site coordinator. According to the Agile Methodology, this meeting must not exceed more than 15 minutes but in our case, it goes on and on for more than 40 minutes. This simply wastes time and nothing good comes out of it.

In the evening we have to give our day’s status update to our on-site coordinator. Again, this meeting must not last long for more than 15 minutes but then again it lasts for more than 30 minutes and sometimes stretches out for an hour. After the meeting, we have to spend 30 minutes more in drafting the mails and sending it about the same things that we just talked about a call. And we do it over and over again everyday. Isn’t this insane and a total waste of time. According to Agile Methodology, this meeting must answer 3 main question –

  1. Let the on-site coordinator know if we are facing any road block?
  2. What we did today? (in couple of sentences)
  3. What is still left?

These are the questions which must be answered in the call but no, I have never experienced these things being followed and everyday the meeting stretches for more than usual set time. Which makes it boring and frustrating because each and everything is already being covered in the mails and same things are being said in the call.  

9. You will be made to work with uninspired people and it will be the most difficult task ever. Your team-mates would neither be of any help, nor would they make it possible for you take everything into your own hands, and it will kill your passion.

I joined along with two other people. We have become good friends now. I did not know how would I have been survived without them in such a negative environment. Apart from them, I have not found any one in my team who inspires me. Each and everyone is so content with what they do and nobody cares talks about new ideas or new things. They are like robots who only cares to do what they are being told and go home. It is so discouraging and uninspiring. This makes you feel alone and slowly and steadily your mind starts to accept this situation and turns you into a similar being.

10. Nobody is going to appreciate you staying in extra hours every single day but the one time you leave a little early, hell will break lose.

There has not been a single day when I came out of the office before working for 10 hours at-least. Nobody gave me extra money or any appreciation for that. But there was one day when I have to leave early for the day and everybody made faces as if I’ve done something very wrong. Your life is not yours anymore. You are not free anymore, you are constrained by the rules of their world. It’s not your world anymore, your world starts to revolve around making them happy. You are a slave.

11. Whichever new initiatives you volunteer for, become your responsibility.

Haha… this is something for which I was laughing at myself all day. There was an open task for which people had to volunteer. I volunteered for it. I took the job thinking that I’m helping them by doing a favour but I failed to realised that it has become my responsibility and if somehow I’m unable to deliver it then I will be blamed for it because hey! Did I take it right?

I shouldn’t have volunteered for it 😀

12. Office politics is definitely not a myth.

It is a naked truth. I would just say that do not get involved. Just keep yourself up and working. There’s not much you can do for it.

13. But Meritocracy is definitely a myth. There will be times when undeserving people will get credit for the work you do, simply because they are higher up on the corporate ladder.

I have already shared my real life experience with you in the #1. This is a naked truth and there will always be such people around who will take credit for your doings and you won’t be able to do much for it. Just keep your calm and leave the job 😀

14. Half of your time will be spent in sending out unnecessary mails that will never even be read to countless people who want to feel important before you can actually start working. And more often than not, you will end up doing everything yourself.

15. 80% IT engineers don’t have a girlfriend and those 20 % who have a girlfriend are not able to spend sufficient time with them.

If you are going to spend 6 hours in sleep. 3 hours in travelling. 11 hours in the office. 3 hours in breakfast, lunch, dinner (combined) then you get only an hour left for the day for yourself and your family and your girl. Spend this hour wisely.



If you are financially stable then I will suggest you to never go for a job. Instead take some time to come with a new Idea and plan to execute it. You have a lot more potential then you can ever imagine. Do not waste it by doing things that you don’t want to do. Do what your heart says because it knows what you want.


And as always

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How Personal Computers has Changed My Life

Hey Friends, one of my friend told me about this website www.mygov.in which is a wonderful initiative by government of India to engage citizens actively for the development and governance of the country. I really appreciate and support this initiative and just to show my sincere participation I’m writing this article on How Personal Computers has Changed My Life. I hope you all will enjoy my story and would participate in the same.

My Childhood

Childhood Computer Influence

I’m from one of those lucky few who was exposed to the world of Computers at a very young age. On top of that, my dad is a Hardware Engineer and that side came as a bonus to me but instead of developing the love for hardware I was more curious about the software part of the computer that made it an amazing problem solving machine.

I still remember the first operating system that I used was Microsoft’s Windows 98 and I was just amazed by the graphics and friendliness of the computer. Microsoft tools like paint and office suite really helped me in enhancing my basic computing abilities. I’m a gamer and I would say everyone must play computer games which like Counter Strike in their free time because it really helps you develop your cognitive skills and make you better in learning new skills.

