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Basics to Start Website Anywhere

Hey guys, if you are looking forward to start website of your own then there are a few target areas which you must target to give your website a boost. I first started blogging because I was really passionate about putting my thoughts in front of the world. I didn’t knew much about blogging. At that time I never knew the potential that blogging can become your full time career. Slowly and steadily when my website started getting visitors, my interest grew. I started exploring different aspects of blogging. There are alot of things that a beginner is not aware of before starting a website. Things which comes before you start a website.

Before Starting a Website

There are a lot of things that needs to be checked before starting a website. If you are blogging for yourself, or you are looking forward to make some money out of your blog, or if you trying to make a community or an organization.

Purpose of your website

The very first step even before you start your website, you need to ask yourself the purpose of this website. What this website is going to do and how it is going to make a difference. You need to be very clear with the purpose for your website because at last your purpose is what you are going to become.

Domain Name

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before purchasing a domain name. You are clear with the purpose, now you can easily decide what you website is going to be about.

DOT COM (.com)

If you are planning to make money out of your website then you must go for a .com domain. Dot com domains are there from the beginnning. Organizations, companies, universities, ecommerce website all go for a .com domain because it puts weight to your website. Search engines have some affinity towards a .com domain. It results in quick indexing and global presence. A .com domain is a global domain and is available to every part of the world. So, while you are thinking of a name for your website make sure you keep domain part in mind. Find out more at wiki.

DOT IN (.in)

DOT IN domain usually represents India. If you are looking forward to create a website that you think is going to do it’s business in India then this will give you a little more weight over .com as I see. Search engines segregates search results based on the geographical region of the website. So, if your domain ends in (.in), it is most likely that your website is going to come up first. I have made a few top search results in Indian search but the same is not applied to other parts. This has been my experience so far. So, if you are proud indian and want to explore this huge Indian market then go forward with this domain. Read more at wiki.

DOT ORG (.org)

It represents an organization. If you are an organization then this will be your best choice. See you have to be clear about your website from the start. If you know what you are doing is going to come out as an organization then you should choose the same for your website. If you are not sure what your website is going to be in the future then a (.com) domain would be a better choice. But then again it all comes to the purpose of your website. Read more about this domain in wiki.

DOT NET (.net)

It represents a network. The name is derived from the word network, indicating it was originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies, such as Internet service providers and other infrastructure companies. However, there is no restrictions on its use. It can be used as a general purpose namespace. You can read more about it here.

Target Audience

target your audience

You know the purpose of your website, very good. Now you must decide your target audience. Another important step in the making. Who are you going to write for? Who all are going to interact with your website? Answers to these question will help you create content good content. You will write to the point because you know whom you are talking to. That really makes a difference if you’re clear about your target audience.

Different audience have different style of reading and different ways to apprehend. Once you are clear about your audience, you will see your style of writing changes. It’s just like you talk differently to an old man and totally different with a kid. So, once you know the target audience, it will automatically reflect in your blog style.

After Starting Your Website

You have followed all the above steps, good. Now, it’s time to create content for your website. When I first started blogging I saw I had a few visitors only and that too were the ones who came by direct clicking on links I shared on social media and other places. I was a noob back then. I started researching about increasing visitors on my website and then I came to know about SEO. SEO is a tool by which you can attract organic traffic to you website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Once you start writing your articles for your website than the first most important thing that comes into the picture is making your blog available to your audience. Your content must be easily indexable by search engines. Search engines must be able to search you and index you accordingly. This is not gonna happen by itself. You will have to follow the best practices to make your website stand out from millions other. SEO is really a vast field. It has become a career in itself. I understand many of you does not have time to delve into yet another field. You do not have to worry about it as well. If you are using a wordpress to create your blog then their many plugins that will do the most important of the work for you.

Some of the plugins that did the job for me is SemperPlugin and Yoast SEO. Both of these plugins makes your job real easy. WordPress themes also playes a major role in ranking you better on search engines index. I have created this theme which I have named Whitehogan. I will make it available to all you after the housekeeping work is done. I’m still working on it at the moment. There are many free plugins to choose if you are using wordpress. If you need assistance for for website creation or wordpress setup then do contact us. We are ready to help you.

If you wish to read more about basic SEO that you can use in you website then I have already talked about the basics of SEO in my earlier blog posts. Please refer to that article before start writing.

For a deep understanding of how things work or not you may contact us. You can contact us if you need consultation regarding your website SEO. My team and I are always excited towards our clients.   

Content is King

content is king

You have done all the above steps, chances are you might not get the best of result because this is the most important of all the steps. It has always been the content regardless of whatever you do. Content has always been the king. You must spend your time in curating the best of the content which is actually going to help others in the subject in which you are writing about. There are thousands of other websites which are doing all the above steps. It is just the content that is going to make you stand out from others. So, pay close attention while creating the content.

There are various tools available that can help you in creating good content. Grammarly is one of my favourite online grammar checking tool. It really helps me to improve my efficiency while I concentrate on creating content. Grammarly offers you grammar checking for free once you sign up. For advance features you will have to pay a small fees which is worth if you are going to write a lot everyday.

Another thing that I make sure is my place and mood. However, I only sit and write when I’m in a good mood and feels like writing something. Until and unless it’s not going to come from inside, it’s not going to come out the best. So, just make sure you are writing with all you heart and mind. Distractions are never good for focus. Make sure you are in a place where you can spend all your time creating quality content. It is more for you mind than yourself.


This was just the tip of iceberg. As I dig inside I come out surprised. There is so much to learn in this field. Everyday I’m faced with new technologies and updates and I have to do research to make the most out of it. It’s not a one day job, you have to give constant efforts to make yourself better everyday. Some of the bloggers whom I praise is Harsh Agarwal and Amit Bhawani. They have made their fortune in the field of blogging by following their true passion. Who is your idol? Share your views in the comments below. Also, if you need any further assistance simply comment below.

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