How to become an Amazon Affiliate – A Complete Guide with Images

Hey friends, in this article I will tell you about the process to monetize your website through Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon is one of the biggest market place. Many blogger and companies relies on Amazon for their extra income. It is a classic way to make some good money through your blog.

The Amazon affiliate program pays you upto 15% of the total sales that you do for its product. Commission varies from different products. If you are a mobile or gadget reviewer then all you need is a classic review of a selected mobile phone and provide an affiliate link to it. It’s a really powerful way to make big money.


How to sign-up for Amazon Affiliate Program?

amazon affiliate

First thing that you must be sure about before signing up is your target audience based on the geographical region. If you are targeting for the US citizens then you must signup for their US affiliate program under this link. Similarly, if you are targeting Indian citizen then you must signup under this link. Once you are their on the respective page then click on the Join Now For Free button that you see in the image above. You will be taken to the signup/login page.

amazon affiliate signup

Just fill in your email address, select I am a new customer and press enter. Follow on the signup process by filling the required forms.


Note*: Do not forget to read the policy instructions

How to monetize as an Amazon Affiliate?

amazon affiliate sign-in

By now, I’m assuming that you have signup for the amazon affiliate program and can login into the backend. And if you have not done this then do it now.

Now you need to generate links, banners or widgets for your website depending on the product you wish to advertise. For example –


  • If you are gadget guru and you like to review gadgets and mobiles, then you can create a page as Recommended Gadgets and list down all the recommended items that you want people to buy along with their description.
  • If you are a die heart movie fan and loves to write about movies then you can add a widget in the sidebar with different movies and affiliate links.

You see, there are immense opportunity for you to earn through Amazon Affiliate program. All it takes is a blog and your passion to market it. Do let me know of your website and what you are selling. Comment below your website link and I would visit and may be leave a friendly note πŸ™‚

If you have any problem setting up the affiliate program then please do let us know. We are here to help.

And as always,

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