Influence of Computers in My Life

Influence of Computers

Computer has changed my entire life in all aspects. As I said, I was more fascinated by the software, therefore, when I was first exposed to the world of programming, I felt an immense power inside me knowing the fact that I can make computers do what I want and in the way I want it. This was a game changer. I used to enjoy programming a-lot. I even started participating in different programmers community such as www.stackoverflow.com and many more whenever I was stuck or had some free time. This helped me grow as a developer and also expanded my bubble of knowledge..  

When I was in college, I developed loads of different applications and softwares for many people with various needs. I’m really thankful to Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) program which really helped me develop my employability by offering different tools and technologies. If you are in college and a technology enthusiast then you must participate in this program. Read more about it here.


How I Influenced People around me

influence of technology

Being an MSP, I gained recognition and it helped me to bring a change in my society. As I was the one who had the opportunity to play with technology, therefore, It was my responsibility to make society aware of the current trend in tech. Especially, the older people who thinks that technology is not for them… Not because of the complexity but the lack of knowledge on how to use it. Therefore, when they were exposed to the ‘how to’ part of different pieces of technology they were pretty active in adapting this new trend. We use to conduct different seminars and events to make people aware of the latest trend and how they can use it to make their lives easier.


Computers has always been a big part of my life. It has helped me to learn, develop and grow from time to time, It gave me recognition as a web developer and a Blogger, It is because of the computers that I’m able to survive. Computer is helping me to earn my daily. It has turned a small boy into a person who can now help and teach others to adopt technology and elevate our society as a single entity. Just remember that –

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic and computers are like a Magic Wands.


Thanks and always,

Be My Aficionado 🙂

How companies might affect their employees growth unknowingly?

There are several reasons by which companies might affect their employee’s growth. The tragic thing about this is that they didn’t even know what they are doing. As the IT sector is expanding each second, there are several loopholes that need to be looked after. Major companies have been through this and know the importance of their employees but budding companies or companies that are content with what they do does not look after their employees the way they should. I have listed down several reasons which I think affects the growth of an employee.

1. Economic Stagnant

Economic Stagnant

This is a serious issue when companies become content with what they have and do not look forward to the expansion. This is where they suffer from Economic Stagnant. This stage is bad for employees because they are directly connected to the growth of the company and if the company stops, they are forced to stop. This is the time when they start thinking to move somewhere else thus further affecting the reputation of the company.

What is the solution to this problem? Well, the solution is pretty simple. Small or start-up companies do not pay much attention to Research and Development Side. This is okay for a very small company which has just started. Because the priority for them are the deliverables and they have very few employees. But, once the company has become stable then it’s time to pay attention to Research and Development Cell.

The main difference I observed after comparing big MNC’s with small companies, is the absence of Research and Development facility in small companies whereas MNC’s pay a lot of attention and spends loads of money in this sector. This is very important because you need to cope up with the latest technology trend to stay ahead of your competitors. You need new projects which have different architecture and technology stack. To take such project and make new clients your resources must be capable. If you have a sector which is dedicated for this work then you have nothing much to think about because those men are there for such taking and things will flow smoothly but in case you do not have such resources then you cannot even think about expanding your horizon and that’s when things become stagnant.

Just by paying little money and attention to the Research and Development Section of your company, you can drastically bring change to the overall economy of your company.

2. Too Many Restrictions


This is another reason that affects the life of an employee at a company. An Employee is not your pet and you should stop treating him like one. An employee is your partner who is with you to take you forward and achieve the vision that you see for your company and he should be treated the same way. He should be given every possible right that you have inside that company such as accessibility, he should be allowed to talk, play, dance whatever he like to do. He should be free. The only thing he should be worried about is completing his/her work. Nothing more than that. He shouldn’t be worrying about the time, money, access etc… If you can provide him with all of his freedom then he will provide you with what you want.

Just give you employees freedom as they would have in their home. Make them feel like home. If you can provide them with that then there’s no need to think about anything else. Every major MNC does it. I think we all should adopt this work culture from the major MNC’s.

3. Restrictions on the Use of Smartphones

No Smart Phones

Smartphones are so crucial in today’s world that it would not be wrong to compare them with our body part. These have become our extensions. Today, you cannot even imagine the world without a smartphone. For the simplest of things like calculating something we depend on it, for checking our emails we depend on it. In fact, much of our life is dependent on smartphones. And if you restrict the use of smartphones inside the company premises then it’s like you are restricting that person to use one less of his body part which he relies upon for most of his tasks.

