Adsense Invalid Traffic took US $125

Many of you might not have heard of this before. There is a concept of Adsense Invalid Traffic in Google’s algorithm. I came to know about this concept recently when I saw a heavy deduction in my adsense earning. US$125 was deducted from my adsense account in the previous month because of this invalid traffic. Google also keeps a track of the surfing pattern of all the visitors to your website. This includes the type of people (traffic) that your website is generating. Source of those visitors, exits of those visitors and all sorts of metrics which you would not want to know of.


US $125 deducted due to Adsense Invalid Traffic

Adsense Invalid Traffic
US $125 deducted for Invalid Traffic

Recently, when I saw a heavy deduction on my adsense accounts I begin researching into it. Though I was not the first one to face such an issue but it was my first time and it was my duty to find the source for this deduction. When I analyzed the visitors demographics and origin. I found that 64% of the traffic that I generated last month was from social websites such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter etc… This type of traffic is not very productive for your blog. To state it in their terms, The Adsense guys calls it ‘CRAP TRAFFIC’, meaning this traffic is of no use to the advertisers, therefore, they do not want to pay for such kind of traffic. And it is of no use to them. So, when the advertisers doesn’t pay to google, google doesn’t pay us. Equation is simple.

This issue was first raised somewhere around year 2006-07 when there was a sudden increase in the social networking websites. A lot of traffic was generated from these sources and as a result advertisers became unhappy. To keep this in control google came up with the algorithm which checks the source of traffic coming to your website and all sorts of different metrics we don’t know yet.


Why Social Networking Traffic is a CRAP TRAFFIC

The Adsense Guys think that people who come from any social network is not a legitimate user. They are surfing on social websites just to pass their time and whenever they see any attractive link, they click on it. These people have no intention of buying their product. They click links just out-of-curiosity which impacts the advertisers money. Therefore, they termed it CRAP TRAFFIC because for them it is of no use.


What do we learn from this?

There is one important thing that we know for sure that the traffic generated from social networking sites adds no value to your overall earning. You must device your marketing strategy in a way which will attract organic traffic to your website. I know organic traffic is not that easy and not everyone is blessed with it. But now as we know this fact so we can try to generate traffic of legitimate users.

Also, I found that google’s algorithm behaves pretty much like a human mind. It is kind of beneficiary for us to strategise our marketing patterns. Now, you do not have to think from a computer’s point of view. You just have to think for your people and that is all you need to do. This is also a major factor in your SEO. SEO experts at Google always talk about human first. They always ask you to write for humans not for machine and this thing has become somewhat clear. That the more you think about people, the better it is for your blog’s health.


Please share you insights on Invalid Traffic and how do you generate traffic for your website. What is your take on this one?

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