Some of you may argue with me on this topic but if you will observe closely then you will understand. A person is always distracted if he does not have his smartphone with him. If a person is in constant touch with every one of his circle then he will feel more at home and less at work and that’s the kind of environment we need to provide him. A person is more productive from his home rather that from his workplace. You got to give him that feel in order to take the most from him without degrading his creativity and mindset.


It is a well-known fact that every company runs because of its employees and therefore you must treat your employees as your partner.The must be given every right that you own. Every access that you have. Then you can make a difference in the way your company runs. I would love to hear your views on the same. There’s a lot of things which I will be updating in the near future. Tell me what do you think about the trend of startup companies or the companies that have become stagnant.

Why Indians Migrate to the United States (US)

India is the largest democracy on face of the earth. It is spending lots of money to educate its citizens. Once the education is complete, educated people look for the opportunities abroad. What do you think is going on here? If you are an IT professional then you will relate to this article better. There is ever increasing number of professionals migrating to foreign countries. The biggest player in attracting most of the highly trained professionals is US. It’s another problem from which our country is suffering from and the sole responsible for this situation is our country itself. Let me answer Why Indians Migrate to the US?

US is advance in many things that India would take time to reach there. It has better living conditions, better opportunities in terms of career, less poverty, open culture, and a-lot more that India doesn’t have it today. People say India is still evolving, which is true but my question is how long will it take? How much more time does India need to provide its citizens with all the opportunities that they deserve… When asked they give excuses that America has been independent for a long time, America has passed this phase a long time back. Okay let’s say that they have been through this phase before but then why not learn from them instead. Why can’t we learn from someone who has been through this phase and made the mistakes already. Do we really have to make the same mistakes that they did? Is that what we call evolution. Well, I don’t think so…

Geographic factors

bird in indian wild

If we look India from a geographic point of view then we see that India has access to a lot more resources than any other country in this world. We have seven major rivers which makes the river system of India. But, all we do is pollute these rivers which are full of life. Rivers that once gave life to many other villages is asking for life from others. River Yamuna is so much polluted that A study published in the International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology concluded that even the expensive water treatment plants were incapable of treating the polluted water, and that the water was unfit for any purpose.

This is what we do, we kill the nature and then cry over it. This is not what India was suppose to be in the first place.

Financial Factors

Indian currency and globe
Indian Currency & Globe

If we look India from a financial point of view we see that India was once known as the Golden Bird. The country made of gold. The country which is the richest in terms of everything. We had the most fertile land. But, today The World Bank estimates that India is one of the highest ranking countries in the world for the number of children suffering from malnutrition. The prevalence of underweight children in India is among the highest in the world, and is nearly double that of Sub Saharan Africa with dire consequences for mobility, mortality, productivity and economic growth.  Somewhere something went miserably wrong. We made a huge mistake down the line. And it is not difficult to find the hole in the system and where India lacks in giving the opportunity and food to people of India. If we would have respected our motherland, then we would have be ruling the world. But as I said, Something went miserably wrong.

Cultural Factors


If we look India from a cultural point of view we see that India is an amalgamation of different cultures. We say this to everyone proudly that our culture is diverse. But is it really a positive aspect? Because I don’t think so… India is separated from within. I have traveled to different states in India. It is actually true that people have different culture but also different views. I’m not saying that having different culture is bad or it is a bane. But having different views that comes with each culture is definitely a big point of concern. We have seen and still seeing that how these corrupt politicians easily disrupts the unity of people in India and its just because of the different views each and every person has. And the fact that the diverse culture of India became the reason and a weak spot through which Englishmen came to India. This is the reason why their policy Divide and Rule worked effectively. This is still happening and the fun thing is we all are aware of it but choose to stay silent.

Read about the History of Indian Food Heritage

Final Thoughts

There are tons of other things which forces people from India to migrate. They migrate because they cannot take it. People say they are coward and that if they have problem they should stand and make a change. For all those people, if you have a family and your passion is to do something for the community then certainly fighting for your rights is not the kind of thing they would waste time with. You must give them opportunity to change your nation instead of expecting them to take a stand and change it. If India can provide opportunity to these smart people then definitely migration will reduce and India will change.

People want to do something. They have come here to contribute, to share, to fulfill their ultimate goal. But, they are being stopped and constantly being criticized and that’s where other nations especially US comes in and take it. I’m sure if they will be given opportunities here in India to make a change, they will indeed bring a change to this nation.

I started seeing a silver lining from the day Modi ji came into power. This is the kind of initiative we need and soon enough there will be India all over.

Note: This article does not support any party or views or is involved in any kind of politics. It’s simply my view that I wanted to share with you all.

Please do let me know how can we make a better India and stop brain drain. You views weights a lot for me.